Understanding Stress


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This presentation was delivered at the first Health and Productivity Management conference in Auckland, New Zealand August 2010.

It outlines how stress is an abnormal state for the body to live and function in and how maintaining a state of stress will eventually build up to become illness. In other words, the state of dis-ease leads to disease.

Our body is designed to operate from the parasympathetic (relaxation) mode in everyday life. When we are relaxed, all internal body systems are set to green and healing can take place. When we are in the sympathetic (stress) mode, which is the body’s fight-flight emergency mode, all body systems are compromised and in red alert. If we live in the stress mode on an ongoing basis, which many people are doing, we will damage our internal systems and compromise our immune system. Ultimately this will lead to illness and premature ageing.

The solution is to learn how to operate in the parasympathetic mode while still being productive, and this is possible. It just takes understanding, the right tools and application of that knowledge and those tools. The Art of Health teaches people how to do this.

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