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  1. 1. HealthToday Advanced CALENDAR Mammography SEE PAGE 7 Redefined Presenting revolutionary 3-D technology at Centegra...4 Swimming at centegra Get ready for the summer...6 Allergies Sleep health Driver rehab FoundationAPR–JUL 2013 What you There is a solution Back to the road Your gift is what need to know to snoring after injury, illness makes the difference! page 11 page 15 page 18 page 23
  2. 2. HOSPITAL AND EVENT LOCATIONS Welcome Hospitals Rehab centers Centegra Hospital–McHenry 21 Centegra Rehabilitation and Sports 4201 Medical Center Drive Medicine Clinic–Crystal Lake Calendar code: 200 E. Congress Parkway Centegra Hospital–Woodstock 22 Centegra Rehabilitation and Sports WISCONSIN 3701 Doty Road Medicine Clinic–Huntley 47 ILLINOIS 173 Calendar code: 10450 Algonquin Road 173 Richmond Centegra Specialty Hospital– 3 Woodstock 23 Centegra Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinic–McHenry 173 12 527 W. South St. 2507 N. Richmond Road Calendar code: Spring Grove 24 Centegra Rehabilitation and Sports Future location of Centegra Hospital– Medicine Clinic–Woodstock 17 4 Huntley 3701 Doty Road 31 10350 Haligus Road 25 Centegra Cardiac Rehabilitation– Spring Grove Rd Woodstock Richmond Rd Richmond Rd Fitness centers 3703 Doty Road 12 Centegra Health Bridge Fitness 5 Center–Crystal Lake 26 Centegra Cardiac Rehabilitation– McHenry 47 200 Congress Parkway 4309 Medical Center Drive Calendar code: Wonder 31 Johnsburg Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center– 27 Centegra Neuro-Rehabilitation Lake 6 Huntley Center–Crystal Lake 23 500 Coventry Lane 10450 Algonquin Road Calendar code: Specialty services Imaging services 28 Centegra Anticoagulation 120 Management Service–Huntley 7 Centegra Imaging Center–Huntley 10350 Haligus Road 14 120 10350 Haligus Road McHenry Lakemoor Centegra Imaging Center– 29 Centegra Back and Spine Center– 120 8 Huntley Crystal Lake 10350 Haligus Road Woodstock 360 Station Drive 13 30 Centegra Clinical Laboratories–McHenry 14 3 26 33 36 Immediate care 213 N. Front St. Centegra Immediate Care– 31 Centegra Clinical Laboratories– 38 39 9 Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Medical Arts 30 360 Station Drive 360 Station Drive, First Floor Eastwood Rd Eastwood Rd 31 Centegra Immediate Care–Huntley 32 Centegra Clinical Laboratories– 16 176 10 10350 Haligus Road Centegra Health Center–Huntley 18 15 10350 Haligus Road 24 25 34 Physician care 35 20 33 Centegra Diabetes Center–McHenry 176 37 41 14 11 Centegra Physician Care– 4309 Medical Center Drive, Suite B107 176 Crystal Lake 360 Station Drive, Third Floor 34 Centegra Diabetes Center–Woodstock Crystal Lake 8 9 3701 Doty Road 12 Centegra Physician Care–Huntley Centegra Gavers Breast Center Division Haligus Rd Village of 5 11 31 10350 Haligus Road 35 Lakewood 27 of Centegra Hospital–McHenry 47 21 14 13 Centegra Physician Care–McHenry 360 N. Terra Cotta Road Cary 4309 Medical Center Drive, Suites B202, Calendar code: B305, B310 36 Centegra Heart Failure Center–McHenry 4 14 Centegra Physician Care– 4309 Medical Center Drive McHenry West Faith Way 6 7 4313 W. Crystal Lake Road, Suite D 37 Centegra Occupational Health– Woodstock Huntley10 12 22 Algonquin Rd 40 15 Centegra Physician Care–Neurology– 3703 Doty Road, Suite C Crystal Lake Main St 28 293242 Algonquin 750 E. Terra Cotta Road 38 Centegra Occupational Health– McHenry 43 16 Centegra Physician Care–Obstetrics 4309 Medical Center Drive Randall Rd 47 19 31 62 and Gynecology–Woodstock 90 3703 Doty Road, Suite 1 39 Centegra Sage Cancer Center–McHenry 4305 Medical Center Drive 17 Centegra Physician Care– Calendar code: Spring Grove 1906 Holian Drive 40 Centegra Sleep Services–Algonquin Location key for classes 1122 N. Main St. Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Crystal Lake 18 Centegra Physician Care– Woodstock 41 Centegra Sleep Services–Woodstock Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Huntley 3707 Doty Road, Medical Office Building 2, 3701 Doty Road Centegra Hospital–McHenry Suites C, D, E, G, H 42 Centegra Weight-Loss Surgery Centegra Hospital–Woodstock Centegra Physician Care– Center–Huntley Centegra Sage Cancer Center 19 10350 Haligus Road, Suite 220 Fox Valley–Algonquin Centegra Specialty Hospital–Woodstock, South Street 1465 Commerce Drive 43 Centegra Wound & Hyperbaric Center Centegra Wound and Hyperbaric Center–Huntley Centegra Physician Care– Division of Centegra Hospital–Huntley Centegra Gavers Breast Center–Crystal Lake 20 Fox Valley– Crystal Lake 11650 S. Route 47 650 Dakota Street, Suite A Calendar code: For details, go to
  3. 3. message to ourContents communityHOW TO REGISTER.............................................. 7AQUATICS ............................................................ 7–10 I t’s that time of year again—we’re resetting our clocks and springing forward. We’re also springing forward atFAMILY ................................................................. 12–14 Centegra Health System with new imaging technology for breast health. TurnCOMMUNITY EVENTS the page to read how the Selenia Dimensions digital tomosynthesis systemAND EDUCATION ............................................ 16–17 will improve the services we provide at theFITNESS ................................................................. 19–20 Centegra Gavers Breast Center. If you’re wondering how to spend your extra daylight hour, youMIND AND BODY ...................................................... 21 might consider swimming. The May opening of Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center pools is right around the corner. While youCENTEGRA WEIGHT-LOSS wait, you can read about Lara McLennan, who describes on pageINSTITUTE......................................................................... 22 6 how years of swimming lessons at the Fitness Center helped her son Caden overcome sensory challenges. Then check the aquaticsSCREENINGS ................................................................. 23 calendar that starts on page 7. There’s sure to be a great class at the perfect time for you.CARING AND SUPPORT................................... 24–25 Now if you’re struggling with the time change and your sleepTENNIS ........................................................................... 26–27 patterns need attention, don’t miss our page 15 story on Centegra’s sleep services. It might inspire a life-changing conversation with your doctor about sleep apnea and its many side effects. In the meantime, be healthy—and enjoy the extra hour ofCENTEGRA PHYSICIAN CARE daylight.Try our microsite! Sincerely, Michael S. EesleyConnecting with your perfect doctor just got even easier. Chief Executive OfficerCentegra Health System has launched a separate website —— that puts you in touch with the doctorsand services of Centegra Physician Care (CPC). HOW TO REACH US Looking for a physician who meets your needs? With its specialfocus on CPC, this new web tool is perfect for researching dozens of w Call the Centegra Referral Line (24 hours a day):physicians from multiple specialty areas—as varied as neurology and 877-CENTEGRA (236-8347). w Visit w Find us at Want directions to a clinic near you? Need to make an w Follow us at Done! The site looks great on your mobile device,which makes it easy to use on the go. SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK A sample of what else you can do:w Check out physician blogs and videos. What do you think about HealthToday—Centegraw View physician bios and photos. Health System’s calendar and magazine? Yourw Explore the many specialty services CPC provides. comments can help us better serve you and thew Pay a bill. community. Visit today to share your thoughts or ask a question.VISIT for more CENTEGRA MCHENRY COUNTY information—or simply scan this BEHAVIORAL CRISIS SERVICES code to view the new Centegra HEALTH SERVICES 800-892-8900 Physician Care website on your 800-765-9999 Call for urgent mental Call for a referral or smartphone. health assessments. immediate assistance. HEALTHTODAY is published as a community service for the friends and patients of CENTEGRA HEALTH SYSTEM. Information comes from a wide range of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your healthcare provider. Models may be used in photos and illustrations. Copyright © 2013 Coffey Communications, Inc. CUM28894 3 5
  4. 4. prevent the need for women to return for additional images or tests, which lessens their anxiety.” An added benefit of tomosynthesis is that it CENTEGRA may help radiologists detect cancers even earlier HEALTH SYSTEM because they can view images individually. Revolutionary THANKS TO THE FOUNDATION The purchase of the Selenia Dimensions digital 3-D imaging tomosynthesis system was made possible by many community donations to the Centegra Health System Foundation, especially a technology generous $120,000 gift from the Centegra Hospital–Woodstock Auxiliary. The system will be used at the Centegra Gavers Breast Center in W omenhave access to state-of-the-art soon in the northwest suburbs will breast structures without the confusion of overlapping tissue. This is especially helpful Crystal Lake and will take 3-D images as well as traditional mammography scans simultaneously. 3-D breast imaging through the Centegra when we examine mammograms of women “We are delighted to bring this new Gavers Breast Center. Centegra Health with dense breasts or breast implants.” technology to the women of our region,” System will be the first healthcare provider in says John Heinrich, Director of Diagnostic and the region to offer tomosynthesis, a SLICES OF LIFE Oncology Services at Centegra Health System. revolutionary imaging technology. With tomosynthesis, multiple images are “Our highly skilled team of radiologists and “To patients, tomosynthesis seems very taken at different angles and used to produce experienced technicians is receiving special similar to a two-dimensional mammogram, a series of slices no thicker than 1 millimeter. training to utilize the new equipment to the except the x-ray machine moves in a slow They can be viewed as a 3-D reconstruction of fullest extent of its capabilities.” arc during the exam,” says Elissa Brebach, the breast. Radiologists can then scroll through Dr. Brebach says that, in time and as the MD, a board-certified the layers of the breast image to view the technology becomes more widespread, she radiologist and Section mammogram in a way never possible before. believes that tomosynthesis will become the Chief of Mammography at “We can look behind and beside structures gold standard for mammography. the Centegra Gavers Breast to find cancers that were undetectable on “Three-dimensional images help us get Center. “To a specially traditional mammograms,” Dr. Brebach says. a better look at breast abnormalities,” Dr. trained, board-certified “Tomosynthesis also helps us closely view Brebach says. “This will help us provide the radiologist, however, the normal tissues that overlap in a way that most comprehensive breast care available in Elissa Brebach, images help identify and may look suspicious on two-dimensional the region, and we are so proud to bring this MD characterize individual mammograms. The 3-D images can help imaging to our patients.” Medical Nutrition Therapy Centegra Health System now offers Medical in Crystal Lake. Physician referral is Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to promote weight required for MNT. loss and improve health issues, including Medicare covers up to 100 percent prediabetes, diabetes, heart disease and high of 22 visits with the dietitian in a blood pressure. 12-month period, including: MNT includes a review of your eating w One face-to-face visit with a plans, a thorough review of your nutritional registered dietitian every week for the first Medical Nutrition Therapy is also health and a treatment plan that is easy to month covered by some insurance providers. If understand. MNT is provided by a registered w One face-to-face visit every other week for you are interested in MNT, check with your dietitian. months 2 to 6 insurance provider to see if it is covered This service is available at Centegra w One face-to-face visit every month for under your plan. Physician Care–Woodstock, Crystal Lake months 7 to 12, provided the beneficiary Medical Arts, Centegra Physician Care–Huntley meets the weight-loss requirement during For more information on and Centegra Physician Care–Fox Valley the first six months MNT, call 877-CENTEGRA. “It is impossible to go through life without trust; that is to be imprisoned in the worst cell of all, oneself.”4 CentegraHealthSystem HealthSystem —Graham Greene (1904–1991), British novelist and screenwriter
  5. 5. How’s your vascular health IQ? Take a quick quiz at success storySCREENING AT CENTEGRA LEADS TO EARLY CANCER CATCH L isa Doherty gets a checkup every year, and her results have always potential cardiovascular problems: Ultrasound of the carotid artery: This According to Dr. Bugno, Doherty’s case demonstrates the skills of Centegra’sbeen fine. Because she knew that circulation can detect plaque buildup, which is a major vascular screening professionals. “It showsproblems ran in her family, she also took risk factor for stroke. attention to detail and a keen eye for lookingadvantage of Centegra’s vascular screening Ankle-brachial index (ABI): This quick beyond the obvious,” he says.program—and those results were good too. test compares the blood pressure in yourThey showed a low risk for heart disease legs to that in your arms. It can be used to TAKING ACTIONand stroke. However, interpretation of her diagnose peripheral artery disease, which Doherty’s story is a good example ofneck study turned up a finding unrelated to usually affects the blood flow in the legs. assessing one’s unique risks and seekingDoherty’s cardiovascular risks. Heart rhythm EKG: This can find available screening programs that can give “The ultrasound screening of my neck an abnormal heart rate and rhythm a head start at staying better. According toshowed nodules in my thyroid,” Doherty irregularities, such as atrial fibrillation, Dr. Bugno, “prevention is king.” That cansays. “I had no symptoms, so there’s no which can predispose one to stroke. also include lifestyle modifications such astelling when it would have been found Ultrasound of the abdominal aorta: weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise,otherwise.” Images can reveal the size of the abdominal stress reduction and nutrition. Because Doherty was fortunate. Though her aorta, which can assess for the possibility of we don’t know all the contributing factors,thyroid nodules proved to be cancer, an aneurysm and, if it’s significant, lead to problems can still emerge. However, timelyeffective treatment was immediately started: effective treatment in time. periodic screenings can detect problemssurgical removal of the thyroid followed BMI (body mass index): This early. Together, these two—preventionby radioactive iodine treatment. She is calculation of height and weight can indicate and early detection—offer the best path toexpected to make a full recovery and live a stored body fat, which can relate to risks for optimal health and wellness.normal life. heart disease, diabetes and other chronic Early detection is the principle behind disorders. MAKE THE CALLhealth screenings, and according to Pulse and blood pressure: These Vascular screenings are performed at aTerrence Bugno, MD, a radiation oncologist numbers add to the calculation of your number of locations, including Centegraat Centegra’s Sage Cancer Center, it holds cardiovascular risks. Hospital–Woodstock, Centegra Hospital–up for cardiovascular conditions as well You will receive preliminary results right McHenry and Centegra Health Bridgeas cancer. “Screenings can find problems away, and a detailed report will be sent to Fitness Center–Huntley. Centegra also offersbefore symptoms arise,” Dr. Bugno says. you within a week. more advanced cardiac screening studies,“That leads to earlier treatment—and Reports can be made available to your including a heart calcium score screeninghopefully the best outcome.” primary healthcare provider. These tests are test for coronary artery disease and even a quick, easy and noninvasive, Doherty says. She CT-scan-based noninvasive angiogram.SCREENING AT CENTEGRA has high praise for the staff who administersEven people with no obvious risk factors them. “I’m so thankful to the person who For the screeningcan benefit from Centegra’s vascular took the time to investigate something they schedule or to make an appointment,screening. These tests will help detect weren’t screening for,” she says. call 877-CENTEGRA. Visit 5
  6. 6. Swimming at Centegra More than just fun in the water S oon it will be summertime, when the sun shines, the pavement heats up, lessons with instructor Erin and the water is cool and inviting—though Smith, who is a Water not everyone can jump in. Those who don’t Safety Instructor and a know how to swim may find themselves Certified Personal Trainer, stranded on the sand. gave him that opportunity Fortunately, that can change thanks to without having to compete with the award-winning swim classes at Centegra anyone else. Later, he took semi-private Health Bridge Fitness Centers. Our certified lessons with his younger brother, Colton. instructors have helped non-swimmers of all “Caden definitely accelerated his learning advanced strokes, such as the breaststroke, ages and skill levels, and they can help you. and skills in the private class,” McLennan butterfly and sidestroke. says. “Swimming has helped him build Other classes include lifeguard ENTER CADEN confidence. Now they have so much fun in certification, scuba diving, adult swim Caden McLennan, age 9, has been taking the pool, and I don’t have to worry as much classes and arthritis water exercise courses. weekly swim lessons at Health Bridge since about their safety.” he was a baby. OUR FACILITIES “In the summer, we’re around a lot of NOT JUST FOR KIDS Classes are offered year-round at the swimming pools and spend time at a home by The Aquatic Centers at both Crystal Lake Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Centers in a lake, so it was important that my sons knew and Huntley offer a variety of lessons, Crystal Lake and Huntley. Features include: how to swim,” says his mom, Lara McLennan. depending on the needs of the student. w Warm water therapy pools Water safety was McLennan’s first Classes include: w Lap lanes concern, but the unique experience of Parent/Tot (beginner and advanced)— w Zero-depth pools and play features for swimming also suited the special needs of helps kids 6 months to 3 years old feel children Caden, who had sensory issues and still comfortable around water. w Whirlpools and spa pools deals with some processing problems. Preschool—helps 3- to 4-year-olds get w Swimming teachers who are certified to “Basically, he has a processing delay,” comfortable floating and going underwater be lifeguards McLennan explains. “It interferes with his with classes at three skill levels. coordination. That means it’s harder for him Levels 1 to 3—help kids ages 5 and older Class schedules begin to enjoy certain activities, like participating progress from floating to kicking and front on the facing page. You may also in sports that involve a ball.” crawl. visit to take Swimming is a great way for Caden to Levels 4 to 6—help students ages 5 advantage of monthly specials. Under exercise and improve on his own. Private and older build endurance and learn more “Programs,” choose “Aquatics.” “If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water. On dry land, no frame of mind is ever going to help you.”6 CentegraHealthSystem HealthSystem —Bruce Lee (1940–1973), Chinese-American martial artist, actor and filmmaker
  7. 7. Calendar • Starting M, Apr 22 (Session 3), Jun 24Aquatics (Session 4): Members only • Starting Sa, Apr 27 (Session 3), Jun 29 Register (Session 4): Community currently in group lessons • Starting M, Apr 29 (Session 3), Jul 1 for classes Membership is not required to enjoy a (Session 4): open registration for all CHILDREN’S SWIM LESSONS Fee: Register early to receive early-bird rates! class at Centegra Health Bridge Fitness • On or before May 4 (Session 3), Jul 6 (Session 4): Centers or any of our Centegra HealthOur experienced Water Safety Instructors are $55 Member, $65 Community (Level Parent/Tot System programs. Participants musttrained by the American Red Cross to work to Level 3); $75 Member, $85 Community register 24 hours in advance and havewith children of all ages. Call 815-444-2900 to (Level 4 to Level 6) a waiver signed prior to the beginningregister. • Standard fee: $65 Member, $75 Community of a class. Prices are per person unless Zero Depth and Leisure Pool, (Level Parent/Tot to Level 3); $85 Member, otherwise noted. To register, call theTherapy Pool, Lap Pool $95 Community (Level 4 to Level 6) number listed with the class.Seven-Week SessionsVarious days and times available; check AQUATICS FOR KIDS CENTEGRA HEALTH BRIDGEour website.• Session 3 Endurance Swim for Children FITNESS CENTERDate Day, Time For children who have been or are on a swim Hours:May 5–Jun 24* Varies team to refine or practice competitive strokes. w Crystal Lake: Monday through Friday,*No class May 26, 27 Participants must be able to swim 25-plus yards 5am to 10pm; Saturday and Sunday,• Session 4 continuously and know all four competitive 6am to 7pmDate Day, Time strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and w Huntley: Monday through Friday, 5amJul 7–Aug 24 Varies butterfly. Ages 9 and up. For registration dates, to 11pm; Saturday, 6am to 10pm;Registration: First priority given to walk-in see “Seven-Week Sessions” at left. Call Sunday, 6am to 9pmregistrants, second priority given to online 815-444-2900 to register. • Session 3 Phone: 815-444-2900registrants (when available), third priority givento phone registrants Date Day, Time On the web: May 6-Jun 24* Varies *No class May 26, 27Location key for classes • Session 4 Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Crystal Lake Date Day, Time Jul 8–Aug 24 Varies Lap Pool Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Huntley Day, Date, Time Centegra Hospital–McHenry Lap Pool M, Tu, W, Sa, various times Centegra Hospital–Woodstock Day Date Time Centegra Sage Cancer Center • Early-bird fee (on or before May 4 [Session 3], M May 6–Jun 24* 4:30–5:15pm Centegra Specialty Hospital–Woodstock, South Street Jul 6 [Session 4]): $55 Member, $78 Community W May 8–Jun 19 5–5:45pm Centegra Wound and Hyperbaric Center–Huntley • Standard fee: $65 Member, $88 Community Centegra Gavers Breast Center–Crystal Lake Visit 7
  8. 8. Fitness Swimming for Kids Summer Swim Intensive Sessions For swimmers ages 13 and younger who have Great for families with vacation and busy completed Red Cross Level 3. Participant must schedules. Each two-week (Monday through be able to swim 25 yards continuously. For Thursday) session consists of eight lessons. Call registration dates, see “Seven-Week Sessions” 815-444-2900 to register. on page 7. Call 815-444-2900 to register. Registration dates: Lap Pool • M, Apr 22: Members only • Session 3 • Sa, Apr 27: Community currently in group Day Date Time lessons Sa May 11–Jun 22* 2–2:45pm • M, Apr 29: Open for all • Early-bird fee (on or before May 4 [Session 3], Jul 6 [Session 4]): $55 Member, $78 Community Day Date Time • Standard fee: $65 Member, $88 Community M–Th Jun 10–20 9–Noon • Session 4 M–Th Jul 8–18 9–Noon Day Date Time M–Th Jul 22–Aug 1 9–Noon Sa Jul 13–Aug 24 2–2:45pm • Early-bird fee (on or before May 4 [Session 3], M–Th Aug 5–16 9–Noon AQUATICS FOR ADULTS Jul 6 [Session 4]): $55 Member, $78 Community Adult Beginner Swim Lessons • Standard fee: $65 Member, $88 Community M–Th Aug 19–29 9–Noon Focus on the basics. Our experienced Water Fee: $75 Member, $85 Community (Level Parent/ Safety Instructors are trained by the American Home School PE Swimming Tot to Level 3); $95 Member, $105 Community Red Cross. For registration dates, see “Seven- The first 30 minutes of class focuses on structured (Level 4 to Level 6) Week Sessions” on page 7. Call 815-444-2900 to swim skills based on the child’s current ability and register. is followed by 15 minutes of free play in the pool. Swim Consultant—Private Lessons Ages 2 to 16. For registration dates, see “Seven- Our Tier 4 Instructor will provide lessons for • Session 3 Week Sessions” on page 7. Call 815-444-2900 competitive swimmers looking to improve their Day Date Time to register. technique and drop their race times. All four M May 6–Jun 24* 2–2:45pm Leisure Pool strokes, starts and turns are areas of focus. Ages *No class May 27 • Session 3 9 and up. Call Concierge at 815-444-2900 for • Session 4 Day Date Time packages and prices. Day Date Time M May 6–Jun 24* 3:15–4pm M Jul 8–Aug 19 2–2:45pm Th May 9–Jun 20 3:15–4pm Swim Team Prep • Early-bird fee (on or before May 4 [Session 3], *No class May 27 For swimmers 9 and older who have been or Jul 6 [Session 4]): $55 Member, $83 Community • Early-bird fee (on or before May 4 [Session 3], are on a swim team. Participants must be able • Standard fee: $65 Member, $93 Community Jul 6 [Session 4]): $60 Member, $90 Community to swim 25 yards continuously and know all • Standard fee: $70 Member, $100 Community four competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, • Session 4 breaststroke and butterfly. For registration dates, Fitness Swimming for Adults (ARC), Day Date Time see “Seven-Week Sessions” on page 7. Call formerly Aqua Boot Camp 815-444-2900 to register. Participants 16 years and older will get a great M Jul 8–Aug 19 3:15–4pm 60-minute workout in the water, using their Th Jul 11–Aug 22 3:15–4pm Lap Pool own body weight, resistance and weights. Call • Early-bird fee (on or before May 4 [Session 3], Day, Date Time 815-444-2900 to register. Jul 6 [Session 4]): $60 Member, $90 Community Tu, Th, Sa Various times • Standard fee: $70 Member, $100 Community • Early-bird fee (on or before May 4 [Session 3], Lap/Leisure Pools Jul 6 [Session 4]): $65 Member, $93 Community Day Date Time • Standard fee: $75 Member, $100 Community Tu May 7–Jun 18 10–11am F May 10–Jun 21 1:30–2:30pm Lap Pool Fee: $50 Member, $75 Community Day, Date Time M, Tu, W, Sa Various times • Early-bird fee (on or before May 4 [Session 3], Hydro Pilates All the benefits of Pilates in our 86-degree pool! Jul 6 [Session 4]): $65 Member, $93 Community Location key for classes • Standard fee: $75 Member, $100 Community Please call Concierge at 815-444-2900 to register. Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Crystal Lake Leisure Pool Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Huntley Day Date Time Centegra Hospital–McHenry Tu,Th Apr 30–Jun 6 9:30–10:30am Centegra Hospital–Woodstock Tu,Th Jun 11–Jul 18* Noon–1pm Centegra Sage Cancer Center *No class Jul 4 Centegra Specialty Hospital–Woodstock, South Street Fee: $108 Member, $162 Community Centegra Wound and Hyperbaric Center–Huntley ($99 member, $148.50 Community for Jun 11– Centegra Gavers Breast Center–Crystal Lake Jul 18 session) “Water is the driving force in nature.” —Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519),8 CentegraHealthSystem Italian painter, sculptor, architect and scientist
  9. 9. Lifeguard Certification Class Water Ai Chi Therapy PoolMust be able to swim 300 yards according to Based on ai chi, a water therapy program created Day Date TimeAmerican Red Cross guidelines and retrieve a in Japan and blended with tai chi forms and F Apr 5–May 24 Noon–1pm10-pound brick the first day of class. Participants exercises specifically adapted to the water. Call F May 31–Jul 19 Noon–1pmmust be ages 15 and up. Must attend all class 815-444-2900 or see Concierge to register. F Jul 26–Sep 27* Noon–1pmdays and times. Call 815-444-2900 to register. Therapy Pool *No class Aug 18–30 Conference Room, Lap Pool Day Date Time Fee: $16 Member, $32 Community• Precourse for Class One M Apr 15–May 6 1–2pm Day Date TimeDay Date Time M May 13–Jun 10* 1–2pm M,W Apr 1–May 22 Noon–1pmSa May 11 8am M Jun 17–Jul 8 1–2pm M,W Apr 1–May 22 6:30–7:30pm• Class One M Jul 15–Aug 5 1–2pm M,W May 27–Jul 17* Noon–1pmDay Date Time *No class May 27 M,W May 27–Jul 17* 6:30–7:30pmSa May 11–Jun 1 8am–2pm Fee: $35 Member, $50 Community M,W Jul 22–Sep 25* Noon–1pmFee: $250 Member, $280 Community Therapy Pool M,W Jul 22–Sep 25* 6:30–7:30pm• Precourse for Class Two Day Date Time Tu,Th Apr 2–May 23 9:45–10:45amDay Date Time W Apr 10–May 8* 1–2pm Tu,Th Apr 2–May 23 11am–NoonSa Jun 15 8am Th Apr 11–May 9* 7:15–8:15pm Tu,Th Apr 2–May 23 Noon–1pm• Class Two W May 15–Jun 5 1–2pm Tu,Th May 28–Jul 18* 9:45–10:45amDay Date Time Th May 16–Jun 6 7:15–8:15pm Tu,Th May 28–Jul 18* 11am–NoonSa Jun 15–Jul 13 8am–2pm W Jun 12–Jul 3 12:30–1:30pm Tu,Th May 28–Jul 18* Noon–1pmFee: $250 Member, $280 Community Th Jun 13–Jul 4* 7:15–8:15pm Tu,Th Jul 23–Sep 26* 9:45–10:45am W Jul 10–Jul 31 12:30–1:30pm Tu,Th Jul 23–Sep 26* 11am–NoonLifeguard CPR Th Jul 11–Aug 1 7:15–8:15pm Tu,Th Jul 23–Sep 26* Noon–1pmRecertification Class *No class May 1, 2, Jul 4 (prorated session) Fee: $32 Member, $64 CommunityMust be currently lifeguard-certified. Must have Fee: $35 Member, $50 Community *No class May 27, Jul 4, Aug 18–30, Sep 2. Feebeen recently certified in CPR or have certification Fee (Jun 13–Jul 4 only): $26.25 Member, $37.50 for these sessions: $30 Members, $60 Communitythat will expire soon. You will be recertified in Community Day Date TimeAmerican Red Cross CPR/AED for Lifeguarding. M,W,F Apr 1–May 24 8:30–9:30amPlease call Concierge at 815-444-2900 for dates Water Safety Instructor M,W,F Apr 1–May 24 9:45–10:45amand times and to register. Certification Class M,W,F Apr 1–May 24 11am–Noon Leisure/Lap Pools Students will learn how to conduct training M,W,F May 27–Jul 18* 8:30–9:30amFee: $30 Member, $45 Community sessions and evaluate participants’ progress. M,W,F May 27–Jul 18* 9:45–10:45am Ages 16 and up. Students must be able to swim M,W,F May 27–Jul 18* 11am–NoonLifeguard Instructor the precourse, including front crawl, back crawl, M,W,F Jul 22–Sep 27* 8:30–9:30amCertification Class butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke M,W,F Jul 22–Sep 27* 9:45–10:45amLearn the skills needed to teach the Lifeguard and sidestroke. Registration begins April 1. M,W,F Jul 22–Sep 27* 11am–NoonInstructor Course. Must be able to pass the Call 815-444-2900 to register. Fee: $48 Member, $96 Communityprecourse according to American Red Cross Conference Room, Lap Pool *No class May 27, Jul 4, Aug 18–30, Sep 2. Feeguidelines the first night of class. Participants • Precourse for these sessions: $46 Members, $92 Communitymust be 17 and older. Must attend all class days Day Date Time Therapy Pooland times and bring LG manual and own pocket Tu Apr 9 7–9pm Day Date Timemask. Please call Concierge at 815-444-2900 for • Class M,W Apr 1–May 22 11am–Noondates and times and to register. Day Date Time M,W May 27–Jul 17* 11am–Noon Tu Apr 9–30 7–9pm M,W Jul 22–Sep 25* 11am–NoonFee: $325 Member, $350 Community (includes Su Apr 14–May 5 2:30–9pm Tu,Th Apr 2–May 23 10:30–11:30ambooks for LGI and instruction) Fee: $250 Member, $275 Community Tu,Th May 28–Jul 18* 10:30–11:30am Tu,Th Jul 23–Sep 26* 10:30–11:30amLifeguard Prep Class Fee: $32 Member, $64 CommunityParticipants will learn the precourse for the MEDICALLY INTEGRATED *No class May 27, Jul 4, Aug 4–16, Sep 2.Lifeguard class and will have the opportunity AQUATICS Fee for these sessions: $30 Members,to perform these skills as well as some of the $60 Communityskills learned in the Lifeguard class. Please call Arthritis Water Exercise 1Concierge at 815-444-2900 for dates and times Group warm water exercise classes focus onand to register. progressive improvement of strength, endurance and range of motion. Enjoy exercising in ourFee: $55 Member, $65 Community comfortable, supportive environment. Physician release required before class registration. Call 815-444-2900. Visit 9
  10. 10. Healing Waters PRIVATE AND Ideal for pain management, transitioning from physical therapy to independent or group SEMI-PRIVATE exercise, and building strength and endurance SWIM LESSONS before and after surgery, as well as for those with special needs. Ages 14 and up. Physician release Looking for a one-on-one swim lesson? Our required before registration. Call Concierge at American Red Cross-certified Swim Instructors 815-444-2900 to set up a time and for more can provide you or your child with personalized information. attention, focusing on the skills you or your child needs. Do you have two or more children within a close range of skills that need individualized Low-Back Water Exercise attention? Whether you’re a beginner or Got back pain? Learn about correct posture advanced swimmer, our private or semi-private and how to strengthen and stretch the muscles swim lessons will help you achieve your goals. If you have arthritis, consider responsible for stabilizing the spine. Led by a Call 815-444-2900 to register. getting in the swim with Physical Therapist, the first class is a lecture, Zero Depth and Leisure Pool, arthritis water exercise and the rest are in the therapy pool. Physician Therapy Pool and Lap Pool release required before registration. Call classes. Read more at 815-444-2900 or visit Concierge to register. Private Swim Lessons Conference Room (first night), Swim Instructor Level Therapy Pool Y Five 30-minute lessons Day Date Time $110 Member, $130 Community Th May 23–Jul 18* 6–7pm Y Ten 30-minute lessons Fee: $40 Member, $60 Community $190 Member, $220 Community Arthritis Water Exercise 2 *No class Jul 4 Senior Swim Instructor Level A higher-intensity workout with more Y Five 30-minute lessons conditioning and endurance. Strengthen core and Multiple Sclerosis Water Exercise $125 Member, $145 Community posture muscles, and increase your flexibility. Learn to increase your range of motion, stabilize Y Ten 30-minute lessons Physician release required. Call 815-444-2900 your balance and build your strength. Physician $210 Member, $235 Community or stop by Concierge to register. release required before registration. Call 815-444-2900 or visit Concierge to register. Semi-Private Swim Lessons Lap Pool Day Date Time Lap Pool Swim Instructor Level Tu,Th Apr 2–May 23 9:45–10:45am Day Date Time Y Five 30-minute lessons Tu,Th May 28–Jul 18* 9:45–10:45am W,F Apr 3–May 24 10–10:45am $85 Member, $100 Community Tu,Th Jul 23–Sep 26* 9:45–10:45am W,F May 29–Jul 19 10–10:45am Y Ten 30-minute lessons Fee: $32 Member, $64 Community W, F Jul 24–Sep 27* 10–10:45am $160 Member, $190 Community *No class Jul 4, Aug 18–30. Fee for May 28–Jul 18 *No class Aug 18–30 Senior Swim Instructor Level session: $30 Members, $60 Community Fee: $20 Member, $60 Community Y Five 30-minute lessons Leisure Pool $95 Member, $105 Community Day Date Time Y Ten 30-minute lessons M,W Apr 1–May 22 10–11am $180 Member, $200 Community M,W May 27–Jul 17* 10–11am M, W Jul 22–Sep 25* 10–11am Fee: $32 Member, $64 Community Facility Rentals *No class May 27, Aug 4–16, Sep 2. Fee for this Rent Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center for session: $30 Members, $60 Community. Class your next event! Different party packages and time Jun 10–Aug 28: Noon–1pm. times are available based on your choices. Call Angela Bianco at 847-802-7029 or email Location key for classes Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Crystal Lake Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Huntley Indoor Pool Facility Rentals Centegra Hospital–McHenry Rent the Indoor Pool Facility at Centegra Health Bridge Centegra Hospital–Woodstock Fitness Center! Our American Red Cross-certified Centegra Sage Cancer Center Lifeguards will be on guard. Call Angela Bianco at 847- Centegra Specialty Hospital–Woodstock, South Street 802-7029 or email Centegra Wound and Hyperbaric Center–Huntley Leisure Pools Centegra Gavers Breast Center–Crystal Lake “How could drops of water know themselves to be a river? Yet the river flows on.”10 CentegraHealthSystem HealthSystem —Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900–1944), French poet, novelist and aviator
  11. 11. Don’t let Even substances insideseasonal allergies your home can trigger allergy attacks. Visit to read about commontake the bloom off spring indoor allergens. D oes the thought of stopping to smell the flowers make your nose itch? and lasting through late fall. It’s much the same with mold, which Other tips: If you’re one of the 35 million-plus begins releasing fertilizing spores as weather w Close windows at night to keepAmericans with seasonal allergies, it might. warms from spring through summer and fall. allergens out. Seasonal allergic rhinitis—or hay fever— Other factors that can affect allergies w Avoid freshly mowed the body’s immune system gone a bit include where you live and the weather on w Don’t rake leaves. It stirs up pollen andawry. It’s an overreaction to an allergen, any given day. molds.which is just a term for a substance you w Don’t hang laundry outside, wherecould be allergic to. WHAT YOU CAN DO allergens can glom onto it. Most people who have allergies are You can lessen symptoms by adjusting your w After yard work, change your clothes andallergic to things that can come and go with activities. For example, spend less time take a shower.the seasons. outdoors when pollen and mold counts are A good first step, however, is to see your high. Check the local news reports or visit doctor. He or she can help figure out yourWHY SEASONS for a link to the specific allergens—and how to avoid them.BRING ON SNEEZING National Allergy Bureau. Then you can work together on a treatment “You can picture your plan. That may include medications, such as immune system like a antihistamines, and possibly allergy shots to bodyguard,” says Barbara calm your immune system’s response. Burrell, MD, with Centegra Source: American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Physician Care–Fox Valley. Immunology “It serves to fend off foreign invaders. At times, however, Whether it’s rhinitis orBarbara Burrell, the immune system goes something else, your perfect doctor isMD on the defensive against waiting: Call Centegra Physician Care atharmless things.” 815-338-6600. This is the essence of an allergicreaction: You come into contact with asubstance, and your immune systemoverreacts. It starts releasingchemicals, such as histamines,to battle the invader. Thosechemicals lead to an allergicreaction, with symptomssuch as:w Sneezingw A stuffed-up or drippy nosew Itchy eyes, throat or ears Two of the most commonallergens are pollen and mold spores. Plants send pollen into the air withthe hope of fertilizing other plants.Each plant has a period of pollinationaround the same time every year,generally starting in early spring Visit 11
  12. 12. Infant CPR and Safety This is a community education class and is not for certification. Taught by American Heart Association Instructors. Call 877-CENTEGRA to register. Medical Office Building II Day Date Time Th Apr 11 6–10pm Th May 9 6–10pm Th Jun 13 6–10pm Th Jul 11 6–10pm Fee: $40 couple, $25 single Lactation Consultant Available for outpatient consultations, retail purchases, pump rentals, bra fittings and weight checks. Appointments are required. Family Call 815-334-3850 to register. Ground floor. Please ask at the front desk for directions. Day Time S 8am–Noon M 8:30am–7pm Tu 8:30am–4:30pm CHILDBIRTH AND INFANT CARE Breastfeeding W 8:30am–7pm Support Group Th 5–11pm Bring your babies, your experiences and F 8:30am–4:30pm Breastfeeding Basics your questions. No registration needed. Call Sa 7am–5:30pm Taught by Centegra’s International Board- 815-334-3850 or 815-759-4839 for information. Hours are subject to change. Fees are applicable Certified Lactation Consultants. Call For schedule updates, please call the Warmline at for some services—call for details. 877-CENTEGRA to register. 815-759-4440. Classrooms Day Date Time Please ask at the front desk for location. Prenatal Yoga Day Time Enjoy some gentle stretching as well as a Sa Apr 13 9am–Noon M 10–11:30am centering and calming workout. Physician Sa Jun 8 9am–Noon Fee: $30 Please ask at the front desk for location. release required before participation. Call Day Time 815-444-2900 to register. Conference Rooms A and B. Please ask at the front desk for location. W 9–11am Conference Room Th 5–7pm Day Date Time Day Date Time Sa May 4 9am–Noon W Apr 17–May 22 5–6pm Sa Jul 6 9am–Noon Childbirth Education W May 29–Jul 3 5–6pm Designed to prepare you and your support W Jul 10–Aug 14 5–6pm Fee: $30 person for the birth of your baby. Includes a tour. Fee: $53 Member, $80 Community Call 877-CENTEGRA to register. Find Centegra Breastfeeding Please ask at the front desk for location. Very Important Grandparent Resource Center and services Day Date Time (VIG) Class on Facebook: Th Apr 4–25 7–9:30pm Shows “expectant grandparents” how they can CentegraBreastfeedingResourceCenter. Th May 9–30 7–9:30pm best support their child and grandchild. Call Th Jun 6–27 7–9:30pm 877-CENTEGRA to register. Th Jul 11–Aug 1 7–9:30pm Medical Staff Library Fee: $75 Location key for classes Conference Rooms A and B Day Date Time Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Crystal Lake Tu May 14 7–9pm Day Date Time Fee: $5 per couple Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center–Huntley Centegra Hospital–McHenry Tu Apr 2–23 7–9:30pm Centegra Hospital–Woodstock Tu May 7–28 7–9:30pm Centegra Sage Cancer Center Tu Jun 4–25 7–9:30pm Centegra Specialty Hospital–Woodstock, South Street Tu Jul 9–30 7–9:30pm Centegra Wound and Hyperbaric Center–Huntley Fee: $75 Centegra Gavers Breast Center–Crystal Lake “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.”12 CentegraHealthSystem —Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945), U.S. statesman