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Poems About Love


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Writing poems about love are a great way to let that special person in your life know exactly how much you really love them.

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Poems About Love

  1. 1. Poems about love a way to show you really care
  2. 2. It is claimed that love is one of the greatest feelings which you can ever have
  3. 3. It is also one of the lowest feelings as soon as someone falls out of love with you
  4. 4. So what can you do to stop that certain special someone in your life from falling out of love with you
  5. 5. Telling them that you love them every single day certainly works but in my experience there is something more powerful
  6. 6. Poems about love are what I use to show just how much I really care
  7. 7. It is very simple to say I love you each day but if you put it in writing it can have greater weight
  8. 8. A short love poem left underneath a pillow or in the pages of their favourite book demonstrates how caring and thoughtful you actually are
  9. 9. It is essential to ensure though that the poem which you write down is your own and never a duplicate of someone elses work
  10. 10. True love poems come from the heart and nobody else understands how you really feel about that special person in your life
  11. 11. Another way that I've found works is to create a romantic love poem and then post it
  12. 12. Just picture the one you love opening it in front of one of their friends, how special would that make them feel
  13. 13. Many relationships split up because of a lack of communication, so it truly is very important that this aspect of the partnership is maintained
  14. 14. If you're naturally a shy person and have trouble expressing your real feelings openly, then this method of communication can often build bridges if you're having problems with an existing relationship
  15. 15. Alternatively sending sweet love poems to a person that you're attracted to may lead to the beginning of a brand new romance.
  16. 16. The general consensus is that poems about love are normally written by men for women
  17. 17. In my experience women regularly bottle up their frustrations until they reach bursting point and then say things they could later regret
  18. 18. My tip for women (this actually happened to me and yes I am a man)
  19. 19. Write down what frustrates you about your man in a short love poem and remember to also mention why you love him
  20. 20. Get him to read it on his own and reflect on the contents
  21. 21. If he honestly loves you then he will understand how you're feeling and want to do what he can to make things better
  22. 22. I do know since it worked for me and our relationship is even stronger as I have stopped doing the small things that really irritated her
  23. 23. So in conclusion, poems about love are without doubt a good way to express how you are feeling and are a good way to help you create a stronger relationship
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