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This is the marketing plan created by Team Kiwi during Portland Advertising Federation's CoLaboratory Internship program. I collaborated with four fellow interns to develop and produce an awareness/branding campaign for Sameunderneath, a Portland-based sustainable clothing venture/lifestyle brand.

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Sameunderneath Marketing Plan

  1. 1. UNDERSTANDING APPROACH Sameunderneath has evolved from an educational concept, to shirts sold Knowing Sameunderneath’s values, philosophy and business strategy 1 out of a backpack then concerts, to a successful, socially responsible high- goals, Kiwi has developed a plan of action utilizing two main Increase and enrich Sameunderneath’s online presence to be end clothing company. These shifts have all centered on Sameunderneath’s strategies that will focus on the online and in-person consumer inclusive and supportive of its followers and customers through: founder, Ryan Christensen and his hands-on passion for change. Ryan has experience to address these objectives: • Website Re-design been the heart of Sameunderneath from its inception and he has instilled it • Promotions with the values that hold up the brand today and the philosophy that is behind • Sharpen the Sameunderneath brand to a razor sharp edge, • Documentary Series the message of the brand. while keeping the brand flexible enough to evolve as a business. • Providing Local Information • Blogger Outreach Sameunderneath is more than a clothing company. Instead of being defined • Elevate brand awareness to drive interest in the brand and the • Banners Ads by the products it sells, Sameunderneath is defined by its philosophy and movement of Sameunderneath by reaching the trend setters • Wallscapes those who support it. Sameunderneath is about taking a stand for what you and leaders of the community and converting them to brand • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization believe in and making informed choices. It’s about people who look beyond evangelists. their differences and instead see ways to bring people together. It’s about believing that small choices and ideas can help change the world. • Develop the Sameunderneath brand so that it stands on strategy 2 its own, through a comprehensive campaign of outdoor, Successfully expand Sameunderneath stores beyond Portland by experiential and online advertising. thinking global but acting local, utilizing the following to create a Ryan has developed Sameunderneath and has essentially been the face of strong bond between local communities and the brand: the brand up until this point. The Sameunderneath brand is expanding at a • Create opportunities for people to interact with • Community Directors rate that Ryan cannot support himself. This is why Sameunderneath needs Sameunderneath that can be scaled to a local or national level. • Promotions a new approach that will develop the brand nationally while maintaining the • Support local community characteristics that make it unique. Sameunderneath needs a presence that • Sameunderneath Branded Magazine will reach Enlightened Rebels in ways that overlap in their day to day lives. • Wallscapes With a new brand strategy, Sameunderneath will attract people on a national • Sponsorships level and give those people a platform from which to speak.
  2. 2. RESEARCH SITUATION ANALYSIS To gain a deeper and more thorough understanding of the What We Found Sameunderneath is an intricate brand that is comprised of Sameunderneath target, we searched the Internet to find people • Many like the clothing but cannot afford multiple characteristics: community involvement, environment, talking about Sameunderneath to find out more about them. to regularly shop in Sameunderneath education, politics and sponsorships. Sameunderneath is Through our primary research, we found a wide variety of • The Sameunderneath logo is memorable best known for its basic, but quality clothing line made from individuals. We met face to face with them to hear each of their and closely associated with the brand bamboo, an environmentally low-impact plant. stories and determine who they are, what they stand for and • The Sameunderneath brand values and what they think about Sameunderneath. message are attractive, but not as clear as Sameunderneath is a clothing company – but so much more. they need to be Sameunderneath is a clothing brand, but more importantly it We spoke with: • Online and in-person is the best way to is a lifestyle brand. The concept behind Sameunderneath is • Sameunderneath Sponsored Musician reach the target to be a brand of the people – people who do not judge others • Sameunderneath Marketing Coordinator • There is a desire for an outlet to interact merely based on religion, race, hobbies, color, sex or creed. • Sameunderneath Fashion Designer with the brand • Sameunderneath Graphic Designer • Success has altered the perception of Unfortunately, most people are unaware of these great • Sameunderneath Store Manager the Sameunderneath brand attributes, and our shared stories. Our campaign will not only • Sameunderneath Customers clarify Sameunderneath’s brand message, it will invite people • Business partner to be part of their brand both online and in their communities. • Mississippi Street Neighbor • Hip Hop DJ
  3. 3. strengths differentiate itself from its competitors. It e brand message that can g core values and a uniqu tributed in high-end boutiq ues Sameunderneath has stron e clothes are currently dis ly clothes that are classically fashionable. Th of its produces quality, eco-friend nity that enable the spread at local ties to the commu erneath stores . Sameunderneath has gre and two Portland Sameund vement. the momentum of the mo message and encourages weaknesses The brand message is complex and often is confused with only being “green” . People that do understand the brand message and subscribe to the Sameunderneath movement don’t know how they can interact with the brand. The clothes have a high price point that can act as a barrier to entry for many people. Currently Ryan is too much the face of the brand. As Sameunderneath looks to grow nationally, the brand will need to evolve beyond Ryan. opportunity Sameunderneath has tremendous opportunity to grow to be a strong international brand that produces clothes in addition to accessories and household items. By supporting local communities, Sameunderneath can develop a loyal consumer base that will help to strengthen the brand. Sameunderneath’s social responsibility and core values offer many ways that Sameunderneath can further its contribution to communities and increase interaction with its audience. threats Sameunderneath must not try to expa nd nationally before it has a strong enou brands do not offer the same experienc gh consumer base locally. Although com e as Sameunderneath, if the brand mes peting Sameunderneath with companies like sage remains vague, consumers will conf Edun. For investment and expansion purp use brand. He needs to play a supporting oses, Ryan can no longer be the sole role and let its audience become the face face of the instead.
  4. 4. strengths weaknesses Celebrity Owned Bono Edun Good Publicity High price point COMPETITIVE Clear Message Economic challenges ANALYSIS Socially Responsible Quality Products Partial focus on sustainability More trendy style clothes Partnerships w/Non-profits Although Sameunderneath currently competes with these brands, “Luxe casual” design, Southern Cal style No cause/story none of these companies have a similar brand message or potential James Perse Strong roots in the fashion industry High price point to be a movement. Sameunderneath offers a full spectrum position Brand has expanded into baby clothes, on social responsibility by being actively green, supporting home and accessories education and political involvement. Our campaign will clarify Based in “old world” hand-made clothes Very high price point Sameunderneath’s brand message and will help it move beyond Gilded Age All natural dyes No story or cause its competition. Classic styles High quality Creative brand idea All organic No social cause other than Loomstate Observes factory regulations for environ. promoting organic Blog No story Focused (only denim) Limited product line Habitual Celebrity appeal Price Strong brand narrative Distribution High fashion look and brand Feels like high end Urban Outfitters Trovata Feels like high-end Urban Outfitters Brand doesn’t promote Unique pieces sustainability, merely fashion Organic Cotton Not a well defined brand C&C Basic, foundational apparel Nothing stands out Attractive, intuitive web site Not much personality Direct sales on site Lots of mainstream press
  5. 5. passion and way of life. To movement e because it represents a Sameundern eath is passionate at its cor r, passion is a necessity. inspire change for the bette BRAND BRAND BRAND VALUES POSITIONING PERSONALITY emphathy STATEMENT Sameunderneath has a strong set of values Sameunderneath understands what it means to be human. By leaving your true: people, life is enriched through new experiences and understanding. comfort zone and reaching out to all that will remain the foundation of the brand, “a socially responsible Sameunderneath must be consistent even as the company evolves over time. These five values are intrinsic to Sameunderneath, lifestyle brand that in the values that it portrays. and each is an important element to the brand. encourages people to charismatic: perserverence The values must be understood and adopted by all who work with Sameunderneath, and look beyond their Through storytelling and audience involvement, Sameunderneath conveys those who take on its lifestyle. For Sameunderneath to succeed, it must push through difficult times, and negative ways of thinking. The differences and see a charisma that is authentic and movement is worth every effort. inspiring. These values shine through Sameunderneath’s they are essentially dedication to education, political involvement and the environment. In reality, the clothes the same underneath.” thoughtful: unity Sameunderneath sells are meant to be the Sameunderneath exists for a purpose and is thoughtful in everything it does. The simplest understanding of Sameund vehicle for the brand message and values. erneath is we are all humans living our should be celebrated, but so should the lives. Our individuality Again, Sameunderneath is not just selling commonalities that unite us. provocative: clothes; it is selling a value system. It is Sameunderneath makes people think; Sameunderneath’s goal to involve all people about themselves, the world and in its movement to strive to live in a socially everything between. responsible manner. responsibility and environmentally. To remain authentic, Sameunderneath must practice responsibility socially Accountability is paramount for the success of Sameunderneath.
  6. 6. TARGET AUDIENCE enlightened rebel Enlightened Rebels are people who care about people, who share the values of Sameunderneath and believe they can change the world with the way they live their lives. They are responsible and thoughtful in the way they purchase products. They are multi- generational, educated individuals who vote with their wallets; make informed decisions about the things they buy, the politics they support and the social areas they engage in. They are no specific gender or race, and although they are very progressive, they are not necessarily politically correct. They enjoy a mix of grit and polish with their everyday lives, and while they may have a penchant for luxury when they can, they do not do so recklessly or without awareness of their surroundings. Enlightened Rebels think Sameunderneath is a sustainable clothing brand, with soft and wearable styles. They know Sameunderneath is a brand committed to sustainable practices, but they’re not really sure of what that means for Sameunderneath and the larger world. They need to know Sameunderneath is more than a clothing company. Our target needs to think of Sameunderneath as one of their own, always striving to be better. To reach this target a thoughtful approach must be taken. Enlightened Rebels respond well to questions and new ideas. They do not respond well to demands and unintelligent advertising. They desire outlets for their art and opinions and Sameunderneath will provide them an outlet in several ways.
  7. 7. CREATIVE STRATEGY MESSAGING Sameunderneath has strong core values, but a very complex brand story that is challenging to successfully portray. This is “look beyond” “Look Beyond” is a very simple and direct way to explain Sameunderneath and its Sameunderneath sells clothes. why a layered, creative approach is absolutely necessary to appeal as a brand. It is best to incite Sameunderneath makes sustainable products. reach your audience. The creative must come from various curiosity into what Sameunderneath is all Sameunderneath sponsors local artists. angles including online and in-person. The target will respond about and let people explore the multi- Sameunderneath is fashionable. best to creative that is artistic and plays off their curious nature dimensional nature of Sameunderneath. Sameunderneath is not just a clothing company. It’s so and inspires them to act. The idea of “being more” is consistent much more. in our creative strategy, messaging and Enlightened Rebels are online. The most convenient and often positioning. We give Sameunderneath relevant touch point for consumers is a website and the creative your audience is more the opportunity to actually show why we produce is meant to direct your audience to your website. Your audience is more than a political party. it’s more, to its audience. In turn, As opposed to traditional advertising where an audience is More than race. Sameunderneath encourages people spoken to, we have decided it is best for Sameunderneath to let More than age. to “Look Beyond” the obvious to find a people participate with the brand and tell their own story. More than gender. deeper meaning and purpose. More than religion. Your audience knows they are so much more than any label can encompass.
  8. 8. WEBSITE Knowing that the website will be the only point of contact for many people, we have developed an online program to use this touch point to its fullest potential. banner ads Sameunderneath will utilize banner ads on targeted websites to The current website, although attractive, doesn’t give visitors many reasons to return drive online users to its own website. The banner ads will have until the new fashion season debuts. We have designed a new website that has an the same look and feel of the outdoor posters and will remain upscale, yet earthy tone that is at the heart of the Sameunderneath experience. The attractive yet unobtrusive. By placing the ads on targeted sites, website will act as the central hub for the online Sameunderneath community and Sameunderneath will use its dollars more efficiently and create a will feature an interactive element where visitors are invited to be part of the brand more positive awareness of the brand. through conversation. With promotions and entertainment features, visitors will have a reason to regularly return to the site. The new website will back up the idea that Sameunderneath is more than just a clothing company; it’s a creative outlet and a way to connect with other like-minded people. MEDIUM RECTANGLE: 300 pixels x 250 pixels documentary series The website will feature documentary shorts that will be used to tell the story of the Sameunderneath lifestyle as well as incorporate the educational aspect of the brand. The series will be used as an information source for your socially aware audience. WIDE SKYSCRAPER: 160 pixels x 600 pixels It will feature forward thinking individuals who are passionate about their area of SKYSCRAPER: 120 pixels x 600 pixels HALF PAGE: 300 pixels x 600 pixels expertise and want to spread ideas on any topic – history, religion, dance, farming etc. They will be factual, but also interesting and inspiring. We want to engage curious individuals and encourage the spread of ideas. The series will give people a reason to return to the Sameunderneath website as new documentaries will be posted on a regular basis. This will add an element of both education and entertainment to increase the value of the website.
  9. 9. SEARCH ENGINE BLOG CONVERSATIONAL MEDIA MARKETING This is a simple way to increase Sameunderneath’s reach online Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will be utilized for the If Sameunderneath continues to have a blog on its and also track what people are saying about the brand. As a facebook application Sameunderneath website to increase its visibility. Search website, it needs to be more active. A blog is not (as opposed to a Facebook Group) can be used to: Sameunderneath starts listening to the conversation online, it can Engine Optimization (SEO) is one element of SEM. SEO intended to report only on events, but is meant to act like • Create brand awareness involves configuring website code and content with a journal for Sameunderneath and its mission. At its best, adapt and join the conversation. Listening to the true opinions of • Communicate promotions, contests & events keywords associated with the Sameunderneath brand to the Sameunderneath blog can give people a chance to the audience is valuable information and a way to truly speak to the • Drive traffic to the Sameunderneath website increase its rankings in the results page of search engines peek behind the scenes and see how Sameunderneath customers of Sameunderneath. and directories. functions. It can also be used to discuss the things that • See what others are saying about Sameunderneath matter to Sameunderneath, whether it is its brand values • Increase listing favorability in organic search engine search results SEM tools include: or local events. Different people can contribute to this Twitter can be used • Understand Sameunderneath customer behavior • Social Network Marketing blog to help keep it fresh and updated, including a store for the following benefits: • Build early Sameunderneath loyalty • Pay Per Click Advertising manager, a sponsored musician or Ryan himself. • Relationship building • Reach Facebook’s 35 million users • Create credibility SEO tactics include: • Promote events • Keyword rich web pages • Provide insight and commentary on an event in real time • Keywords in the title of pages • Promote sales and daily offers • Keywords in the domain name • Website traffic generator • Naming images used in site using keywords • Intrasite linking
  10. 10. BUSINESS STRATEGY glocalization community directors (think Global. act Local.) Sameunderneath is a successful company because it is unique and offers a quality product with a good message. Sameunderneath has the distinct advantage of having ties However, there is the “Ryan Factor”. . . Up until now, Ryan to the community of Portland. These ties help to ground Christensen has been the heart and face of the brand. Ryan is the brand and keep it relevant to its customers. However, great at connecting with people and communicating his ultimate Sameunderneath is meant to evolve and expand beyond the goals for Sameunderneath which has played a large part in place of its birth. To ensure that Sameunderneath successfully connecting the brand on a local level. spreads, it must develop new stores at a grassroots level while maintaining the brand core values on a national level. For Sameunderneath to be able to remain authentic in areas Sameunderneath should develop at a natural pace as the beyond Portland, Sameunderneath will need a representative in company gains momentum and builds a large and strong each location to create those all-important local connections. consumer base necessary to continue expansion nationally. These Community Directors will believe in and uphold the core values of Sameunderneath in addition to being immersed in their Ideally, each Sameunderneath boutique will maintain a unique respective local communities. They will be able to go out and identity and attachment to its community. Each boutique create partnerships with local schools, artists and community should feel like it belongs in the city it is located. To ensure this members. They will be able to give a relevant voice to each happens and to help develop the brand, Sameunderneath will Sameunderneath boutique. utilize Community Directors to guide each local boutique. As Sameunderneath expands, Community Directors will be chosen and taken back to the Portland headquarters. During this two-week visit, this person will shadow Ryan and see how he handles Sameunderneath and its brand at a local level. This will help give direction to the new Community Director and inspire them for the development of the new Sameunderneath location.
  11. 11. PROMOTIONS 30 seconds to speak your mind t-shirt challenge magazine We have developed a promotion that will give an opportunity for To capitalize on the individuality of Instead of placing ads in a consumer magazine, Sameunderneath people to interact with Sameunderneath and each other while each Sameunderneath location, a will benefit more from producing its own free, branded quarterly spreading the Sameunderneath brand values. People can submit t-shirt design promotion has been magazine, which will be available in Sameunderneath stores. a 30 second video of themselves saying whatever they want about developed. The Sameunderneath The magazine will focus on local events and features but will what they care about, whether it be politics or philosophy. The website will host a competition where also incorporate fashion spreads to display the Sameunderneath videos will be posted on the Sameunderneath website and YouTube. designers can submit designs for a line. Local writers will be supported by giving them an opportunity Website visitors will be able to vote for their favorite and the winner local t-shirt. The designs will be voted to publish their poetry, fiction and non-fiction work. The editorial will have their video aired in movie theaters. on by locals, and the winning shirt content will also be posted on the Sameunderneath website to in each location will be produced add another layer of interactivity. As Sameunderneath opens This promotion will be publicized through outdoor posters located and sold only in their local boutique. additional stores across the US, the magazine will have regional on the walls of Portland buildings and through passed-out handbills This creates limited edition t-shirts focuses that will include area specific content, guided by the printed on handmade seed paper. In addition, this promotion has the that have great local value and also Community Directors. potential to turn into an extremely successful viral campaign because supports local artists. In addition, of its presence online, which will in turn increase its publicity. The this will create an opportunity to have user’s desire to speak their mind and broadcast their thoughts to people in different Sameunderneath the world will be rousing. This has the chance to spread quickly as communities interact with each other. people will forward the site to friends that have big ideas as well.
  12. 12. outdoor wallscapes We have developed two poster series that have different objectives; however both will direct viewers to The outdoor posters will feature a snapshot of the lives of people living the Sameunderneath lifestyle and will spark the viewer’s curiosity. The posters will be produced in various sizes and will be placed on the sides of buildings in high traffic areas. The first series will promote the Sameunderneath brand, capitalizing on various Portland locales. These will express the connection between people but still tie in to the local community. This series will be updated with each new fashion season to add visual interest and increase awareness for the clothes line. The second series will publicize Sameunderneath promotions, such as 30 Seconds to Speak Your Mind. These are more typographically driven to serve as a distinction from the first series of posters. This series can be updated as new promotions are developed and take place. As Sameunderneath gains brand awareness and momentum, it should sponsor local artists and place their artwork on the walls of Portland and beyond. This is one more way to support local artists and forge a stronger connection with the community.
  13. 13. SPONSORSHIP/ PARTNERSHIPS PUBLIC RELATIONS Sameunderneath currently sponsors local musicians and artists with events, Sameunderneath has a goldmine of PR opportunities, both online and in traditional media. promotions and company internships. These are excellent ways to connect The brand is already invested in social responsibility and will only increase its activities in this with the community and develop a loyal customer base. Sameunderneath area as it grows. It is important to reach out to and forge relationships with local journalists and should continue these sponsorships and partnerships but also seek new and ultimately, maintain them. larger opportunities. Regular press releases are necessary, but Sameunderneath must go beyond this basic Sameunderneath would benefit from sponsoring events such as the Portland PR requirement. Sameunderneath should invite the press to Sameunderneath sponsored International Film Festival. This will give Sameunderneath exposure to a events in addition to store events. Be sure to utilize all available resources and attend events wide audience, many who share the creative values of Sameunderneath. involving all the things Sameunderneath cares about, whether it’s a political meeting or an Film festivals are a simple way to stay connected to local communities educational fundraiser. throughout the expansion of the brand. Ultimately, the creation of a Sameunderneath film festival would be a great way to add another layer There is a huge potential for growth in the online presence for Sameunderneath. By talking of interaction for your audience. about Sameunderneath on blogs, linking the Sameunderneath URL from blogs and commenting on blogs with relevant Sameunderneath topics, more traffic will be generated for the Sameunderneath will also sponsor the Ignite Lecture Series in order to Sameunderneath website. Additionally, the more websites that link to the Sameunderneath incorporate the brand’s educational element. Ignite features short, fast-paced website, the more credibility and priority the website will have with search engines. presentations delivered by local progressive and forward thinking individuals. Each speaker is allocated five minutes to speak with 20 automatically rotating Beyond this however, Sameunderneath needs to create relationships with relevant bloggers slides to share their idea, story or experience. Lecture topics are not limited instead of just barraging them with information. Sameunderneath already has some exposure and have ranged from “The Evolution of our Social Brains” to “Making Cranes, with bloggers, but most of the written content is not recent. Sameunderneath needs to make Not War”. Each biannual event attracts hundreds of the community’s top idea regular efforts to connect and re-connect with bloggers. If they are local, invite them to visit the people. store and have lunch. If they are not local, try and speak with them on the phone so you can have a more personal interaction. Within Portland, Sameunderneath will host a Community Art Show. The show will be held at the Portland Armory, which is a LEED certified building. In the end, bloggers have control of the information they post about your company, by making This event will serve as a creative center for local artists to present their work a personal connection with them, Sameunderneath will have the chance to clarify its brand and and talents including artwork, music, and poetry. The first community art event increase the chances of positive reviews. Community Directors will take the lead in contacting will be held in Portland and eventually expand to other Sameunderneath cities. the local bloggers and maintaining these relationships.
  14. 14. one PHASES Website Relaunch Outdoor Wallscapes Magazine Documentary Series We have not developed a strict timeline for Sameunderneath because the business should Local Sponsorships develop at its own pace. Instead, we have created phases for Sameunderneath activity and 30 Seconds to Speak Your Mind expansion. Certain elements in our plan are meant to be built upon. The strategy behind our T-Shirt Challenge ideas is that they are all scalable. This means they can start small and local now and grow with Public Relations Sameunderneath and expand on a national level. Phases will allow for sustainable growth. Each Banner Ads two phase will provide a solid platform to launch into the next, larger, phase. Community Art Gallery West Coast Store Expansion Community Directors Iconic Wallscapes Regional Sponsorships CONCLUSION Sameunderneath has the potential to be an extremely successful lifestyle brand that is both grounded in local communities and successful on an international level. However, this sort of achievement will not happen overnight, but with careful brand development and business three strategy. The key will be informing people that Sameunderneath is more than a clothing brand. Sameunderneath will invite all people, of all walks of life to realize that they have differences, but National Expansion the things that draw us together are the most important. As Sameunderneath invites all people National Sponsorships to be part of and interact with the brand, Sameunderneath will become an authentic part of their Sameunderneath Film Festival lives in a multidimensional fashion. Artist Wallscapes