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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Design
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  2. 2. 01 Introduction 02 Game reward system 03 Ex)Smart TV Reward 04 Result CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  3. 3. STORY 01 Introduction 1-1 Addictive game Power of the game Regardless of age, nationality, and sex, Many people addicted to games. This is the power of game. The point of the power is reward of game. If reward is not exist in the game, nobody play the game. Motivation In 2009, Rochester University research what makes people crazy about game. Answers are achievement, confidence, economic-needs and social needs. 1-2 Game reward Material and spiritual reward 1. In game world, material reward means the cost of labor. 2. In game world, spiritual reward means the power and fame. ex)Quest, Item ex)Level, Popularity - In game design, it is not important that we focus on simply graphic, story, action, contents. The Most important thing is psychology of users. CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  4. 4. STORY 02 Game reward system 2-1 Attributes of Reward Accumulation - An accumulation is a large number of things which have been collected together. immediate - Right now, you can receive a reward. Practical - You need a reward for the game playing. Pleasure - You achieve a goal in the game. <Picture 1> Attributes and game service CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  5. 5. STORY 02 Game reward system 2-2 Feedback Quest system 1. Quest system is very simply. Everyone receive a reward for effort in games. 2. Game’s quest have 2 rules. - not easy not hard. - not fail only success. For example, there are one quest that user should being 15 candy to NPC. You can get candy killing monsters. People will be tired of playing if people get items very easily or very hardly. It is very important to make chance of getting item properly. Feedback system In the game world, everything retain the feedback system. <Picture 2> Feedback System - Quest CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  6. 6. STORY 02 Game reward system Level system - Level system is the most important thing in the game design. Maximum level means end of contents in the game. - Level system causes user’s competitive spirit and prompts accomplishment. - If level is not proper, player feels the futility and boring. Proper level system has accumulation and pleasure in the attribute of reward. <Picture 3> Level system in games CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  7. 7. STORY 02 Game reward system 2-3 Gamification Organization of gamification 1. Joyful process itself is reward. 2. Player can be a storyteller. 3. To increase player’s participation, it should offer experience that can be concentrated by offering unique and pleasant Experience. <Picture 4> Organization of gamification CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  8. 8. STORY 03 Ex)Smart TV Reward 3-1 immediate, external reward TV Tak <Picture 5> Tv Tak TV Tak : As people write comment in tv advertisement, receive a reward and point. 3-2 immediate, internal reward Red Button Red button: Red button is the game that people watch the program that introduce antique and estimate a value one. <Picture 6> Red Button CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  9. 9. STORY 03 Ex)Smart TV Reward 3-3 Accumulation, external reward Get Glue <Picture 7> Get Glue Get Glue: U.S social TV service. People can check the program and receive a sticker. 3-4 Accumulation, internal reward ニコニコ動画 ニコニコ動画: people watch video that recode people’s comment. <Picture 8> ニコニコ動画 CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  10. 10. STORY 04 Result 4-1 Rule of Reward Do Rewards Really Create Loyalty? -Harvard Business Review External reward equity objectivity 1. All customers are not treated equal. 2. Value created must exceed cost of value delivered. 3. Customer behavior should drive value sharing. 4. Long term perspective is critical. 5. Offers must target attractive customers. Internal reward Confidence about achievement 4-2 Strategy of Reward 1. Does the program align with company capabilities? 2. Will customers value the program? Optimum experience concentration 3. Would partnering make the program more competitive? CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  11. 11. Thank you. CopyrightⓒSunRiver
  12. 12. Reference -Web -paper Literature Review on Web Application Gamication and Analytics , August 2011 -video CopyrightⓒSunRiver