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The Investment News: February 2013


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The Investment News is the monthly newsletter for Real Estate Professionals from Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors based in the Kansas City Metro and serving the Real Estate Industry since 2003.

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The Investment News: February 2013

  1. 1. MAREI test new meeting format. Check out Deal or No Deal and Shark Tank, this month at MAREI. MID-AMERICA ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE INVESTORS Investment News NETWORKING : EDUCATION : COMMUNITY : GOVERNMENT January 2013 M A R E I’S M E Y M O B U A E R R T M B -A E E M P N B E a -G E FI ge R T S B L E 10 P A N R E O F N G IT R C S A M E
  2. 2. CONTENTS Never Fail 8 . . .Guide for Flipping Houses Attract Seller Leads Using your Real Estate Website 12 and Blog Long Term Holds Quick Turns . . . Why Not 16 Both Tech Corner Top Smartphone Aps for 2013. 18 Test them today! Every Issue 06 @ Check out our Website How I Did the Deal 10 Benefits at a Glance Contact us by Phone 913-815-0111 14 Membership Email US 20 Investment Opportunities 22 February Landlord 101 Workshop Join The Conversation 23 February Monthly Meetings Join Association 24 Monthly Calendar Web Exclusive Web Exclusive Real Estate Re- Digital port Kansas HouseHunt City 2013 HouseHunt KC2013Page 2
  3. 3. SERVICES THAT PUT PROSAND INVESTORS FIRSTWith our FIRST for Pro initiative, The Home Depot is takingEven better care of our best customers. FAST IN AND OUT Time is money — we’ll get you back to work quickly.  Dedicated Pro Desk Associates.  Two hour advance order pulling. In Store Hands On—How To Workshops Want to learn How a project is completed. Check out our workshops.  In store workshops each month, check out our website and your local store.  Access step by step video 24-7 on our website—look for our Project Guide Library 10% Price Guarantee If you find a lower price on identical in-stock item  We will match the price & beat it by 10%.  Excludes special orders & bid pricing and others—see website for complete details. GREAT PRICES JUST FOR PROS We Offer everyday low prices, plus more ways to save on larger orders.  You can count on competitive pricing on everything in every department  Volume pricing discounts available on purchases as low as $2,500.  Instant bulk price savings available 1000s of items. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR MAREI MAREI members receive special discounts at The Home Depot nationwide.  Two percent rebate paid twice a year on all purchases made through all registered accounts.  Twenty percent discount on selected paint brands.  Exclusive to members of National REIA. EXCLUSIVE PROJECT ESTIMATOR APP Coming in 2013, the Home Depot Project Estimator App for iPad, a business changing tool for National REIA Chapter members nationwide. Watch your local REIA Chapter for Investment News Page 3 more information.
  4. 4. Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors The only National REIA Chapter in the Tri State Region Serving KS, MO & NE Honor’s of Merritt Winner National REIA Contact Information Awards of Excellence 2011 & 2012 PO Box 8685, Prairie Village KS, 66208 Phone: 913-815-0111 Email: Read Newsletter Online Anytime Our Mission Statement Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is dedicated to promoting ethical real estate investing and to protect and promote the best interest of our membership through educational Connect with us Online and networking opportunities as well as community, legislative and public relations. LinkedIn Group: Kansas City Real Estate Investors Legal Disclaimer MAREI does not exist to render and does not give legal, tax, economic or investment advice and disclaims all liability for the action or inaction taken or not as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each individual should consult Facebook Page: his/her own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to legal, tax, economic, investment and related matters concerning real estate and other investments. Kansas City Real Estate Investing Content Disclaimer The views and opinions expressed by authors of articles contributed to this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of the association, the board of directors or the staff. Kansas City Real Estate: /kcrei/ Mid-Missouri Real Estate: /MidMo/ Advertise in the Investment News Omaha Real Estate: /OmahaRE/ Rate Schedule Topeka Real Estate: /TopekaRE/ Size Non-Member Member Business Associate Wichita Real Estate: /WichitaRE/ Full Page $175 $140 $115 Special Groups Facebook 1/2 Page $145 $105 $85 KCMO Water Dept Issues: /badbilling/ 1/4 Page $75 $65 $50 1/8 Page $55 $35 $25 MO Creative Finance Legislation Find us on Twitter A 10% discount is given on ads pre-paid for 6-12 months. Any changes to a pre-paid ad will incur a minimum charge of $20. The deadline to submit ad copy is the 1st of each month. All @MAREInet ads must be prepaid. Contact to verify ad format can be accepted. PDF preferred. There is an additional charge of $25 to typeset a business card ad or 1/4 page ad layout, $60 for a 1/2 Tweet #KCREI page or full page lay-out. Opportunities also exist for advertising on Call 913-815-0111 for more information. Email ad copy to Mail payment to MAREI, PO Box 8685, Prairie Village, KS 66208 or request an online payment for to use credit or debit card.Page 4
  5. 5. LET US HELPKEEP PROPERTIES MARKETABLEKeep Costs Under Control & Meet Tight DeadlinesDedicated to your Success, With Solutions for Every Surface & All the Essentials National Account Services LEED® & VOC Coatings Color Services Flooring Products & Installation Our strategic account teams can Download the latest guide on Find out about our color design simplify processes and maximize our products that meet LEED® services for properties and read Wide variety of name brands, efficiencies with centralized and low VOC specs. about the latest color trends. 24-hour turnaround and reliable account management. installation. Commercial Wallpaper Commercial Floor Coverings HomeScapes® Finishing Touch™ Builder Support Program Sherwin-Williams is your From carpeting to sheet vinyl, Enhance curb appeal and make one-stop source for commercial select the right floorcovering selection easier with pre- Comprehensive Program for wall covering. Over 5,000 specific to your needs. Fully selected exterior color schemes. your Home Buyers: Welcome residential and commercial stocked national network, fast Kits, Discount Cards, and Model wallpaper collections available. turnaround and reliable service. Home Programs. EXCLUSIVE MEMBER DISCOUNT MAREI as a member of National REIA is able to bring our members the exclusive Sherwin William Discount Card that offers unbeatable savings on paint, applicators, floorcov- ering, paint sundries, wall covering, spray equipment, and even window treatments! Members look for your discount card in your members Benefit Package or download from the Member’s Dis- count Section of the MAREI Member Library. ASK SHERWIN WILLIAMS Find out more about all these products and services offered by Sherwin Wil- liams plus their Chip It Online Color Matcher, ColorSnap Studio for iPad and their Paint Pro Alerts by Text at . Investment News Page 5
  6. 6. w I did the Ho I went to a workshop to find out more about real estate investing, and as hard as I tried to find it, there didn’t seem to be anything too complicated about the process- es. I was hungry for more. D EA L! vestment! I purchased a training package on tax liens and deeds and that’s where I started. Since I didn’t have a lot of I was hooked. I took the cash I had earned from this cash available, I settled on Nebraska to start investing. venture and decided to try my hand at a tax deed auc- Nebraska is a tax lien state and many counties there tion. The nearest auction with homes for prices in my have round robin auctions, a very simple low-pressure range was in Wichita. Again, I prepared, had a list and way to start. The county official went around the room, after researching the market, set my top prices for each one investor at a time, and asked simply yes or no, do property on the list. I was able to pick up 2 properties you want the lien on the next property. You could with full ownership rights this time. Kansas requires a choose to either pay the tax due and own the lien, or one-year redemption, so I had to hold the properties, pass to the next investor. For me, it was important to get them cleaned and keep them within city and county start low-key and start to learn. ordinance rules. First, I spent $10.00 on a downloadable copy of the The week after I bought the properties, I joined MAREI. property list from the county and pre-registered for the I had crossed the line, and was an actual real estate in- auction. Using the criteria I learned from the class, I vestor, and I knew I needed help and encouragement to looked up each property on line and made a quick yes or keep going. Other than my son, the rest of the family no decision about whether or not I wanted the property continued to chide me for throwing my good money lien. I got my checks in order for the auction with a away and having nothing to show for it. grand total of $3,700. I drove up to Nebraska the week- One year after my purchases, I got a letter on one of my end before the auction and tried to at least confirm, by Wichita properties. I was so excited! I hadn’t posted a neighborhood, my own yes or no choices. Some houses single for sale sign, not one on-line posting on either got crossed off my list; others were added. property. I was still learning and planning what to do. Monday morning, I signed in for the auction, and took I contacted the lady who had sent me the letter and she my bidder number and seat. I was nervous, but I stuck said I owned the last open lot in a neighborhood where to my list, passing on the Nos, and as long as my check- new homes had been going up like crazy. She really ing account still had funds, I kept saying yes. wanted to live in this newly popular neighborhood and When I left, I was the proud owner of 5 tax liens. All I wanted to buy my lot. had to do was sit back and wait. Within the first month, She told me what price range she was seeking. We set- one tax lien cashed in. I had just gotten my money tled on a price and two months later, I closed my first back. Three months later, the second one came through, deal! I cleared six times what I originally paid for the then the third followed. The fourth one paid out after property at auction! Now, I have the second property about a year. At this point, I had cleared a total of 8% left to sell. My profits went into rehab work on the sec- on my initial investment, better than any other savings ond property, and that work continues. or investment plan I’d been in for quite some time. Now, I am truly a real estate investor. It’s taken a few Nebraska allows tax lien holders to continue to renew years, but with MAREI’s help and the assistance of the their lien each year if the owner doesn’t pay the taxes. A fabulous MAREI community, I look forward to finally be- letter came with an offer to renew at the price of taxes ing able to make up what 2008 took away from me and due and I bought the lien for a second year, and a third reset my plans for retirement. And eventually, there will year. At the end of the full three years, the lien owner be something for me to leave my son in appreciation for can foreclose and fully own the property. I had renewed turning his mom’s sad story into one of success. the one certificate each year for $277. On the 35th month, I was starting to contact real estate lawyers to walk me through the foreclosure process. I was ready to own my first property for $831, plus foreclosure proceed- Submit your deals to ing costs (about $1500). The owner paid off all three Deals selected for publication will receive a $25 years one week before the deadline, and I lost the prop- erty, but I earned a compounded 21% on my initial in- credit on account to apply to workshops.Page 6
  7. 7. The best place on the entire planet to buy kitchen cabinets. We Have The Best Prices Everything Is In Stock Property Management Rental Services We Ship Fast Kansas City Metro Free Design Help Josh Burns Kevin Jamieson 816-503-4671 1-877-484-4268 For title, escrow,  PRIVATE LENDER, not broker 1031 & foreclosure.  No income, asset or employment verification  Quick Approvals and Closings  Interest Only Payments, during loan term  Closed & Titled in LLC, Corp or Partnership  No Pre-Payment Penalties or Hidden Fees CALL US FOR  Transactional Funding - 24 Hours or less  Flex Funding - 2 days to 6 months  Rehab Loans - 100% of costs up to 70% ARV Donald Tucker : 913 -890 -FUND (3863) 913-890- Bud Whisler 816-380-3441Investment News Page 7
  8. 8. NEVE R FAIL! o Flipping H ouses . . . Guide t ...C andace Davis Candace Davis Arrow Equity Trust, LLC Real Estate and Management Solutions How to Never Fail at Flipping a House spend therefore you probably don’t want to spend more than $25k (33%) on remodelingThere are hundreds of articles and people who costs, so the simple math will tell you that youwill tell you how to buy and sell property but I can’t spend more than $50k on the house.will tell you how to set yourself up to succeed Make sure you get at least 3 comps and aver-every time by reverse engineering. age the sale price to ensure it fits into your for-Before you start looking for properties, do the mula. Example, if you are projecting to makefollowing two items: first, decide how much you 40% on your investment using this formulahave to spend and more importantly how much your comps would need to have an averagedo you want to make on your investment. For sale price after rehab of $105,000.example you have $75,000 to spend and you It doesn’t matter if you are planning on holdingwant to make 40% on your money. (For me I the property as a rental or selling for quicknever go below 35%, anything less than that is cash, the numbers should be the same. Manytoo much risk.) Using the above numbers your investors got stung when the market wentprojected Return on Investment should be down and wish they would have had more eq-$30,000. uity in their rental deals so they could sell theNow you are ready to search for a property. property now without taking a loss. Now thatWork with your agent to target an area to buy you know what you want to make and wherethat will meet your investment needs. Remem- you want to end up it is much easier to pull theber the first and most important place to make trigger on the is on the buy! You have $75k total toPage 8
  9. 9. Keys to Success: 6. Clean Exterior of property 16. Track your expenses and from any debris that might compare actual costs to1. If you are new to the game be a flag for neighborhood your budget so you know stay away from any proper- preservation. exactly how much you have ty with foundation issues. spent- do this once/week at (Although once you are 7. Weatherproof property, this a minimum. more seasoned there are means roof, if needed, some huge value opportuni- board up of windows, etc. 17. Have a backup plan in case ties on properties with foun- the property doesn’t sell for 8. Always try to work from the dation problems.) what you project. inside out unless you have2. Again if you are new to the weather issues and/or codes If you are true to your numbers industry never buy a prop- issues of which the city is you won’t get burned as long as erty that you can’t com- demanding repairs you put the proper time into pletely rehab in 30 days or your budget and do your re- 9. Decide if you need windows less. This means that the search on current sales in the and order immediately. total rehab budget should neighborhood. You must still 10. Make sure all your mechani- always have a backup plan and be no more than $40,000. cals are good before pro- know your bottom sales price.3. Have your property thor- ceeding: Plumbing, Electri- If you can’t sell for this price, oughly inspected by a li- cal, HVAC you may want to consider rent- censed inspector, especially 11. Always repaint all interior, if ing the property or do an owner if you are new to the indus- you are spraying the paint, finance deal or contract for try. The couple of hundred do not turn on Heat/Air. deed. If you decide to go this dollars you spend will save This could ruin your furnace route, you may want to hire a you in unforeseen costs that and a-coil. professional property manager could blow your deal. to keep an eye on your invest- 12. Always paint trim first and4. Make a complete budget ment. then mask off for the re- with labor, materials and maining interior and don’t As you do more deals, you will holding costs. Don’t esti- leave tape on too long. start to get a feel for how much mate at first, get hard num- things are going to cost you. bers. Add at least 10% to 13. Always replace all lighting Start working on your own for- your budget for unforeseen inside and out mulas for your rehab so you get issues. 14. Always replace hardware/ more accurate on your budget.5. Make sure the property is fixtures so it matches Be a student of the numbers secure on the day you buy throughout the house. Paint and know your market for your it, even before you close. on hinges screams “Cheap best success in real estate in- This means putting up secu- Rehab!” vesting. rity lights in the front and 15. Landscaping and curb ap- Candace Davis back of the house. Turn on peal is critical! Check out 816-304-8811 the electricity, even if you Costco for shrubs/plants – 855-462-1169 don’t own it yet. You don’t there prices are unbeatable want to have break-ins when in season. while you are waiting on your closing. Page 9 Investment News
  10. 10. MAREI’S MEMBER BENEFITS PROGRAM YOUR MEMBER BENEFITS AT-A-GLANCE USE THIS PAGE AS A GUIDE TO VALUE ADDED DISCOUNTS TOOLS AND SAVINGS CREATED JUST FOR YOU ON GOODS AND SERVICES YOU USE EVERY DAY.Landlord Services Suppliers News & Information E-Update MAREI’s award winning weekly email update with what’s happening in real estate including properties for sale, gov-Screening for tenants & workers with ernment affairs and local market data. 20% discount for members. Learn how to save money at Home De- pot and register for a 2% Rebate for all Investment News purchases & rentals across the US. FORMS & DOCS Plus 20% Discount on Paint in Kansas The award winning newsletter for Mid-Member Library is packed with forms City. And coming in 2013 the New America Association of Real Estate In-and docs, plus 15 % discount at EZ Home Depot App for iPad exclusively for vestors: published monthly and distrib-Landlord Forms for premium forms. Chapter Members to use in project esti- uted both in print at our meetings and mation on home repair and remodel. digitally to our database of over 5000 people. One of the best ways to get your message in front of a targeted group of real estate professionals.Market your rentals on the nations topranked rental site. Member discount All members receive a discount card is 20% off Regular Prices. to access our exclusive discounts up to 40% off all paint, supplies, and flooring—nationwide.Office Solutions Marketing Magazine for the real estate investor. With discount subscriptions for MAREI members and FREE copies available at our monthly meetings.Save on select FedEx Office copy andprint services up to 20% and on Fed- Ex Shipping up to 22%. Websites for investors, landlords, and other services. FREE trial.Receive discounts up to 65% on over Free issues of both magazines 12,000 products you use the most available at the monthly online and in store. Email and Social Media Marketing, Free meetings of MAREI. Trial and Discounts for paying in ad- vance.Page 10
  11. 11. Other Discounts Member Service We have several services as part of our website to help you grow MAREI’s Political Advocacy Group your business. actively monitors national legisla- tion and rule-making that im- pacts the real estate industry and harnessing the strength of MAREI Nearly 70% of QuickBooks users say members at the grassroots level.that it makes their business more prof- itable. Get your Accounting on track. Buy at a 20% discount our special MAREI mem- links from the MAREI Web Site. bers also re- ceive timely Calls to Action REAL ESTATE BOOKS Calendar of Events to stay up to when there is a date with all of our activities. The nation’s largest provider of time for our real estate training materi- members to als, DEARBORN is America’s take action on Premier Real Estate Publish- an important vote. er. Members receive up to 40% off. Members also have access to the latest Browse the member properties to in Market Da- find your next deal. Take the ta. time to post your investment op- portunities for other members Special member discounts for and site visitors to browse. members at Avis, Budget, and Enterprise Rentals. VISIT The Member Library is packed Look under Resources & and ever growing with pdf ver- Members Only The Local Market Monitor tracks real estate sales and economic sions of entire books, EBooks, trends nation wide. Offering Articles, Forms, and Documents. 25% Discount for Members. Investment News Page 11
  12. 12. Most real esate business generated through the internet is capturing interested buyers. The reason is sim- Attract Seller Leads ple: Buyers are generally very active online while searching for property. With the internet, one can dig Use your Real Estate through 100s of listings before making a decision to go see one in person. This process can take months as they Website & Blogging get more and more serious about the decision. Up until Duncan Wierman that moment, they are usually guiding themselves through their search online, using multiple sources to browse property. At every turn during this stage, if you have the tools they need, there is an opportunity to en- gage the buyer. gives a nice first impression for all your listings. Sellers on the other hand, although anxious to sell their property when the time is  High Quality and Appropri- right (or the time is right ate Photographs The photos now), are not nearly as of your listings are so crucial to active as the buyer. Their making a good impression. It need is to find the agent seems like this is the most overlooked element of list- that can get them the best, ings, and that is a major failure. serious offer for their prop- erty. Their goal is to make  Comprehensive Descriptions If you want the right decision with an to improve the SEO of your property, write unique, agent so that they don’t comprehensive content/descriptions. have to guide any of the  Homepage Showcase Use an elegant slideshow, process. As an agent, build the trust that you are that carousel, sidebar list/gallery, or at a minimum in a best resource and you win the business. drop down from the main navbar under Properties. How To Improve Your Webite’s Ability To Attract & Engage Sellers  Effective SEO You need to get your listings’ home Firstly, one needs to put themselves in the shoes of addresses on the front page results of Google. If you the seller. are listing 123 Elm St, San Diego, CA and you are not on the front page for that search phrase, you are do-  What are the most common concerns/questions that ing it wrong. you have to address when you are looking to win the business of a potential seller client Dedicate Content To Engage Your Seller Traffic.  What are the most common challenges that you have Simple. Blog to the Seller to overcome with sellers? Some ideas:  What are the most common services that are ex- Seller’s Objections Handle the challenges that you pected of you by a seller? know your future sellers will present before they be- come a stumbling block.  And finally, what are the most common reasons you fail to win the business of a potential seller client? Success Stories No one else is going to publish your awesome sauce. Pat yourself on the back by telling a Address all of the above quickly and easily through story with a happy ending. Make sure to always link to your website and you’ll start to win seller business. your testimonials page. Here Are Some Expert Tips On How To Accomplish This Goal: Develop A Must Read Sellers Info Page That In-  Represent and Showcase Your Properties in the cludes: Your Mission Statement ! Most Positive Light. Strong Calls To Action That Get Sellers’ Attention – Hook Them! Again, you must get into the shoes/  Dedicated Property Pages A well organized, and head of your seller traffic. When you know what your clean layout for each listing shows that you care and itPage 12
  13. 13. audience is looking for, it’s much easier to provide it. What have they come to find? Answers to their ques- tions? Services for their needs? Examples of your awe- someness? Online Lead Generator Set up an email subscription (feed) to your blog Duncan created an Online Lead Generator Software Pro- category for sellers (e.g. Home Selling Tips). Making gram for his own business. To automate the generation it clear to sellers that they can subscribe receive to of leads in his own real estate investing business. Seller Specific content – free of all the other blog up- Now through a partnership with MAREI is able to bring dates. this program to you for FREE.Video Video Video A recent study claims that 73% ofhomeowners say they are more give their information to a To access your FREE Copycompany doing video. A great way to practice your videoskills is video blogging (vlogging), video testimonials/ Go tointerviews. HOUSES WANTED 1(877) 752-2742 Local Cash Buyer Looking for 2 to 4 Lisa Goodner Houses a month to purchase, rehabBecause APIA sells only Real Estate Owned and sell. Money Partners want their(REO) and Forced Lender insurance coverage,weve become the industry leader in providing money placed quickly so they cancomprehensive, affordable coverage to inves- turn their money fast and make ators, financial institutions and mortgage compa- profit.nies.Our company specializes in Real Estate Owned Can’t do that with out houses!(REO) and Forced Lender insurance coverage Bring us a deal!for property investors, servicers, financial insti-tutions and mortgage companies. Standard in- Email: kcmoHomeBuyer@gmail.comsurance companies also turn to us for our ser- Submit Online:vices. Investment News Page 13
  14. 14. New & Renewing MEMBERS Renewing New Members  John Bennetts (since 2010): Kansas City, MO New Business Members  Brett Bumgarner (since 2012): Olathe, KS  Stephanie Cunliff: MO Farm Bureau: Liberty, MO  Vicki Cox (since 2004): Kansas City, MO  Chris Friedl: Long HornInvestments: Dallas TX  Candace Davis (since 2011): Fairway, KS  Mark Edmondson (since 2008): Shawnee Other New Members  Jason Gingrich (since 2011): Lees Summit  Mary Absher: Topeka, KS  Rick Hampton (since 2010): Overland Park  Mike Bender: Osage Beach, MO  Makeba Hart (since 2010): Independence,  Loni Bernard: Lee’s Summit, MO  Brandon Jackson (since 2011): Shawnee  Beth Bernier: Prairie Village, KS  Johannah Koppen (since 2012): Kansas City, MO  Stephen Davies: Platte City, MO  Jamie Lanning (since 2011): Kansas City, MO  Tony Deniger: Olathe, KS  Jeff Larson (since 2010): Kansas City, MO  Bill Ellis: Kansas City, Mo  Steve Lau (since 2009): Overland Park, KS  Daniel Fair: Basehor, KS  Shelly Longanecker (since 2010): Osage  Luke Faulconer: Leawood, KS Beach, MO  Kev & Janet Farnsworth: Kearney, MO  Joe McDonald (since 2012): Wichita, KS  Damon Hayes: Kansas City, MO  Katie McDonald (since 2012): Wichita, KS  Wayne Higgins: Prairie Village, KS  Lisa McKay (since 2011): Shawnee, KS  Jeff Hill: Leawood, KS  Mara Meade (since 2004): Lee’s Summit, MO  Terry Hill: Kansas City, MO  Jerry Porterfield (since 2005): Lone Jack,  Bill Kennedy: Greenwood, MO  Phillip Rich (since 2005): Omaha, NE  Nicholas McKinnis: Kansas City, MO  Michael Stilfield (since 2007): Levasy, MO  Scott Meinhardt: Overland Park, KS  Stephen Summers (since 2010): Independ-  Randy & Jeanette Metzler: Kansas City, MO ence, MO  David Moore: Overland Park, KS  Evelyn Tabor (since 2009): Belton, MO  Shenetter Moore: Kansas City, MO  Fritz Waldo (since 2010): Kansas City, MO  Sean O’Donnell: Independence, MO  David Watson (since 2011): Topeka, KS  Keith Oliver: Topeka, KS  Daniel Weisner (Since 2012): Grandview, MO  Daniel Reedy: Grandview, MO  Paula Weisner (Since 2012): Grandview, MO  Anthony Schweitzer: Lee’s Summit, MO  Adrian Williams (since 2011): Kansas City, MO  Stanley Scott: Kansas City, MO  Erica Young (since 2008): Bonner Springs, KS  Bob Smalley: Kansas City, MO  Andrew Syrios: Kansas City, MO We had a record breaking January with new  Duane Tolbert: Kansas City, MO and returning members. So as of the First  Tom Travers: Independence, MO of February we are sitting at 350 Active  Debra Vanderwert: Prairie Village, KS  Willis West: Cleveland, MO Members. Thanks for all your Support!Page 14
  15. 15. informed MAREI targeted group Professionals Of Clients From Motivation to How To Optimization of YourMAREI members are above the MAREI sets the standard for realcrowd. They participate in an in- estate investor networking andformative newsletter, blog, and education, drawing the type of cli-social media experience. They ent you want to do business with.connect, ask questions, KS (since 2010) Christoph Becker: Overland, and share Our meetings and online presenceopportunities through our interac- gathers targets the qualified leads Christina Kanas: Grandview, MO (since 2006)tive website and live meetings. your business needs. But there is Brenda Linstra:Plus they save Kansas City, MO (since 2009) $100s using the only one way to get in front ofmany member discounts. (since 2009) Curt Linstra: Kansas City, MO them . . become a Business Mem- ber today! $99.00 / year $499.00 / year Additional Member $50 Includes Advertising INVESTOR BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP MEMBERSHIPInvestment News Page 15
  16. 16. Long Term Holds . . . QuickTurn . . . Why Not Both! Chris McClatchey “There is so much opportunity in this market, cation in other are- I feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony.” as. We have to fight against the -Warren Buffett security. We need “Don’t let tradition paralyze your mind. Be re- the insecure feel- ceptive to new ideas. Be experimental. Try ings and to take new approaches. Be progressive in everything actions that allow us to educate ourselves, grow our- you do.” selves and become trailblazers. -David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big That is why I smile when I meet an investor and the It’s so true! We categorize ourselves in so many person categorizes himself as a “wholesaler”, ways. Think of high school. You were a jock, an art- “rehabber” or “landlord”. I smile because I did the ist, a brain, or a part of the grunge group. Even as same thing and was long part of the problem. I was adults, we identifyourselves by what we do for a liv- “Mr. Cash Flow”. Make a little money now for the ing. I’m writer, I’m a salesman, I’m a teacher, I’m a long term pay day down the road. I readily admit to real estate investor. It’s endless. But these catego- being a Carlton Sheets student. I bought his system ries provide security. Security knowing we are a part thirteen (13) years ago and I still believe in his phi- of a group. Something larger than us. We are not losophy of buy and hold. The problem was, five (5) alone. The focus isn’t on me, it’s on my profession years ago, I couldn’t buy and hold. Nothing would or the group. cash flow. Prices were too high. So I had to venture out of my security and into unknown territory. I be- I’m at fault like anyone else. There are times I enter came a “rehabber” and an occasional “wholesaler”. into the walls of security. Sometimes I do it to strike up a conversation, other times it’s to try to establish Changing investing strategies was difficult but neces- myself in a social setting. A social hierarchy if you sary to survive. If I didn’t change, my business will. But the reality of it is, no matter how much would not have survived. I know a good number of security we feel in being part of a group, the securi- investors who couldn’t change their investing strate- ty is what hinders us from growth. It prevents edu- gies and they are no longer in the business. One ofPage 16
  17. 17. my main beliefs is that you have hold deals. I maintain long termto take what the market gives positions in some of my “quickyou. You can’t force the market. turn” deals. I reduce or eliminate Real Estate Investor and At-If you try to force the market, you some of the long term risks by torney Chris McClatchey hasmay not survive. But if you edu- bringing on partners. I use wrap invested all over the world ascate yourself, you can create new mortgages, lease options, owner well as his little corner of Flor-opportunities for yourself and financing and sub-to mortgages. I ida. Chris teaches investorsyour business. also use them together and in dif- how to develop Multi-Million ferent combinations. All of these Dollar Real Estate PortfoliosMy business is no longer just “buy strategies were learned by ex-and hold”. I still do some of that using their retirement plans, ploring areas of real estate out-and I have not wavered from my private money, creative fi- side my comfort zone. I believecore belief in long term holds. nancing and partnerships. you can have your cake and eat itBut I take what I have learned inthe other areas of investing and to or in real estate terms, you Chris McClatcheytake creative approaches to my can have your cash in hand Coming to Kansas Citylong term assets. I incorporate now and long term wealth lat-“wholesale” fees in my long term er. April 20th accurate Accurate Closings: Smooth, Timely, Professional. Title Services Provided for: Property Management  FSBO, Wholesale, & REO Transactions  New Construction Closings Section 8 Housing  Commercial Purchases and Refinance KC Metro Wide  All Types of Loan Closings  1031 Exchanges  FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Loans, and Hard Money Loan Closings Jeff Woods  Refinance & Reverse Mortgages Broker  Doc Prep, Prelim HUDS, Curing Issues  Short Sale Closing & Assistance  100 Years of Combined Service! 816-849500 913-338-0100 phone Investment News Page 17
  18. 18. Tech Corner Smartphone Aps Productivity on our Smart Phones just keeps growing. easily. Also see, SocialOomph, HootSuite. Here are a few must have apps for 2013: AgentAlert: This is a personal security app to let oth- Google Calendar: This is the best online calendar, ers know where you are and when you should check download the mobile app and create events from your in. When you don’t it alerts the right person and also phone and sync all devices. Subscribe to other peo- has a panic button for emergency. ples calendars, like MAREI’s to stay up to date. DocuSign Inc.: Users can digitally sign DocuSign Evernote: We covered this in depth at the December documents from their devices. You can send, track Meeting. This manages documents, tasks, com- and securely sign documents. ments, recordings and more and works across many EchoSign from Adobe: Allows users to send, sign apps to store files in one location and make them and manage documents from the app. Access docs searchable. or contracts from Box, Drobox on your mobile device 360 Panorama: Makes taking a wide angle shot and use Echo Sign to sign immediately and in person. easy. Take several shots in a row and the app stitch- Avast! Mobile Security: Free app that secures your es them all together for one wide angle pic. phone with remote wipe, remote –lock, safe Web Instagram: Use on your phone to take a photo and browsing, battery manager and anti virus. Does lack use the built-in features to create interest before post- back up feature to sync to your computer. ing. Bump: So you go networking with out cards. Let’s DropBox: Great tool to instantly upload new photos two users tap their phones together to share photos, taken directly to a drop box file when you are in range contacts and apps. of wifi. No more finding the cord and downloading myPANTONE: browse thorugh calors, share and or- photos. der colors with out digging through pant samples. MagicPlan: Measure rooms and draw floor plans us- iHandy Level: Is the house crooked? Get out your ing the camera device on your smart phone. Then handy dandy level app to see how bad it is or to use export to a usable document file to print or share when hanging a picture. online. Path: Trying to keep all your social media updated. Use path to share one update across all channelsPage 18
  19. 19. Marketing Your Property Webinar Hard Money is the Answer . . . .  Leverage available investment capital and triple You know you can post your properties on your cash on cash returns.the MAREI website, but do you know how to  Have the ability to close in 2 - 5 days.actually get it posted and how to optimize it  Take down investment properties FAST. for the best results.  Get feedback from an experienced lender who did over 150 deals last year. We will be holding a webinar on  Build cash-flow quickly and simply through real Wednesday estate.  Diversify your capital across multiple properties February 20th and spread your risk. Private Funding for 1PM CST Serious Real Estate Investors To walk you through the process. Christopher Friedl Watch your email for details! 214-202-3046 Cornerstone Foundation Repair Kansas Cities Real Estate Investor’s #1 Foundation Repair Contractor Insurance for  Steel Push to Bedrock Piers @ $850 ea Vacant Properties  Steel Wall Restraints Starting @ $180 ea Rehab Properties  Crack Injection @ $25 per foot Renter Insurance for Your Tenants  Sump Pumps @ $800 each Business Insurance We are proud to say that we have become real Umbrella Liability estate investors 1st call for major foundation repair issues. We offer 25 year and lifetime Health Insurance Life Insurance Joe Williams 913-220-5253 Stephanie Cunliff Ask about our Investor Pricing 816-781-4370 Investment News Page 19
  20. 20. 4210 E 54th Tr $31,500 3 Bed Turn Key, Sect 8, Christoph Becker Kansas City, MO 1 Bath Rented $796. Cash Blueprint Properties, Inc Bung Flow 25% Net ROI! (816) 875-6226 5500 Olive St $30,000 2 Bed Rehabbed, Turn Key, Christoph Becker Kansas City, MO 1 Bath Section 8, $556 mo. Blueprint Properties, Inc Cash Flow at 16% NET ROI! (816) 875-6226 836 E 82nd St $55,000 3 Bed Need Cash Buyer for 2010BWG Kansas City, MO ARV: 1 Bath my 3 Bedroom Home $101,434 Ranch 816-974-8404 1842 E 82nd St $26,500 3 Bed Needs TLC. Whole- Christoph Becker Kansas City, MO 1 Bath sale. Blueprint Properties, Inc Bung. (816) 875-6226 1815 S Evanston $18,500 3 Bed Sold in 2 Days Chad Barlett Independence, MO ARV: 1.5 Ba Home Remedy Invest. $47,000 Bung 913-735-5598 12011 Henry St $15,500 2 Bed Great Cash Flow Chad Barlett Sugar Creek, MO 1 Bath Potential. Minimal Home Remedy Invest. Bung Rehab at $1000. 913-735-5598 4039 Hardesty Av $39,500 3 Bed Super Clean TURN- Christoph Becker Kansas City, MO 1 Bath KEY. Proposed NET Blueprint Properties, Inc Ranch ROI = 20% (816) 875-6226 3811 Elmwood $39,400 3 Bed Completely Re- Christoph Becker Kansas City, MO 1 Bath habbed, Turn Key, Blueprint Properties, Inc Ranch Leased $800 month (816) 875-6226 5428 College $11,000 2 Bed Easy Fixer. Paul Panos Kansas City, MO 1 Bath $11,000 or best offer 816-786-3584Page 20
  21. 21. MAREI Member 2330 Brighton $12,500 3 Bed Needs a touch of Paul Panos Kansas City, MO OBO 1 Bath sweat equity to get rent ready! 816-786-3584 7711 E 88th St $45,000 3 Bed Wholesale, in 64138, Christoph Becker Kansas City, MO 1 Bath Proposed Net ROI Blueprint Properties, Inc Ranch 17%, County Ap- praisal $72,738 (816) 419-1165 7009 E 113th Tr $36,000 3 Bed Potential Rent from Don Tucker Kansas City, MO 1 Bath $700 to $875. Turn GBI Funding Crawl Key Rental 816-523-4400 7606 E 111th Tr $39,000 4 Bed Currently Rented Don Tucker Kansas City, MO 2 Bath $700 a month, Turn GBI Funding Slab Key Rental 816-523-4400 11415 Merrywood $39,000 3 Bed Currently Rented Don Tucker Circle, Grandview, 1.5 Ba $700 a month. Turn GBI Funding MO: Townhouse 1 Car Key Rental 816-523-4400 5638 Askew Ave $31,200 3 Bed Currently Rented Nick McKinnis Kansas City, MO 1 Bath $700 / mo. Just re- M&M Brothers Homes habbed. Turn Key 816-914-2614 3922 Garfield Ave $31,560 3 Bed Currently Rented Nick McKinnis Kansas City, MO 1 Bath $700 / mo. Just re- M&M Brothers Homes habbed. Turn Key 20% ROI 816-914-2614 3729 Cleveland $33,830 3 Bed Projected Rent $750 Nick McKinnis Kansas City, MO 1.5 Bath a month. All Re- M&M Brothers Homes Full Bsm habbed. 20% ROI 816-914-2614 3918 Flora Ave $31,740 3 Bed Rented $700 month, Nick McKinnis Kansas City, MO 1 Bath Turn Key rented, M&M Brothers Homes Full bsmt over 20% ROI 816-914-2614Investment News Page 21
  22. 22. Avoid the Problems that many Landlord Real Estate Investors Encounter. Dont let land-lording eat up all your hard earned profits and stress you out! Discover Simple Steps thatyou must learn to be more Profitable and Effective.Yes, there are steps to learn so you select the right properties, fix the right things, fill your va-cant properties with the best tenants, and maintain and manage those tenant relations for a veryvaluable asset that will make you wealthy over time. Workshop taught by MAREI’s Own Landlording 101: the Basics Larry Myer: Landlord & Property Manager  Finding Your Niche  Finding the Right Property  Getting the Property Rent Ready  Filling Vacancies, where to find Tenants  Keeping Tenants Happy – Tenant Management  Evictions: What to do when you get a bad Apple  Don’t Go it Alone, Hiring a Property Manager Learn from Larry’s many years of experience!Registration Information for Saturday Workshop1 Workshop Member $30  Workshop Non-Member $45 Add Member $30 / Non-Member $45________________________________________ ____________________________________Attendee 1 Email________________________________________ ______________________________________Address City State Zip________________________________________ ______________________________________Phone Fax________________________________________ _________________ Expire DateCredit Card Number Scan & Email to ___________________________________ Fax: 1-201-574-2969 (email first) Signature Call 913-815-0111 Online
  23. 23. February! Monthly Meetings KC North: One of the key skills of the suc- cessful Real Estate Investor North Kansas City Community Center is knowing how to tell if they have a 1999 Iron Street Kansas City, MO DEAL or NO DEAL! Meeting set up with a panel of expert Times: and a panel of people presenting Thursday February 7th: 6pm to 9pm “deals”. Deals with be real life case studies of real estate trans- 5:30 Set Up for Vendors & Speakers actions with the experts evaluating them, live to decide it if is 6:00 Registration Vendor Hall a DEAL or NO DEAL! 6:50 Speed Networking  Find out what the experts ask! 7:05 Presentation Introduction  See how the experts evaluate! 7:15 Deal #1 7:40: Deal #2  See if the experts all agree! 7:05: Deal #3  See if you agree 8:30 Networking 8:50 Clean up and Adjourn at 9pm Experts & Presenters Wanted One of the key skills of the KC South: Career Education Systems successful Real Estate In- Ward Parkway Shopping Center vestor is knowing how to 8600 Ward Parkway Kansas City, MO Present to Money! Times: The February 12h Monthly Meet- Thursday February 7th: 6pm to 9pm ing for Mid-America Association of 5:30 Set Up for Vendors & Speakers Real Estate Investors is going to be 6:00 Registration Vendor Hall set up with a panel of Sharks and 7:00 Haves & Wants a group of Little Fish presenting 7:15 Presentation Introduction “deals”. Deals with be real life case 7:20 Deal #1 7:45: Deal #2studies of real estate transactions with the experts evaluating them, 8:10: Deal #3live to decide it if they would lend money for the deal! 8:35 Networking Find out what the Sharks ask! 8:50 Clean up and Adjourn at 9pm See how the Sharks evaluate! See what is important to the money person! Experts & Presenters Wanted See if you agree! will have need to submit their deal in advance so the experts can review and know whatquestions they will potentially want to ask. Presenters will have 5 to 7 minutes. Then the Sharkswill ask questions and evaluate the deal in the next 10 to decide if they want in or will pass andshare why!
  24. 24. Subscribe & Sync The MAREI calendar is hosted on Google Calendars. This allows you to subscribe to our calendar and sync it with your own Google Calendar, Mobile Calendar, or Outlook Calendars. Check calendar for times and locations. February 2013Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 SG: Weekly Wed. SG: Connected Inves- SG: Blue Springs / Networking tors Independence Inv.3 4 5 6 7 8 9SG: Lees Summit SG: Weekly Wed. KC Northland on the SG: Blue Springs / Networking 1st Thursday of theInvestors Network Independence Inv. Month Deadline: Vendor Table KC North Lake Ozarks REIA10 11 12 13 14 15 16SG: Lees Summit Deadline: Vendor KC Metro South on SG: Weekly Wed. Deadline: Newsletter SG: Blue Springs /Investors Network Tables for KC South the 2nd Tuesday of Networking ads & articles for Independence Inv. Meeting the Month March17 18 19 20 21 22 23SG: Lees Summit Omaha REIA SG: Weekly Wed. Webinar ???? SG: Blue Springs /Investors Network Networking Independence Inv. Webinar: Marketing Properties at MAREI24 25 26 27 28 1 March 2SG: Lees Summit SG: Weekly Wed. SG: Connected Inves- SG: Blue Springs /Investors Network Networking tors Independence Inv. Landlord 101 Work- shop3 4 5 6 7 8 9SG: Lees Summit Deadline: Vendor KC Northland on the SG: Blue Springs /Investors Network 1st Thursday of the Independence Inv. Tables for KC North Month Meeting