the Investment New ,: October 2012


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In this months: Google Tools, Gadgets, and Apps, Building your contacts with LinkedIn, Why that FREE seminar might not be FREE, Save money with member discounts at Home Depot and Sherwin Williams plus Kansas City Area Real Estate Investment Deals.

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the Investment New ,: October 2012

  1. 1. MAREI wins Awards of Excellence at National REIA Mid Year for 2nd Year in a Row! MID-AMERICA ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE INVESTORS Investment News NETWORKING : EDUCATION : COMMUNITY : GOVERNMENT Read online at October 2012 10 ge Pa> Google’sTop toolsfor business Pat Edins reveals his favorite apps to save us time and money in our business.
  2. 2. t en ts c on Page 16 Page 26 Page 3 Page10 Title Requrements MAREI Library and Business Members Foreclosures From Accurate Title Google Drive Build your team with our Judicial vs Nonjudicial Service Providers & In- Page 18 Page 27 dustry Partners Page 10 Why that FREE Event Investing Using NLP Benefits at a Glance is not FREE with Bill and Dwan Page 6 Twyford How I Did the Deal Page 12 Page 20 Bill Twyford Build your Sales with Page 28 Page 8 Embeded Commands LinkedIn Calendar of Vents Google Tools & Aps Page 14 Page 22 This months speaker, Welcome For Sale Pat Edins New & Returning Members Member Properties 2011 2012Page 2
  3. 3. BUSINESS MEMBERS MAREI Business Members are here to serve you in your Real Estate Business. They specialize in Real Estate Professionals and have joined our association as a Business. You can find out more about each of our Business Members at . Don’t see a service you need? Ask on the Forum! Foundations Insurance Cornerstone Foundation Your Company Here Joe Williams $499 annual Lisa Goodner 913-220-5253 CornerstoneFoundationRe- Or $135 a Quarter 1-877-752-2742 Insurance Investors Jim Jrolf The Tuckers 913-915-3232 816-200-2198 1-888-741-8454 Property Management Property Management Real Estate Brokerage Kevin Jamieson 816-503-4671 Jeff Wood 816-523-4400 kevin- 816-841-9500 Staging Suppliers: Building Suppliers: Building Michelle Davis Josh Burns 913-449-3593 1-877-484-4268 Title Company Title Company Suppliers: Building Jackie White / Mary Peterson Bud Whisler Mike Steiner 913-338-0100 816-581-2299 bwhisler@coffeltlandtitle.comInvestment News Page 3
  4. 4. read anytime Contact Information PO Box 8685, Prairie Village KS, 66208 Phone: 913-815-0111 Our Mission Statement Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is dedicated to promoting ethical real estate investing and to protect and promote the best interest of our membership through educational and networking opportunities as well as community, legislative and public relations. Legal Disclaimer Read the Investment News MAREI does not exist to render and does not give legal, tax, economic or investment advice and anywhere, anytime, on your disclaims all liability for the action or inaction taken or not as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each individual should consult iPad, Mac and PC: his/her own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to legal, tax, economic, investment and related matters concerning real estate and other investments. Content Disclaimer The views and opinions expressed by authors of articles contributed to this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of the association, the board of directors or the staff. Search for “MAREI” Advertise in the Investment News To subscribe Rate Schedule Size Non-Member Member Business Associate Look for us Online Full Page $175 $140 $115 Search for 1/2 Page $145 $105 $85“Kansas City Real Estate Investors” 1/4 Page $75 $65 $50 1/8 Page $55 $35 $25 A 10% discount is given on ads pre-paid for 6-12 months. Any changes to a pre-paid ad will incur a minimum charge of $20. The deadline to submit ad copy is the 1st of each month. All ads must be prepaid. Contact to verify ad format can be accepted. PDF preferred. There is an additional charge of $25 to typeset a business card ad or 1/4 page ad layout, $60 for a 1/2 page or full page lay-out. Opportunities also exist for advertising on Call 913-815-0111 for more information. Email ad copy to Mail payment to MAREI, PO Box 8685, Prairie Village, KS 66208 or request an online payment for to use credit or debit card.Page 4
  5. 5. MAREI STAFF & Volunteers Executive Director Advisory Board / Membership Desk Kim Tucker Scott Tucker Investor : Realtor Realtor Advisory Board Advisory Board / Membership Desk Donald Tucker Dan Goodwin Investor Realtor : Short Sales Focus Group Leader: Blue Springs / Lees Suumit Advisory Board / Membership Desk Debra Felderhoff Shelda Goodwin Landlord : Investor Realtor : Short Sales Focus Group Leader: Weekly Wednesdays Focus Group: Eddie Speed Mentoring Students Michelle Winberry L. Scott Ficinus Investor : Realtor Realtor Focus Group Leader: Weekly Wednesdays Advisory Board / Membership Desk Brian Winberry John Welchert Investor : Realtor : Investor : Landlord Focus Group Leader: IRA Investing Focus Group: KC Note Buyers Coming Soon . . . Leader Located Richard Brewer Real Estate / Note INvestor Focus Group Leaders: Transaction Engineers Focus Group Leader: Commercial Leader Wanted Leader Wanted Focus Group Leader: Women in Real Estate Focus Group Leader: Advanced Investors Leader Wanted Leader WantedInvestment News Page 5
  6. 6. w WE did Ho he D EA L! t This deal started home. His Realtor said they were going to make an of- fer. We cancelled the stager for a week, but went ahead out as a bank owned foreclosure that sold in 2004 for with our open house. $180,000. Then it came back around as an REO (real es- To market our open house we emailed every real estate tate owned) property in 2011 originally listing at $121,000, agent who worked in the area and printed up invite post- having the listing expire and a new agent listing it and low- cards that we taped to the front door of every house in ering the price over and over until it was down to $69,000. the subdivision. Plus we posted on the normal online This one sat for quite a while at $69,000 and we did not avenues on MLS, Craigslist, BackPage, Zillow etc. The want to look at it because the listing said, not once, but open house was packed, but the guy did not make it by. twice that there were foundation issues with the home. But His Realtor did, and she noted 3 different people who the values i the neighborhood were $165,000 on the low seemed to be talking about making an offer. end and $250,000 on the high end, so we called the listing The agent got on the phone to her buyer and told him agent and asked her why it had not sold. She again men- that they had to get an offer in right now. Later that tioned the foundation issues and mold, of which there were evening we received a verbal indication of a full price no reports, but she had seen them. Word to the wise, Mr. offer and a written full price offer on Monday morning. & Ms. Realtors, unless you are a foundation or mold expert Having that many people at the open house, even if 95% and have a report, don’t offer it up, you are an agent, not of them were neighbors or our friends from the real es- an inspector. We did finally look at it and could not find tate investing community put urgency into that agent to any problems with the foundation anywhere and the mold get an offer in fast and the interested buyers make her in question was 1 piece of insulation in the unfinished convince her buyer to make his offer full price. He did basement that had gotten wet and turned black. ask for some closing costs to be paid and for us to buy We made a cash offer using a proof of fund from our pri- him a refrigerator. vate partner for about $60,000 or something and of course We liked the full price offer, his pre-approval was from a we were told that there was another offer and we needed lender that we liked to work with, and it was much more to provide them with our highest and best offer by 4pm. than we expected. We started at the $189,900 figuring The numbers looked to us that the comps were conserva- we could always lower the price next week if it was too tively $165,000 and we thought repairs would be around high. The lender had a requirement that if the seller had $60,000 to $70,000 in repairs. So our highest and best owned the home for less than a year that there had to be turned out to be a purchase price of $70,000. We were 2 appraisals, 1 paid for by the seller. Although we ended probably bidding against ourselves, but if we did not do our up having 3 appraisals with 2 paid for by the seller, cost- best and someone else got it for less, then we would not ing us $800. Our over all profit was $30,600 that we split have the deal. with our partner. We must disclose that this is a bit above average for a deal. So we get into the house, the major issue was a retaining wall holding up the house needed rebuilt and deck was rotting off the house. So when we got into the meat and Deal provided by Kim Tucker, local real estate investor potatoes of the retaining wall, our costs went up a bit. And and MAREI Director. Kim and her husband Don have as we got into the comparables and conversations with the been investing in Kansas City since 2000. Find them neighbors, our value of the home went up. So we spent a online at or bit more on the interior of the home. The Monday before we were going to list it, we put up a coming soon sign and flyers in the flyer box and met with a Do you have a deal, we would love to hear about stager. On Wednesday some person stopped and talked it. Email it to us at with the contractors and saw the living room and loved thePage 6
  7. 7. Member 1(877) 752-2742 Benefit Lisa Goodner Because APIA sells only Real Estate Owned Publish investment property opportuni- (REO) and Forced Lender insurance coverage, ties on our marketing page. weve become the industry leader in providing comprehensive, affordable coverage to inves-  Turn Key Rentals tors, financial institutions and mortgage compa-  Wholesale Properties nies. Our company specializes in Real Estate Owned  REO & Short Sale Listings (REO) and Forced Lender insurance coverage for property investors, servicers, financial insti-  Multi Family & Offices tutions and mortgage companies. Standard in- Review the Membership Package on surance companies also turn to us for our ser- the Resource tab for instructions on vices. how to log in and post your properties HOUSES WANTED  Built After 1950 Minimum 3 Bed, 1.5 Bath Eastern Jackson County Property Insurance for MO or Johnson County KS Rental, Vacant & Construction Retail Value $100k-$200k Residential & Commercial No Rental Pay-As-You-GoLocal Cash Buyer Looking for 2 to 4 Houses amonth to purchase, rehab and sell. Money Part-ners want their money placed quickly so they can Jim Jrolfturn their money fast and make a profit. Can’t do Toll Free: 888-741-8454that with out houses! Bring us a deal! Direct: 913-951-3232 Email: NREInsurnace.comSubmit Online: News Page 7
  8. 8. Tools and Aps Web Search: Search billions of web share events with friends pages Talk: IM and call your friends through Google Chrome: A browser built for your computer speed, simplicity and security Voice: One number for all your phones, YouTube: Watch, upload and share vid- online voicemail and cheap calling eos Gmail: Fast, searchable email with less Books: Search the full text of books spam Picasa: Find, edit and share your photos Sites: Create websites and secure & create videos group wikis Google Play: Your music, movies, Translate: Instantly translate text, web books, and Android apps available any- pages, & files over 50 languages where Google+: Real-life sharing, rethought Maps: View maps and directions for the web Earth: Explore the world from your com- Google Alerts Monitor the Web for New puter Post Docs: Create and share your online doc- Google Drive: All your Docs & Mp3 in 1 uments, presentations and spreadsheets online folder Calendar: Organize your schedule and Ad Words: Display Your Ads Don’t miss this event! Monthly Meeting Details: Agenda Tuesday October 9th 5:30 pm Pre Meeting / Setup 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm 6:00 pm Registration Career Education Systems 6:00 pm Vendor HallGuest Speaker: Ward Parkway Shopping 7:00 pm Speed Networking MAREI Member Center—8600 Ward Pkwy 7:15 pm Presentation Pat Edins Kansas City Missouri 8:30 pm Q & A / Networking Your KC Mortgage Guy Top Floor 9:00 pm AdjournPage 8
  9. 9. AdSense: Display Google Ads on Your Site as 3D models and save images back to Google Drive. CheckOut: Complete Online Purchases Gantter – Productivity – Manage complex projects Notebook: Take Notes while Browsing the on the web. Create, open, and save project plans Web back to Google Drive. Gantter also works with Mi- Boomerang Calendar: Click on text in email crosoft Project files. and insert into your Calendar Lucidchart – Productivity – Online diagramming Boomerang for Gmail: Schedule Emails and flowchart tool. Create, open, and save Lucid- for later. chart drawings from Google Drive. Lucidchart al- so works with Visio diagrams WiseStamp: To add customized signatures to your Gmail. Lulu – Productivity – Publish print and eBooks from documents in your Google Drive. Snooze for Email: Have your email come back as unread so you don’t miss out. MindMeister – Productivity – Create and edit mind maps. Share mind maps from Google Drive and Hellofax: send and receive faxes online, collaborate in real-time. integrates with Drive Nivio – Productivity – Open and edit Microsoft Of- DocuSign: App that allows you to sign docs fice files in their native application from the web in Drive browser. Google+ Hangouts: Video Chat Room for Pixlr Editor & Pixlr Express – Creative Tools – online meetings Open and edit images from Google Drive from your browserGmail Labs’ Undo Send: Unsend an email Pixorial – Video – Open and share media files,Canned Responses: for repetitive responses edit videos, and share projects from Google Drive Custom Gmail Themes Revisu – Productivity – Collaborative markup andPriority Inbox: separates out important emails feedback for the creative review process. Open files with Revisu and collaborate and share with Tasks mobile: Take your task list to your Google Drive. mobile browser SlideRocket – Productivity – Create and editAutoCad WS – Creative Tools – Open AutoCAD presentations from the browser. Import Power-files (dwg) from Google Drive. Point or PDF files.Aviary – Creative Tools – Simple image editor for Smartsheet – Productivity – Manage and collabo-images stored in Google Drive rate on projects. Create and open Smartsheets from Google Drive, and attach files from Drive toBalsamiq Mockups – Creative Tools – Create projects. Smartsheet also works with Microsoftmockups and user interface sketches. Open and Project and Excel files and Google spreadsheetsshare mockups using Google Drive. WeVideo – Video – Open, edit, produce HD videoDesmos – Productivity – An HTML5 social gra- from Google Drive.phing calculator. Create and store graphs inGoogle Drive. If you are reading this in printed version, please go to to readFloorplanner – Creative Tools – Create and edit online for clickable live links.floorplans from your browser. Render floorplans Investment News Page 9
  10. 10. MAREI’S MEMBER BENEFITS PROGRAM YOUR MEMBER BENEFITS AT-A-GLANCE USE THIS PAGE AS A GUIDE TO VALUE ADDED DISCOUNTS TOOLS AND SAVINGS CREATED JUST FOR YOU ON GOODS AND SERVICES YOU USE EVERY DAY.Landlord Services Suppliers Service ProviderScreening for tenants & workers with 20% discount for members. Discount card for all members providing Learn how to save money at Home De- a 10% discount on all services.. pot and register for a 2% Rebate for all purchases & rentals across the US. Electronic collection for bounced Plus 20% Discount on Paint in Kansas rent checks. No charge to you. City. News & Information FORMS & DOCSMember Library is packed with formsand docs, plus 15 % discount at EZLandlord Forms for premium forms. E-Update All members receive a discount card Our weekly email update with what’s to access our exclusive discounts up happening in real estate including to 40% off all paint, supplies, and flooring—nationwide. properties for sale, government af-Market your rentals on the nations top fairs and local market data.ranked rental site. Member discount is 20% off Regular Prices. Marketing Investment News The newsletter for Mid-America Associ-Office Solutions ation of Real Estate Investors: pub- lished monthly and distributed both in print at our meetings and digitally to our database of over 5000 people.Save on select FedEx Office copy and Websites for investors, landlords, andprint services up to 20% and on Fed- other services. FREE trial. Ex Shipping up to 22%. Magazine for the real estate investor.Receive discounts up to 65% on over With discount subscriptions for MAREI Email and Social Media Marketing, Free members. 12,000 products you use the most online and in store. Trial and Discounts for paying in ad- vance. Continued . . . .Page 10
  11. 11. Other Discounts Member Service We have several services as part of our website to help you grow MAREI’s Government Affairs ac- your business. tively monitors national legisla- tion and rule-making that im- pacts the real estate industry and harnessing the strength of MAREI Nearly 70% of QuickBooks users say members at the grassroots level.that it makes their business more prof- itable. Get your Accounting on track. Buy at a 20% discount through Na- MAREI mem- tional REIA. bers also re- ceive timely Calls to Action REAL ESTATE BOOKS Calendar of Events to stay up to when there is a date with all of our activities. The nation’s largest provider of time for our real estate training materi- members to als, DEARBORN is America’s take action on Premier Real Estate Publish- an important vote. er. Members receive up to 40% off. Members also have access to the latest Browse the member properties to in Market Da- find your next deal. Take the ta. time to post your investment op- portunities for other members Special member discounts for and site visitors to browse. members at Avis, Budget, and Enterprise Rentals. VISIT The Member Library is packed Look under Resources - The Local Market Monitor tracks and ever growing with pdf ver- Discounts real estate sales and economic sions of entire books, EBooks, trends nation wide. Offering Articles, Forms, and Documents. 25% Discount for Members. Investment News Page 11
  12. 12. Embeded Commands The key to success is knowing how to communicate you want. Our conversations have become so routine with others. Whether you are a real estate investor, that our mind has virtually fallen asleep. Our subcon- work at a fast food restaurant, or are a doctor, without scious mind runs on auto-pilot. good communication skills people won’t like you. As you get older, don’t you find yourself saying, “I’ve Have you ever met someone and didn’t like them, but heard this before?” That’s because we have stored didn’t know why you didn’t like them? They just millions of conversations in our subconscious mind. “rubbed you the wrong way.” Subconsciously you did When using embedded commands correctly, you cre- not like their communication skills. My goal is to teach ate unusual patterns of language that force the sub- you to master your communication skills so that you conscious mind to wake up and pay attention. The can have others eating out of the palm of your hand. result? The subconscious has received a direct and Sounds good, where do I begin? Embedded com- specific command and feels compelled to act upon it. mands. What the heck are embedded commands? Let’s look at a few embedded commands and then I’ll Embedded commands are patterns of language that show you how to use them in sentences: bypass conscious reasoning and speak directly to the subconscious mind. Embedded commands influence Sign the contract, trust me, accept this offer, people at the subconscious level. This allows you to work with me, sell this house, decide now, act direct people to take specific actions. now, do as I say, feel motivated, get excited, take action, agree with me, convince yourself, Our subconscious mind is in a constant search for believe me, extend the agreement, come to patterns. Using one embedded command at a time is my office, sign this now, listen to me, accept not a pattern. You have to basically, bombard your less, take notes. customer with command after command to get what When you are in normal everyday conversations with investors, bank- ers, and distressed homeowners, you can influence them to sell this house, sign the deed, sign the contract, ac- cept this offer or whatever it is that you want them to do by using proper communication. Here is an example of a few sentenc- es using embedded commands. The commands are bolded to help you see them:Page 12
  13. 13. Bill & Dwan Twyford will be teaching a 2 day work- shop November 3rd & 4th on Communicating for Better Profits based on their own Real Estate and Short Sale Business. See Ad on Page 26 or go online at I arrive at the distressed homeowner’s property, say a command, you plant it in the subconsciousI begin by saying, “Usually my customers do as I say. mind and it grows into an action. Commands onlyShall we begin?” work in massive quantities. Remember, the subcon- scious is looking for patterns. Multiple commandsIt’s funny to see their reaction to that command. They become the new pattern.always say, “Okay!” and we get to work. As we arewalking from the front door to the kitchen table, sub- Take a moment and write five sentences each forconsciously they are thinking, “Did he just say I had to banks and distressed homeowners using embeddeddo what he said?” commands. Practice them daily and the next time you are speaking with a bank or distressed home- You should work with me, so I can help you get owner, use them and watch how excited they will be what you want. to work with you and how easily your deals will fall You must take notes when you see me speak. into place. You will learn so much more. __________________________________________ You can begin to relax now that I am here. Bill and his wife Dwan have some great information, You need to think deeply about what you’re say- and we know you will be very excited to learn more ing. from them. So we have a few options. . . A free eBook and a 2 Day Training Workshop right here in I don’t know when you’ll feel motivated to work Kansas City. Check them out: with me. You have to trust your feelings and make that decision. ► FREE Training Book: Mrs. Homeowner, when you decide now to sign go to http:// the contract, you’ll know you made the right deci- sion. I will get you out of this situation and that’s FreeBook what you want isn’t it? ► Attend the NovemberAre you beginning to understand embedded com- Workshop:mands? They direct people to take action: “sign the go to http://deed” is a command. Remember, embedded com- bypass conscious reasoning and speak directlyto the subconscious level. Only 50 Seats Reserved and 10 are already spoken for! Register Now!Subconsciously the people you are speaking to want todo what you are telling them to do. The secret to usingembedded commands successfully is repetition. Com-mands are like time bombs. When you use one com-mand, you don’t instantly see a reaction. When you Investment News Page 13
  14. 14. W WELCOME NEW MEMBERS To the premier trade association representing Kansas City Area Real Estate professionals MAREI continues its growth with a total of 289 members to-date. JOIN NOW ( New Members Renewing ◎ Justin & Keisha Brooks: Liberty, MO ◎ JD Asbell: since 2010, DeSoto, KS ◎ Noelle Bear: since 2011 Kansas City, MO ◎ Robert & Mike Friedl: Kansas City, MO ◎ Judy Bridge: since 2011 Belton, MO ◎ Carolyn Shaw: Shawnee, KS ◎ Barbara Danuser: since 2010, Pleasant Hill, MO ◎ Sherri Tabron: Kansas City, MO ◎ Glenn Davis: since 2012, Lexington, SC Who are the 289 paid member’s of MAREI as ◎ Joseph dela Pasion: since 2007, Olathe, KS well as the other 200 or so people who count ◎ L. Scott Ficinus: since 2007, Kansas City, MO themselves as members? They are profes- sionals from all walks of life who currently ◎ Steve Gardner: sincd 2012, DeSoto, MO invest or are interested in investing in real estate and or who provide a product or ser- ◎ Kerry & Tami Hardinger: Since 2011, Overland Park, KS vice to the real estate investor. We would love to have you join us. ◎ Norm Kinnaugh: Since 2006, Lawrence, KS ◎ Bill Loftus: Since 2011, Kansas City, MO ◎ Ariel Moore: since 2010, Overland Park, KS ◎ Scott & Deborah Shore: since 2007, Independence, MO ◎ Robert Velasquez: since 2009, Overland Park, KS ◎ Paul Worcester: Since 2009, Riverside, MOPage 16
  15. 15. Invest In Kansas City with MAREI! INTERNET MEMBER INVESTOR MEMBER BUSINESS MEMBER MAREI Member Forum    Online Member Library    Post Properties    Submit Blog Posts    Reduced Entrance Fees    Complimentary Monthly Mtg   Discounts (See list pg 10 & 11)    Member’ s Included 1 1 2 Add Additional Members $50 $50 Pricing $50 Annual $99 Annual $499 Annual Auto Renewal* $45 $90 $450 Quarterly Pricing NA   Monthly Pricing  Service Provider Listing  Ad in Monthly Newsletter  3 Vendor Tables **  * Credit or Debit Card Required for Auto Renewal Discounts, ** 3 Vendor Tables with Annual PaymentInvestment News Page 15
  16. 16.  Properly executed mortgage from the purchaser to lender.  Properly executed releases for any open mort- This month we are going to discuss Requirements, gages on the property. shown on Schedule B Section 1 of the commitment.  Properly executed releases or satisfactions of any judgments, liens or bankruptcy issues. Requirements are written conditions that must be  Proof of good standing, as well as corporate satisfied or it will be converted into an exception in papers and resolutions for entities coming in and the policy. The process of satisfying requirements is out of tile. called "clearing title". There are 4 typical require-  Plus any other unique circumstances to the ments or general requirements made on each title transaction that will call for explanation from the commitment: seller or buyer to satisfy the clearing of title. 1. Pay the agreed amounts for the interest in the Many requirements made on a title commitment land and/or mortgage to be insured are a result of changes in peoples lives; mar- 2. Pay us the premiums, fees and charges for the riage, divorce, death, accidents, bankruptcy and Policy many other life changing events.. Although most 3. Documents satisfactory to us creating the interest of the requirements are fairly easy to meet, once in the land and/or mortgage to be insured must be in a while, you run into something that takes quite signed, delivered and recorded. a bit of detective work. The most common exam- 4. You must tell us in writing the name of anyone ple of this is the missing marital status of the not referred to in this Commitment Grantor on a deed. The remainder of the requirements on the title In both Kansas and Missouri, it takes one to buy commitment results from the terms of the transac- and two to sell if you are married. This is be- tion itself and what is found of record against the cause both states recognize marital rights. If property or the individuals/entity in title. Most of there is not a marital status on a deed then it these requirements will fall into the following cate- must be ascertained if that Grantor was married gories: at the time and if so, the spouse might have to sign.  Properly executed deed(s) from the vested par- ties to the purchasers. Title companies do not make these requirements to be difficult they are made with the ultimate goal to clear the title and retain the lowest amount of risk for the seller, purchaser, and lend- er as to any hidden defects on the property Article provided by Accurate Title Company, LLC is a full-service title insurance agency that is a new breed of title company with the expertise and ability to han- dle the most complex transactions along with the skill and responsiveness of a boutique firm. Find online at or call 913-338-0100.Page 18
  17. 17. accurate Accurate Closings: On Demand Training Smooth, Timely, Professional. 30 Minute Segments Title Services Provided for: Top Investor Trainers  FSBO, Wholesale, & REO Transactions From the Comfort of  New Construction Closings  Commercial Purchases and Refinance Your own Internet Connection  All Types of Loan Closings $39.00 Training Courses  1031 Exchanges  FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Loans, and REO & Lease Option Hard Money Loan Closings Creative Financing  Refinance & Reverse Mortgages Automated Investments Auctions & Foreclosures  Doc Prep, Prelim HUDS, Curing Issues Short Sales  Short Sale Closing & Assistance Wholesaling 101  100 Years of Combined Service! 913-338-0100 phone Property Management Do the math. Your vacancy is costing you every day. Section 8 Housing Fill your vacancy faster and save money with! KC Metro Wide Discounts for MAREI Members: Jeff Woods Receive 20% off all Regular Broker Priced Advertising. Log into Member’s Area, click on Member Discounts and look for MAREI’s 816-849500 Discount code!Investment News Page 19
  18. 18. Why that FREE Seminar is Not so FREE! Kim Tucker Just yesterday the phone rang here at the MAREI of- what ever is not too bad for three days, I would like to fice. It was a telemarketer with 100’s of other tele- go, but I am not sure.” Now if you take about 30 marketers in the background who was excited to tell minutes the day before the free event and do your me that I had qualified for a FREE ticket to an upcom- research on said speaker, be it Dean Graziosi, Donald ing Real Estate Training Event, right here in my area Trump, or Bill and Dwan Twyford who are coming to featuring Dean Graziosi. MAREI next month. Find out what other people have to say about the person in question, the materials Ohh . . Yay! I have been to a lot of these FREE they may have to sell, and their follow through. events from some Awesome person and guess what, some Awesome person almost always send his hired I personally know some gurus out there who have an help to get me pumped up at the FREE seminar so I excellent product, but their follow through or their will pay $400 to $500 to go see Awesome Person live customer service is not so great. So then you have to right here in my area over a 2 or 3 day week-end, weigh, do I want the great product despite the prob- because you know Awesome Person needs 2 or 3 days lems or do I want to pass. to talk me into forking over $30-$40,000 or more for Third, Buy through your local Real Estate Investor As- his Gold Platinum Super Duper Awesome Mentoring sociation. If you think about it, purchasing at MAREI Program. or another REIA makes more sense than buying from Now I have nothing against gurus and training pro- the traveling road show who comes to town, and grams. I have a wall in my office full of training pro- here’s why. When you buy a product or service from grams I have purchased, I have a lot of frequent flyer some guru and it does not live up to all they said it miles logged going to bootcamps and I have even would be, what kind leverage do you have to get your forked over the big bucks for a mentoring program. problem resolved? If you bought directly from the And personally I would not know Dean Graziosi if he speaker, you don’t have much in the way of support if walked past me on the street. you are not happy. On the other hand, if you pur- chased through the local REIA, we have a bit more So the question becomes when do you draw the line in ability to get the guru to make good. The speaker the sand and say, “No, I am note going to buy that?” wants to keep the REIA group happy so we will invite As an experienced investor for over 12 years who has them back to speak and so we will recommend them purchased some great training and purchased some to other REIA groups. Plus we all get together and not so great training, I can offer some tips. chat for 2 hours about the speakers once a year and they want to make sure they are listed as the “GOOD“ First, If you can’t afford it, DON’T BUY IT! No matter at this Good, Bad & Ugly Session. So if you have an how awesome or great, if you can’t afford to pay all issue, your local RIEA can usually resolve it if you cash now, or what ever payment plan they are offer- can’t. Plus we have the support of National REIA be- ing will not fit your budget, JUST DON’T DO IT! You hind us should the speaker not respond to us at the can do a bunch of online research and access your local level. local REIA library for a lot of great free or low cost information. So let’s talk a little about checking the guru out in ad- vance, just what should you do? Second, DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST. So picture you are at the cheer, cheer, rah rah event that the Guru’s Start with Google. We are talking about Google Tools people are putting on and you say, “You know $500 or here at MAREI this month and the original search fea-Page 18
  19. 19. Cornerstone Foundation Repair Kansas Cities Real Estate Investor’s #1 Foundation Repair Contractor  Steel Push to Bedrock Piers @ $850 ea  Steel Wall Restraints Starting @ $180 ea  Crack Injection @ $25 per foot  Sump Pumps @ $800 each Property Management We are proud to say that we have become real estate investors 1st call for major foundation Rental Services repair issues. We offer 25 year and lifetime Kansas City Metro transferable warranties for piering only. Joe Williams 913-220-5253 Kevin Jamieson Ask about our Investor Pricing 816-503-4671ture is still the most powerful. the benefit of the doubt as you can’t know. Be sure to include a way forGoogle the speakers name and just please everyone. But if I can’t find people to contact you away from thesee what comes up. If nothing any bad comments anywhere, I social media page. They may becomes up, make sure you spelled it need a bit more support from some- fine saying good things about theright and if you get non-related peo- where to make me like the speaker. person online, but may not want tople, you might add the guru’s topic say bad things in writing on a public My next step would be to check outto their name. forum and would rather just speak the speakers site. What does it look with you.Once you get listings for the Guru, like? I am not saying they need tolook to see who is putting these have a site with all the buzzers and So if it’s FREE, I always go for freepages up. Are they all marketing bells, but if they have a tired site or or low cost. Even if the event is apages from the Guru or do you have if it has a blog that has not been bust, I can still get my money’ssome people on disinterested third updated in the past year, then may- worth in networking during theparty sites talking about the person. be the speakers materials might be breaks. But when I have to startIf the only thing you can find is mar- just as old and outdated. If the pulling out the high limit credit cardketing and absolutely no comments speaker, who has the job of promot- or signing on a payment plan, Ifrom anywhere about the person, ing their training materials, can’t want to know a little bit more aboutthe I would say that either the Guru even take the time to put out a de- the person and their product thanis so unknown that no one is talking cent, current website, then I have to what I can learn at the trainingabout them or the Guru’s marketing wonder how good or current their event I attend.people have worked hard to get all materials are. So, check your budget, do your re-those bad comments removed from I would then probably go to a few search, and buy through your localthe internet. online social media sites, like the REIA. This will increase your oddsSo my rule of thumb is that if there MAREI forum or groups on Facebook of getting a good training product.are some discussions both good and or LinkedIn and ask for some per- Now we can’t help you with actuallybad, I will probably give the speaker sonal feedback from people that you taking the training out and using it. Investment News Page 23
  20. 20. Build your Sales Contacts with LinkedIn Social Media is not just for party and puppy pics anymore. A quick Google search tells me that there are 65 million members on LinkedIn in over 200 countries. Fortune 500 Executives use LinkedIn and there are over 14 million unique vistors monthly. Many of may be working hard to master Facebook and twitter, when LinkedIn has been around business longer than both of them and will probably result in a smaller but much more qualified pool of contacts. Facebook users are our friends and kids and everyone else. LinkedIn is primarily only business related so it only draws the people who want to do business, and if you check out the de- mographics of people on both sites, more people on LinkedIn are going to be your higher net worth people. Yet we spend more time creating the best marketing photo for our Facebook timeline than we do on our entire LinkedIn Profile. So while you read this, go to your computer and log on to LinkedIn we will have some steps we want you to take. First think about YOUR industry, what ever it is and come up with some terms that YOU think people would search for if they were looking for a service provider in your industry. On LinkedIn in the upper right hand corner you will find a search box. You can search People, Jobs, Companies and more, do a quick search for your key terms and see what you get. So we all are looking at similar information, next search for kansas city real estate investment, if you mix the words up a bit you will get similar but different results. Why? Because each person that Headline” that includes some or all of your key words. I see most came up worked hard to get a key phrase in their profile several people put “I am a mortgage broker: Lending: Kansas City” for times and depending on how they put the terms in, the search example. While you are editing your name, be sure to put in your found them in a different order. area and your industry. The photo to the upper right is what I got when I did the search. It The next section you want to work on is your Summary. This is was a bit different a few days ago and it changes constantly as your overall introduction to people where you tell them what it is people tweek. Note that Donald Tucker was not even coming up that you do and how you can help them. So again use your key on the list two days ago, and I went in and tried some of these tips words. on his profile and now he is coming up higher. Then we jump to Experience. This is the resume section and you So now we want to talk about profiles, your personal profile. If want to fill it out completely, not just “I worked here from x to y”, you do not have one, sign up and get one. The site has a tool that but details. Be sure when you edit each position to make sure will allow you to view your profile or edit your profile and it has a you add your website, industry and area. By filling out your indus- completion bar to tell you when your profile is 100% complete. So try and area, LinkedIn can suggest people in the same area or work with it until you are 100% complete. Make sure that you industry check out your profie. include a photo, a professional photo is ok, but so is a candid Skills & Experience: This is where you list anything and every- shot. Fill out your Name and make sure you have “Professional thing you can do for people. Be sure to use your key words inPage 20
  21. 21. differing ways. More on what to do with these in a minute. petitors. Look them up in the groups section and see what groups they belong to. Join and participate in the same groupsEducation is very important. List all of your education and again and you have just connected with a large chunk of their poten-detail out, especially if you have a profession that your education is tial database. You do have to participate a bit in the group soimportant. Don’t forget it’s not about just college, include training that people will see your comments and follow them back toand designations you might have. your profile and ask to connect.Additional Information, is where you can add company websites, Next, think of who you might be trying to target, Just today ininterest, groups and associations, honors and awards, don’t leave my thought process to find people who might want to buy aanything out. note, I came up with professional people who might be retiredThe next thing you might want to do is go up to the top to the tab and tried to find and join groups for retired people. Then in alabeled “more”. Under this tab you can find the link to find few days when I am accepted to the groups I can go back and“applications”. These are the apps you might want to ad to your interact with them a bit and after getting known by the group byprofile. If personally like Wordpress as it will add your blog to your interacting and networking online, some will follow me back toprofile. If you are in an industry that photos of your work would be my profile and see my slideshare presentation on the note forhelpful, you might pick one of the Portfolio Displays. If you have a sale.power point presentation, check out slideshare (although at the time So now hopefully you have some contacts to work with. Yourof this writing it is being updated and not currently working). Last, if next step is to view the profile of each contact that you person-you have events, like we do at MAREI or you are a big networker or ally know. When you first click on their profile it will show arockstar that people will want to be where you are going, then you blue box that lists their skills or experience and you can en-will want to add the event app and then be sure to sign up for events dorse them all or scroll down to where they are listed individu-so they appear on your profile page. ally on their profile to pick the individual items you want toGreat, now take some time and go play with your profile and then “endorse”. This is totally new to LinkedIn and the theory is thatcome back because we are far from done. if you endorse them, they will receive a LinkedIn email telling them that you endorsed them and asking them if they wouldWhen you signed up you might have been asked to import your like to in turn come back and endorse you. So be sure thatemail list and invite your contacts. I don’t recommend this personal- when you endorse someone it is someone you do in fact knowly. Taking the time to meet people on linked in and connecting with and would endorse and that they would also in fact know youthem is another networking art form. and be able to come back and endorse you.Recently I created a 2nd profile for myself and have been meeting Our last step is “recommendations” So under your profile tabpeople a few at a time. LinkedIn will suggest connections for you you will see a link called recommendations. Find that and clickand you should check out their profile so you know something about to open up the recommendations tab. On the fir right you willthem and then send an invite with a comment that shows you took be able to request recommendations. It is very important tothe time to look at their profile and hopefully when they accept your note that you will not usually get a recommendation unless youconnection they will also respond to you. ask for one or you give one. So when ever you are onWhen people send you a connection invite, again, take the time to LinkedIn go find someone you know well and could recom-review their profile and write them a personal thank you message for mend them. First be sure to write a recommendation of themconnecting and with in that message include a direct email and and then ask them for a number so if they want to do business with you right now, Want to learn more, start at can get in touch with you outside of LinkedIn. LinkedIn we have posted a few resources including theNote that as you add connections that you can export your connec- LinkedIn You Tube Channel. For more you can go to Googletions to an excel spreadsheet and then import them into another and search for exactly what you are attempting to do and prob-marketing program. So say you are a wholesaler and want to add ably find a video or instructional blog post to help you.connections to your email that goes out through constant contact,you can do that, although they do limit the exports to 500 at a timeand only so many per day.Still along the line of connections made, next we want to join groups.You want to note that as you join groups you can edit how the groupcontacts you, if you get daily or weekly email digests and if thisgroup can appear on your page. I personally don’t have the groupemails come to me because I join a lot of groups and I also don’t likethe groups to appear on my profile and the next section will explainwhy.So one way to pick groups is to think of people who are your com- Investment News Page 21
  22. 22. 5501 W 98th Place $119,000 3 Bed Potential Flip or Rental. Chad Bartlett 2 Bath Easy Rehab, mostly Overland Park, KS ARV: Ranch cosmetic. Close to HomeRemedyKC@gmail $181,475 2 Car Gar shopping & I-435 ac- 913-735-5598 1702 Sq cess Ft 2316 Blue Ridge Tr $55,000 2 Bed Seller Financed In- Nancy Hoover 1 Bath vestment Property. Hoover Property Mgmt Independence, MO 800 Sq Ft Nan- Rents for $600 a cy@CentralPlainsFundin month, Let renter buy you a rental 816-853-2110 $148,500 Seller Fi- $140,000 8% Int. Property Value Don Tucker nanced Note—on 20 yr Am $170,000, good eq- home in Blue uity position, over 816-523-4400 Springs, MO 8% Return 1605 W Sheley Rd $7,995 3 Bed County appraisal of Christoph Becker 1.5 Bath $65,000. Needs Full Blue Print Properties Independence, MO 1 Car rehab, should rent for 1146 sq ft $750 a month. Great 816-419-1165 Neighborhood. 1502 E 76th St $26,500 4 Bed Lots of upside equity Christoph Becker 2/5 Ba potential in well es- Blue Print Properties Kansas City, MO 2168 sq ft tablished area. Fix Rent $900 816-419-1165 & Flip or Rent 11325 Sycamore Tr $24,500 3 Bed Hot property for sale Beatrice Gicharu 1 Bath for investors, South KCPropertiesSite@gmail Kansas City, MO 936 sq ft 816-974-8404 Kansas City 6735 Walrond Ave $34,000 2 Bed Newly Remodeled. Bemate 1 Bath Next to day care Sakal Investing Kansas City, MO 1058 Sq 913-735-9997 center. Rent $650 Ft per mo 8818 E 84th Tr $49,000 3 Bed Handyman Special in Steve Gardner 2 Bath Raytown. Needs DestinationForProper- Raytown, MO 1105 Sq cosmetic. Converted Ft 913-461-0402 GaragePage 22
  23. 23. MAREI Member 5836 Euclid Ave $35,000 3 Bed Well taken care of bun- Bemate 2 Bath galow in heart of the Sakal Investing Kansas City, MO 1 Car city, Rent $750 per 913-735-9997 month. 3328 Agnes Ave $55,000 6 bed Gross Rent $12, 000 Bemate 2 bath a year. Updated 3 Sakal Investing Kansas City, MO Duplex 2 level 913-735-9997 bed, 1 bath unites. 1011 Park Ave, $45,000 3 Bed Finished basement, Bemate 2 Bath near 18th & Vine Sakal Investing Kansas City, MO 2 Car Gar 913-735-9997 Historic District, rents $850 month 3010 E 60th St $28,000 2 Bed Rent to Own with $5k Bemate 1 Bath Down. Sakal Investing Kansas City, MO Bungalow 913-735-9997 3108 E 11th ST $24,000 3 Bed Fixer upper $40k un- Christoph Becker 3 Bath der market value. Blue Print Properties Kansas City, MO 2117 Sq Ft Fix and Flip or hold 816-419-1165 for rental profits 3006 E 37th St $14,500 3 Bed Cheap handy man Bemate 1 Bath special in kcmo. ARV Sakal Investing Kansas City, MO 1.5 Sty 913-735-9997 $36,000. 7425 Chestnut $20,000 3 Bed Almost move in Bemate 1 Bath ready, needs some Sakal Investing Kansas City, MO R Ranch 913-735-9997 TLC 1910 S Lees Summit $35,000 3 Bed Needs a little cos- Bemate Rd 2 Bath metic fix up, great Sakal Investing 1331 sq ft structure. Priced to 913-735-9997 Independence, MO 1 car moveInvestment News Page 21
  24. 24. 729 W 29th St $89,000 3 Bed Almost move in ready Steve Gardner 2.5 ba Finished bsmt DestinationForProper- Blue Springs, MO FSBO 1200 sq ft 913-461-0402 900 Jonathan 149,900 3 bed Newly Remodeled. Paul Panos 2.5 ba For your owner occu- Belton, MO FSBO W/O bsmt pant buyers in Belton 816-686-4805 1700 sq ft 3507 S Kings Hiigh- ? 3 Bed Investor Special, Steve Gardner way 1.5 Ba Minimal Work. Re- DestinationForProper- FSBO 1 Car Port cently Updated Kitch- Independence, MO 913-461-0402 en. Lee’s Summit $65,000 4 Bed Tons of potential, lots Steve Gardner 1.5 Bath of space, big yard, DestinationForProper- FSBO Full Base- newer AC ment 913-461-0402 KCK House $37,000 2 Bed Not in bad shape, Steve Gardner 1 Bath bring offers DestinationForProper- FSBO Slab 913-461-0402 1304 Bell Circle $159,500 3 Bed Excellent potential Wayne McDougal 2.5 Bath for Lease option. Liberty, MO Finished Needs TLC Bsmt 816-226-73338 3612 E 59th ST $20,000 3 Bed Just off Swope Pkwy. Bemate 2 Bath Needs updates Sakal Investing Kansas City, MO Partial 913-735-9997 bsmt 5109 E 41st St $18,000 3 Bed Rent Comps support Bemate 2 Bath $650 to $700 a Sakal Investing Kansas City, MO 1 Car 913-735-9997 month. 2424 Steward Ave $30,000 3 Bed, Move in ready home Bemate 1 Bath with owner Finacing Sakal Investing Kansas City, KS 1 Car 913-735-9997 Currently 36 Homes For Sale 24
  25. 25. Selling on Terms? The best place on the entire Need Cash Now?planet to buy kitchen cabinets. We specialize in the purchase of owner financed We Have The Best Prices notes and contracts from real estate investors across the nation. By selling on terms you create a Everything Is In Stock note or contract which can be sold for cash. We can purchase all or part of your payments right at We Ship Fast the closing table to provide you with your profits in Free Design Help cash now so you can move on to your next deal. Request a Quote Today! Josh Burns Email us at 1-877-484-4268 For title, escrow, How? We transform vacant houses - often 1031 & foreclosure. seen by buyers as stale, lifeless, unappealing - into fully-furnished, inviting, valued Showhomes. Now in our third decade of ser- vice to Homeowners and their Realtors, weve become Americas premier home staging ser- vice coast-to-coast. Our professional home staging services can add thousands of dollars to your sale price -- and at the same time reduce the stress and expense of mar- keting your property. Sell Vacant Houses Faster and for more money! Michelle Davis Bud Whisler 816-380-3441 913-449-3593Investment News Page 27
  26. 26. The MAREI Library GOES DIGITAL! Here at MAREI we have always had a Library for brary as well. the Member’s to access and we were always Topics: adding to it. But we were stuck way back in 2011 where we had to manually take each indi-  Asset Protection: 5 files vidual file and load it up to the website and we  Contractors: 5 files had to pay extra for a file storage program to hold the MP3 files.  Credit: 7 files And if we loaded the files directly into the web-  Fast Start: 6 files site and then changed the site, all of our hard  Foreclosures: 16 files including Short Sale work had to be repeated. So along comes Google and their brand new Google Drive. In  Forms & Contracts: 14 sub folders about 5 minutes with a few clicks of the mouse,  Home Building: 6 files we were able to move all the library files into the Google Drive and post the link to our Online Li-  Internet: 11 files brary with in the site. Now when we get a new  Landlord Tenant: 52 + files eBook, PDF, Video or Webinar we can save it di- rectly into MAREI’s Google Drive and have it up-  Lead Paint: 10 files load in a few minutes automatically so you our  Lease Options: 2 files members can access it.  Marketing: 5 files How do I access the Library? Well it is on our website, the direct link is  Member Benefits: Details for all Benefits www.MAREInet.comLibrary and log in with your  Mobile Home Investing: 3 files username and password in the box on the right. You must be a member of MAREI with your dues  Mold: 6 files paid current to log in.  Motivation: 10 files Then click on the link in the middle of the Library  MultiFamily: 3 files page that says “ Click to Access Files Through Google Drive” . Note there are some links below  Note Buying: 6 files this that we suggest you check out. Some of the  Private Money: 6 files items we have loaded into the library prior to Google Drive are still with in the links below.  Property Analysis: 9 programs Once you click, you have one more page that will  Real Estate: over 20 files ask you to click and then the Drive Page will open in a new window.  Self Directed IRA: 10 files So what’s in the MAREI Digital Library? Excel-  Wholesale: 4 files lent question. The office staff here at MAREI has been collecting online training for years. When This is not a complete list as there are more files ever there is a good download, we sacrifice our included. Plus we are adding new files every email to get the download and we put it in the week, so check back regularly. Have a file you library. We have also been collecting contracts want to share, please email it to us. and forms for years and they are all in the Li-Page 26
  27. 27. Learn How NLP is applied in all Areas ofYour Investing! MARK YOUR CALENDARBill Twyford aka The King of Communication and author of “How to SATURDAY & SUNDAYSell a House When It’s Worth Less Than the Mortgage,” will be hereLIVE and IN PERSON, Nov.3rd & 4th, 2012. He will teach us how to NOVEMBER 3RD & 4THget OUR DEALS ACCEPTED! Bill says that it all boils down to NLP! KANSAS CITYBill is an NLP specialist. He can teach you how to speak the languageof the banks, the homeowners, and the buyers…In other words:He can make you wealthy!You will learn:  What to say to the banks to get your short sale package to the top of the heap  What to say when the bank says no  How to get the bank to work with you even when your home- owners are in bankruptcy  How to get your homeowners to sign contracts on the first meeting  What paperwork to use to make every deal “air tight”  Learn the “little known” Bankruptcy Short Sale  How to negotiate when buying notes  How to automate your communication system  And much, much more!With everyone offering you the next, best, “make a million dollars whileyou sleep” program – people have forgotten that this is a people busi-ness and without the proper COMMUNICATION SKILLS you aredead in the water!Unless you are closing 75% or MORE of your short sales, you mustattend this TWO-DAY WORKSHOP. This is not a sell-a-thon, it is Bill Twyford teaching you for TWO SOLIDDAYS! Please bring a calculator, a good attitude, and come with an open mind. We guarantee that you willlearn more in these TWO DAYS than any other workshop you have ever attended! Register Today
  28. 28. Subscribe & Sync The MAREI calendar is hosted on Google Calendars. This allows you to subscribe to our calendar and sync it with your own Google Calendar, Mobile Calendar, or Outlook Calendars. Check calendar for times and locations. October 2012Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 SG: Weekly Wed. Newsletter Published SG: Connected Inves- SG: Blue Springs / Networking tors—NEW Independence Inv. Wichita REIA7 8 9 10 11 12 13SG: Lees Summit Deadline: Vendor Monthly Meeting SG: Weekly Wed. SG: Connected Inves- SG: Blue Springs /Investors Network Tables Networking tors—NEW Independence Inv.14 15 16 17 18 KCIG Meets 19 20SG: Lees Summit Omaha REIA SG: Weekly Wed. Shawnee County LL SG: Connected Inves- SG: Blue Springs /Investors Network Networking tors—NEW Independence Inv. Northland Meeting— tentative—NEW21 22 23 24 25 26 27SG: Lees Summit SG: Weekly Wed. Brown Bag Work- SG: Connected Inves- SG: Blue Springs /Investors Network Networking shop—NEW tors—NEW Independence Inv. Other local and online train-28 29 30 31 Halloween ing events added as we findSG: Lees Summit SG: Weekly Wed. out about them to the onlineInvestors Network Networking calendar, check it weekly for new events.