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Taming the Content Beast: How to Avoid Content Creation Overwhelm


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Overwhelmed by content? You're not alone. This presentation covers how tame the ravenous content beast so you can create content that's powerful, compelling, and meets your business goals. Don't miss the free content gifts to help you tame your beast on the last slide!

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Taming the Content Beast: How to Avoid Content Creation Overwhelm

  1. 1. TAMING THECONTENTBEASTHOW TO AVOID CONTENTCREATION OVERWHELMKim GustaContent Marketing & Copywriting for High-Tech @kimgusta
  2. 2. © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  3. 3. COMMON CHALLENGESIN TAMING THE BEAST Source: “B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” by Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  4. 4. WHY TAME THEBEAST?• Content creation overwhelm• Poor quality content• Content marketing “just doesn’t work”• Buyers delete, unsubscribe, or ignore © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  5. 5. © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  6. 6. BUYER TURN-OFFS86%: Vendor information doesn’t meet myneeds77%: Too much marketing fluff77%: Unclear value propositions44%: Not enough real world examples Source: “What Your Prospects Want and Don’t Want From You,” UBM TechWeb, May 2012 © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  7. 7. 79% say the quality of information you provide significantly affects whether they’ll do business with youSource: “What Your Prospects Want and Don’t Want From You,” UBM TechWeb, May 2012 © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  9. 9. STEPS FORTAMING THE BEAST1. Know what your buyers want2. Inventory what you’ve got3. Use an editorial calendar4. Think economies of scale5. Steal/borrow/ask for content ideas © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  10. 10. TAMING THE BEASTSTEP #1 Know What Your Buyers Want © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  11. 11. CONTENT WISDOM… “Your opinion, althoughinteresting, is irrelevant.” In other words, don’t guess. Ask. Source: Pragmatic Marketing © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  12. 12. CONTENT WISDOM… NIHITO (Nothing Interesting Happens in the Office) Source: Pragmatic Marketing © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  13. 13. TALK TO YOUR BUYERS1. What are their most important responsibilities?2. What are their top obstacles/problems?3. Why haven’t they considered a product like yours?4. What alternatives do they believe will help?5. How does their boss measure their success?6. Where do they look for new information? © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  14. 14. TAMING THE BEASTSTEP #2 Inventory What You’ve Already Got © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  15. 15. WHAT GOOD STUFF ISLURKING OUT THERE? © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  16. 16. WHY INVENTORY YOUREXISTING CONTENT?• Some of it is probably out of date• Some probably needs updating• There might be good stuff you can easily repurpose (if you only knew where it was…) © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  17. 17. CONTENT WISDOM… “It’s easier to edit than to author.” Source: A wise, former boss © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  18. 18. © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  19. 19. CONTENT INVENTORY FORM*Include:• Filename• Date• Owner• Target audience• Where to find it• Sales cycle stage• Status – is it current? *Download your copy: © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  20. 20. TAMING THE BEASTSTEP #3 Use an Editorial Calendar © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  21. 21. WHY USE ANEDITORIAL CALENDAR?• Project manages your content• Forces you to think ahead• Assigns names to tasks• Prevents content gaps• Helps manage big events like product launches © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  22. 22. SAMPLE EDITORIALCALENDAR*Include:• Project or content name• Existing or new?• Go-live date• Expiration date• Content home• Campaign• Responsible parties *Download your copy: © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  23. 23. TAMING THE BEASTSTEP #4 Think Economies of Scale © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  24. 24. OPTION #1:CREATE LOTS OF CONTENT © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  25. 25. WHICH LEADS TO … © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  26. 26. OPTION #2:REPURPOSE CONTENT Transcribe the webinar Articles © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  27. 27. ADVANTAGES OFREPURPOSING• Saves time• Consistent message• Puts content into various formats for different learning styles• Good cure for “writer’s block/content block” © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  28. 28. THE “RULE OF 5” From one “How-To”webinar: 1. Blog posts (combine into articles) 2. Infographic Figure out your “5” BEFORE 3. Short YouTube videos the webinar 4. White paper 5. “Getting Started” guide or cheat sheet Source: “The Rule of 5 for B2B Content Development,” Ardath Albee;s Marketing Interactions blog © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  29. 29. TAMING THE BEASTSTEP #5 Steal/borrow/ask for content ideas © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  30. 30. STUCK FOR GOODCONTENT IDEAS? © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  31. 31. ASK YOUR BUYERS• Turn top 50 questions you get from your buyers (via email, phone, face to face, etc.) into 50 blog posts • One post for each question • Great for SEO • Use as foundation for building related content• Don’t be afraid to answer every question (even the tough ones) • “How much is it?” • “How do you compare to your competitors?” Source: Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion. “How to Come Up with Your Company’s First 50 Blog Articles…in Less Than 30 Minutes” © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  32. 32. Common QuestionsProspective PoolOwners AskFrom Marcus Sheridan’s RiverPools and Spas Website © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  33. 33. CONTENT FOR SALES STAGES Source: “Customer Engagement: The Role of Content in the IT Purchase Process”, IDG Enterprise © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  34. 34. CONTENT FOR SALES STAGES Source: “Customer Engagement: The Role of Content in the IT Purchase Process”, IDG Enterprise © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  35. 35. CURATE GOOD STUFF• Not everything needs to be created from scratch (but give credit where due!)• Curate or cite good stuff that helps your buyers: • Analyst articles • Research results • Case studies • Industry trends• Especially useful in early sales stages• Examples: • Research: “Technology Buyers’ Biggest Marketing Turn-offs” • Case study: “Extraordinary Benefits of Interviewing 100 Customers” © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  36. 36. CREATE LISTS• Popular & easy to create• Curates useful resources• Use• Embed in blog posts or other web 814 content views! © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  37. 37. RESOURCES:MORE CONTENT IDEAS• “100 Content Marketing Examples” eBook• “Content Repurposing: 5 Experts Share Their Favorite Secrets”• “30 Great Content Ideas for Your Website or Blog”• “My industry is boring. How do I create interesting content?” © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  38. 38. YOUR 60 DAY PLAN1. Interview 2 buyers.2. Inventory* your existing content.3. Brainstorm at least 30 questions your buyers ask. Schedule the best ones in your editorial calendar.4. Create an editorial calendar* for the next 60 days.5. Before you create your next piece of content, think of five different ways to repurpose it. *Download templates from © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing
  39. 39. MORE HELPFUL RESOURCESVisit: • Reference Guide • Customizable content templates • More content & lead generation resources @kimgusta Blog: © 2012 Kim Gusta Marketing