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UNC Sakai Pilot: Collaborators Data


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During Fall 2008 and Spring 2009, UNC Chapel Hill conducted a pilot of Sakai, a community-source collaborative learning environment. This slideshow summarizes the results. (n=29)

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UNC Sakai Pilot: Collaborators Data

  1. 1. Sakai Pilot Data: Project Site Collaborators UNC Chapel Hill
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  3. 3. This is a summary of project site collaborator survey data collected during Fall 2008 and Spring 2009. Project sites are used for a variety of collaboration purposes. Surveys were based on U of Michigan CTools Surveys. For more information about UNC’s assessment, go to:
  4. 4. 29 collaborator surveys completed
  5. 5. Collaborators: Rate your computer expertise 2 14 13 Advanced Intermediate Novice
  6. 6. Collaborators: Sakai is valuable for... Academic writing 3 18 8 Administrative activities 1 9 18 Faculty research 2 15 11 Managing special events 3 14 12 Non-academic purposes (clubs) 2 16 11 Personal use (storage) 9 10 10 Student-initiated research projects 2 17 9 Student work, team projects 4 8 16 Teaching coordination 2 5 20 Training 2 12 14 0 7.5 15.0 22.5 30.0 Disagree Neutral Agree
  7. 7. Collaborators: General LMS Comments It's important to have a tool like Sakai. So much collaborative work goes on that one needs a tool to keep it organized. It's nearly impossible to come up with a one-size- fits-all application for UNC-CH. However, Sakai is a very capable successor to Blackboard, plus it has the added benefit of meeting a variety of other needs (committees, working groups, research collaboration, administrative functions) with one tool. Where possible, I think that the University should be using and supporting software that is free and open- source, such as Sakai.
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