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Make your migration to Sakai "magically delicious"


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Massive enterprise change can actually be a positive learning experience -- and fun, too! Here are the lessons we have learned since we started the UNC migration to Sakai from Blackboard.

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Make your migration to Sakai "magically delicious"

  1. 1. Make Your Migration to Sakai Magically Delicious UNC-Chapel Hill’s Story
  2. 2. “Magically delicious” comes from theLucky Charms cereal advertisement.
  3. 3. Courtesy of GaTech, it is defined as... No riots.(Fun, energizing, renewing...)
  4. 4. Today• Lessons learned• Techniques stolen• Your ideas
  5. 5. Change
  6. 6. Understandably, introducing anynew change can create immediate,negative & visceral reactions fromthose who will be affected.
  7. 7. Change doesn’t have to be painful.Look up, look around! It could evenbe something pleasant...
  8. 8. Change is the underlying principle ofthe universe. To learn is to change.Our default state as humans is tocontinually learn.
  9. 9. ity y m an no um toAu H Upon reflecting on our experience, 2 themes emerged. Where we honored autonomy (agency) and humanity (in our interactions with others), we were most successful.
  10. 10. Background (approximations)30,000 students3,000 instructors35% lms adoption
  11. 11. Formal Migration (announced February 2011) 80% 66% 40%Fall 2011 Spring 2012 Fall 2012
  12. 12. Our teamDevelopment Functional Other
  13. 13. Our extended team ITS Schools
  14. 14. w eW h at ed ... l ea rn
  15. 15. Changecan bepositive
  16. 16. #1Embrace the Failure Paradox
  17. 17. You are wrong. If somethingbreaks technically, it’s your fault.
  18. 18. If a slightly related system thatinteracts with Sakai breaks, it’syour fault.
  19. 19. If someone uses tools in waysnever intended & has a badexperience, it’s your fault.Embrace it.
  20. 20. You are wrong, but it’s ok...
  21. 21. #2It’s not open heart surgery
  22. 22. We don’t wear this to work.
  23. 23. We wear this.
  24. 24. Empathize & share stories
  25. 25. Keep it in perspective.
  26. 26. #3Timing is everything
  27. 27. You just announced achange that will occurmonths, perhaps years inthe future...
  28. 28. I don’t have time...
  29. 29. The cruel irony is that our response to announcementsof change is immediate yet the time to cope withchange is often very reasonable and doable.
  30. 30. We surveyed faculty to ask when they wanted to move.Ask for & honor choices
  31. 31. Build what you need as you go (There is a lot already “out there”)
  32. 32. Rapid, reusable tutorial framework
  33. 33. We use the same tool tomaintain our gateway, too.
  34. 34. Timing is staying 1 step ahead
  35. 35. #4Do the math
  36. 36. We worked with our support colleagues inother schools to create a support plan thatwas reasonable to all.
  37. 37. We determined that it wasmathematically possible toprovide every faculty memberwith a personal consultation ifthey wanted one - at timesthat were mutually agreeable.
  38. 38. We post consults andfaculty sign up for thosethat are convenient.
  39. 39. Reporting dashboards More numbers...
  40. 40. 1. Courses & projects2. Sites with rosters3. Instructors by school4. Media files5. Tools used We adapted this courtesy of Yale.
  41. 41. Dashboard demo
  42. 42. Using the dashboard numbers,we can create reports thatcommunicate the migrationstatus at a glance.
  43. 43. Evidence-based reporting (is really, really helpful)
  44. 44. #5Delight people
  45. 45. What can you do to surprisesomeone? We’re only on thisplanet a short while. Why notmake it pleasant for yourself &others?
  46. 46. We upgraded to 2.8 &launched a newer, cleanerlook.
  47. 47. We offered additional new skins like this one: “Simplicity”
  48. 48. We made hoopla abouta summer “SakaiFest!”
  49. 49. From a professor (who has taughtfor more than 30 years) after winninga $5 Starbuck’s gift card raffle: “I’ve never won anything!”
  50. 50. It was fun!
  51. 51. Relax. postcard in development. Let ITS manage your migration to Sakai. This is our current Let ITS We use simple Avery printing materials. We give people cards or cookies for reporting bugs. It’s easy to do & worth it! Relax.Postcards, magnets, cookies, thank you cards... Let ITS manage your migration to Sakai. Let ITS
  52. 52. Celebrate trying!
  53. 53. Make change colorful, tasty & fun!The alternative is what people expect, so surprise them!And, leverage the wonderful people in the Sakai community!
  54. 54. kim ekeLinkedIn: kimekeSlideshare: thank you
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