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Vanilla hills presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Vanilla hills presentation

  1. 1. The meaning of this chart  This chart shows me that 47% of the money was spend on Research.
  2. 2. Successful and Un-successful2 successful things 2 un-successful things 1. The ride tickets is x8 1. The researching cost the ride running $195.36 which is a lot costs. but there’s no new 2. The food & drink ride. stock is $53.8 and the 2. The total costs is food & drink sale is $415.44 and the total $183.1 income is only $645.8
  3. 3. Improvements for the park1. The pool tickets is $183.6, which is high. I should build more pools or make the pool bigger so more people will come to my park.2. The research costs a lot of money and I still didn’t have more rides. I should have put more money in other things.3. The food & drink costs less money but more income. I’ll build more food & drink shop to make more money.