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Mobile product teardown - TripIt vs TripCase

  1. 1. TripIt vs. TripCase Product Teardown By David Kim
  2. 2. Mobile Teardown – an exercise • Apply product sense through a comparative product teardown • Focus on key flows, such as onboarding, default experience, monetization, key features (e.g. curation for photo sharing apps) • Benefits include improving understanding of: – User problem to be solved – Product trade-offs – Cool features to adopt, or crappy features to drop – Alignment between customer success and business goal success
  3. 3. Mobile Teardown – flow summary Detailed Recommendations Onboarding Default experience Virality Monetization Contact David Kim for more:
  4. 4. TripIt onboarding Nice trigger for onboarding flow Great visual continuity Onboarding process is a tutorial of a key automation feature. What about existing users who may be in need of a reminder?
  5. 5. TripIt onboarding Standard practice – but asking before proving value? What is the #1 objection of new users in getting to Sign Up? Is that language addressed in this feature tutorial? Any way to condense? It takes 5 screens to Sign Up – does the length impact conversion rates?c Accessibility = Love!
  6. 6. TripCase onboarding There is strong focus on copy and user language The important email feature is highlighted immediately Actual app screenshot is used during tutorial
  7. 7. TripCase onboarding Standard flow until user agreement. Why did the product team get overruled by the legal team on this one?
  8. 8. TripIt default experience Clearly drives ad/affiliate revenues. BUT, does it align with user SUCCESS? Space could instead be used to promote premium paid services. New trip Would this be a good place to note This is a large # of categories. 80/20 analysis might condense all 3 screens into top travel/activities (1 screen of icons?) and the rest to “More.”
  9. 9. TripCase default experience This important feature/info is prominently displayed. Good! Note these trip categories are simpler, more condensed (compared to TripIt). How often do we ‘follow’ trips? Would it be more natural to encourage share action? Nice and concise navigation UI
  10. 10. Thanks for viewing I would love your feedback. Please feel free to connect. • David Kim ( – @findinbay – I work with other product lovers through a group called PM Fast Track, and promote product management through a weekly PM newsletter.