Ubiquitous Insulin pump


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The DANA R insulin pump helps maintain
normal glucose levels discretely using
the ANYDANA application - now available for
most Android smart phones.
The web based ANYDANA Program is being
developed so that the Any DANA application send
pump settings, history, and the patients’ data there.
Your physician could then review and analyze all of
the information and forward changes despite long

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Ubiquitous Insulin pump

  1. 1. Ubiq Ubiquitous Insulin Pump ANYDANA & ANYDANA Android BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 1 2013-06-17 2:39:39
  2. 2. DANA Diabecare R BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 2 2013-06-17 2:39:42
  3. 3. DANA Remote System Enables You to... keep your privacy You no longer have to take your insulin pump out in order to deliver a bolus, since the DANA Remote enables you to operate all of the pump functions very discretely.. download data to your PC DANA Diabecare R You can download all of the pump settings to your PC and easily review the history in colorful graphs and print reports. All data, including access to pump history, glucose levels, daily total dose, bolus and even glucose patterns can be easily and quickly viewed. have a more flexible life DANA Ubiquitous Insulin Pump System Now, you can discretely deliver a bolus without anyone noticing! You no longer need to hide out of sight to administer a bolus in a public setting. For instance, when in a meeting, in class or at a restaurant - simply use the discrete DANA remote control! access via the internet We plan to improve Any DANA software for your health care provider to adjust your pump settings through a secure internet connection. When enabled, your health care professional or guardian could adjust the pump settings for children or disabled patients. 5 Colors BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 3 2013-06-17 2:39:44
  4. 4. New ANYDANA Android Smart Phone Smart Pump Using a secure Bluetooth connection, the Any DANA Android application is now available for the DANA R remote system. If you have an Android Smart phone, you can use your phone as a discrete remote control for your DANA R Insulin Pump. BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 4 2013-06-17 2:39:46
  5. 5. ANYDANA Any Where Any Time Mobile Manager for Android is now available Using a secure Bluetooth connection, the Any DANA Android application is now available for the DANA R remote system. If you have an Android Smart phone, you can use your phone as a discrete remote control for your DANA R Insulin Pump. ANYDANA Android Intuitive User Interface DANA Ubiquitous Insulin Pump System BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 5 2013-06-17 2:39:48
  6. 6. ANYDANA + - OK Customized Personal Treatment Report System + OK Features ANYDANA Program is a simplified diabetes Data Management System. DANA Insulin Pump • ou will have the power to control and maintain your Y diabetes in the palm of your hand! With the use of your Android smart phone, you will be able to access your DANA insulin pump, communicate results to your physician and keep track of your pump settings. • urrently, you can download your DANA R insulin pump C settings and history to your PC via Bluetooth. After Any DANA Application’s secure web site is ready, you could create your own personalized ID and password. And then you could upload your pump data to the secure database to share with your health-care team! • he Any DANA software will provide you and your T physician with an all-inclusive database to access all the insulin pump’s settings, history, and data. •The online software will organize the data into easily accessible reports consisting of charts, tables, and graphs. • hysicians could easily install the Any DANA software P onto a PC or laptop to gain quick and convenient access to their patient’s data through the web-based Any DANA program. Detailed reports track all the pump settings and history from a web-based remote location, helping to optimize treatment. BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 6 2013-06-17 2:39:50
  7. 7. OK + - + - OK - + OK + ANYDANA - OK + OK OK DANA Ubiquitous Insulin Pump System BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 7 - + - Smart Phone DANA Android DANA Manager 2013-06-17 2:39:54
  8. 8. DANA Diabecare IIS Smart Insulin Pump When Considering Insulin Pump Therapy, Ask This Question. Is it REAL? Reliable 34 years of Insulin Pump Innovation Used by patients in more than 60 countries BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 8 Easy Icon Based Interface, Easy Access to Smart Features Multiple Languages Supported Affordable Light and Small Cost Effective Only 61 grams (2.15oz) including battery 2013-06-17 2:39:58
  9. 9. Doctor’s mode / Lightweight and Small / Low Maintenance Cost / User-Friendly Waterproof (IPX8) / Safety Settings and Memory / Lockout Mode for Safety Carbohydrate Counting Program / Guided Management System / Strong and Durable DANA Diabecare IIS • Bolus Increments: 0.05, 0.1, 0.5 or 1.0 units • 1 unit Bolus Duration: 12/30/60seconds • Audible • Extended Bolus (30 minutes - 8 hours) • Dual Pattern Bolus BASAL FEATURES • Minimal Delivery Rate: 0.04 unit/hr • Basal Increments: 0.1 unit/hr or 0.01 unit/hr • Rates Per Profile: 24 Basal Rates • Temporary Basal: 1hr - 24 hrs, 0% - 200% • Number of Profiles: 4 MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES • Insulin Capacity: 300 units (3.0 cc) • emory Recall of 3000 Histories for Daily Total, M Bolus, Prime and etc. • verage Battery Life: 3-4 Weeks ­­­ A (Depends upon insulin dosage) • IPX8 rate - Waterproof SAFETY FEATURES • utton-Lock mode to prevent unintended operation B • larm(Low Battery, Low reservoir, Occlusion) A BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 9 DANA Ubiquitous Insulin Pump System BOLUS FEATURES • Fail-safe Function • Bolus Frequency Restriction • Active Insulin Monitoring SUPPLEMENTARY FEATURES • Carbo/Bolus Calculation Program • Dose Auto Configuration • Button Scroll • 23 Languages Supported Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, ( French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish) CUSTOMIZABLE FEATURES FOR INDIVIDUALS INCLUDING PROFESSIONAL CARE GIVERS • udible reminders for testing blood sugar A levels after bolus • Bolus Frequency Restriction • Presetting of default boluses • PIN programming for healthcare professional and/or caregivers 2013-06-17 2:39:58
  10. 10. 34 Year-Old H Since 1979 SOOIL History 1979 1983 1993 1995 1998 First Portable Insulin Pump Portable Insulin Pump Diabecare Diabecare MINI DANA Diabecare 2011 EASD 1979 The first SOOIL insulin pump is clinically tested at Seoul National University Hospital. 1980 SOOIL develops the first portable insulin pump suitable for everyday use. 1981 SOOIL establishes Factory Registration for the manufacturing of the SOOIL insulin pump. 2010 EASD 1981 SOOIL receives approval for the Diabecare R insulin pump from the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). 1995 SOOIL obtains approval for the Diabecare MINI insulin pump from the KFDA. R 1995 SOOIL establishes a collaboration with the medical colleges of Seoul National University and KonKuk University for Research and Development. 2009 EASD 1998 SOOIL obtains approval for the DANA Diabecare R insulin pump from the KFDA. 1999 SOOIL is certified by SGS ISO9001, EN46001, ISO13485, CE0120 for worldwide sales. 2000 SOOIL receives FDA clearance for the DANA Diabecare R and Superline insulin infusion set. 2008 EASD 2001 SOOIL develops the DANA Diabecare R II insulin pump. 2002 SOOIL receives FDA clearance for the DANA Diabecare R II and Superline- Easy-Release detachable Infusion set for marketing in the U.S. 2007 EASD BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 10 2013-06-17 2:40:01
  11. 11. -Old History Only on Insulin Pump 8 2001 2006 2008 A Diabecare DANA Diabecare II DANA Diabecare IIS DANA Diabecare R 2003 DANA Diabecare R II receives World-class Product Award from the Korean Government. 2013 Any Dana Android Application 2012 6th Distributors Meeting 2005 SOOIL opens U.S. Subsidiary in San Diego, California. 2006 OOIL obtains CE mark for the DANA Diabecare R IIS and the S product is launched in EU countries. 2006 OOIL develops the IISG Smart-Hybrid Insulin pump which S combines the IIS technology with a glucose meter. 2007 S FDA clears DANA IIS insulin pump. U S OOIL obtains CE mark for DANA IISG insulin pump. SOOIL holds 1st Distributors Meeting 2011 ADA 2008 OOIL obtains CE mark for DANA R insulin pump. S SOOIL holds 2nd Distributors Meeting 2009 OOIL develops new user interface on DANA R insulin pump. S SOOIL holds 3rd Distributors Meeting 2010 4th Distributors Meeting 2010 OOIL develops Any DANA. S SOOIL holds 4th Distributors Meeting 2011 SOOIL develops Any DANA for Windows Mobile. ­­ SOOIL holds 5th Distributors Meeting 2012 OOIL develops Any DANA for Android S SOOIL holds 6th Distributors Meeting 2009 ADA 2013 SOOIL holds 7th Distributors Meeting 2008 2nd Distributors Meeting BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 11 2013-06-17 2:40:05
  12. 12. BR-EP-13 rev11(20130618) ANYDANA ANYDANA Android SOOIL Development Co., Ltd. www.sooil.com BR-EP-13 rev11(130618).indd 12 196-1, Dogok-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KOREA 135-270 Tel:+82(2)3463-0041 Fax:+82(2)529-8698 E-mail:sooil@sooil.com 2013-06-17 2:40:05