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Tracy beaker-pen-pal-pack


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Tracy beaker-pen-pal-pack

  1. 1. The CBBC Tracy Beaker PEN PAL PACKCBBC TRACY BEAKER PEN PAL PACK - WRITE TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WITH TRACY BEAKER! INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE ENVELOPE: Warning: Be careful using 1. Cut around the envelope following the thick black line scissors, always ask an 2. Fold flaps over in order of number adult if you need help! 3. Glue the areas where it says ‘glue me’ and stick together Now use the writing paper and you are ready to send your letter, Tracy Beaker style! 2 Glue me ea l! bc is B o cb cy r ke Tra bbc.c 1 3 Glue me