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The only way we'll get a seat at the table is if we act like we deserve to be there. In this talk, I explain how to stop waiting for permission, build your power base, and change the company culture to effect a UX takeover at your organization.

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  1. 1. I want a seat at the table. I want to be taken seriously.I want to prove that UX can solve all kinds of problems. I want UX to be at the center of the organization. I want a UX takeover!
  2. 2. So what‟s the problem?
  3. 3. Our strategy
  4. 4. Get respectExternalvalidationmodel Get design opportunities Prove value
  5. 5. Prove it.
  6. 6. Change the power dynamic.
  7. 7. Create opportunitiesInternalvalidation Demonstrate valuemodel Earn respect More opportunities, greater influence
  8. 8. 3-prongedplan of attack
  9. 9. 1st prong:Don‟t wait for permission
  10. 10. Luke Wroblewski (smart guy):“People aren‟t interested in whatwe do. They‟re interested in theresults we deliver.”
  11. 11. Actions speak.
  12. 12. Stay outside the org chart
  13. 13. 2nd prong:Build a power base
  14. 14. Network, network, network
  15. 15. #UXfail
  16. 16. Jeff Gothelf (“LeanUX”) suggests:Post your work in a public placeso people can see and talk aboutit. Send out a newsletter.Demystify the design process.
  17. 17. Start small
  18. 18. Dysfunction= designopportunities
  19. 19. Make the company your project
  20. 20. Meetings
  21. 21. This cheapebook canmake you agod“Read This Before Our NextMeeting,” by Al Pittampalli
  22. 22. Phillip Hunter (Microsoft):“Too many of us have the attitude,„call me when you need design.‟We need to show up and say, „I‟mwilling to do whatever.‟”
  23. 23. 3rd prong:Change the culture
  24. 24. Christian Crumlish (AOL):“You can‟t introduce UX practiceswithout changing the companyculture.”
  25. 25. Teach others how to fish
  26. 26. Take the long view
  27. 27. Become a manager
  28. 28. Management is no fun—I‟ll be stuck in meetings all day
  29. 29. I won‟t get to do UX anymore
  30. 30. Managing people sucks
  31. 31. Don Norman (NN/g):“Of course it‟s daunting. It wouldn‟tbe any fun if it wasn‟t a challenge.If something were easy, it wouldn‟tbe needed.”
  32. 32. Who‟s with me?
  33. 33. Discussion?