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Your #GivingTuesday Planned in 1 Hour


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Nothing planned for #GivingTuesday? Don’t worry we got your back! In 60 minutes or less, we’ll give you all the tips, tools and guides you need to rock this year’s #GivingTuesday. Our special guests Rachel Muir, CFRE and Taylor Shanklin will reveal:

- How #GivingTuesday and giving days are the new “Purple Cow” of online fundraising (analogy made in honor of a Seth Godin’s brilliant work)
- Answers to the most common #GivingTuesday questions
- Simple donation form tips that dramatically increase conversion
- Everything you need to know for retaining and upgrading #GivingTuesday donors

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Your #GivingTuesday Planned in 1 Hour

  1. 1. Fundraise Faster. Est. in Austin, TX 2007
  2. 2. Your #GivingTuesday In 60 Minutes
  3. 3. •  Sr.  Product  Marketing  Manager   •  Strengths:    Peer-­‐to-­‐Peer   Campaigns,  Karaoke,  Coffee   •  Weaknesses:  Coffee,  Chocolate   •  Nonprofit  tech  nerd:   Implementing,  Participating   Writing,  Marketing  for  9+  years                               @tshankcycles   Email:   Taylor  Shanklin,  “T-­‐Shank”    
  4. 4. Sign up for Kimbia webinars and learn more about your #GivingTuesday options! at
  5. 5. •  Founder:  Girlstart   •  Strengths:    Fundraising,   parenting  twins   •  Weakness:  Queso   •  Featured  on:  Oprah,  CNN,  the   Today  Show   •  AFP  Outstanding  Fundraiser  of   the  Year                                      @rachelmuir     Rachel  Muir,  CFRE    
  6. 6. Get invited to Rachel’s webinars!
  7. 7. Agenda:#GT  planned  in  1  hour       2! Your #Giving Tuesday questions ANSWERED Donation forms to boost conversion #Giving Tuesday goodies Q & A @rachelmuir                      @Tshank     How to retain & upgrade #Giving Tuesday donors
  8. 8. Will your #GivingTuesday be this good?
  9. 9. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Poll: Is this your 1st #GivingTuesday? 1.  I’m a newbie! 2.  This is my 2nd time 3.  This is my 3rd time 4.  I’m an old timer! Been doing it since 2012.
  10. 10. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Things We’ve Mastered In 1 Hour – Dressing  up  like  Flo  for  Halloween     – Lots  of  great  fundraising  podcasts     – Last  minute  disco  costumes  for  charity   – Getting  babies  to  nap  anywhere!  
  12. 12. 13 When is it? What is it? How do I do it? Is this going to make us rich?
  13. 13. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Avg Online Gift Size By Timing Source: Network for Good Digital Giving Index 2015
  14. 14. 15 About that…. Email
  15. 15. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Year-End(ish) Email FAQs How many emails should we send? What are the best dates & times to send emails? What is the best subject line to get someone to open and give? What is the benefit of a match? Should I ask for monthly giving? How do I coordinate it with my end- of-year ask?
  16. 16. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Stand Out From The Noise npEngage 450 Email Subject Lines From End of Year Fundraising January 2016
  17. 17. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Key Dates for Communication 1.  Thanksgiving à Engagement 2.  Black Friday / Cyber Monday 3.  #GivingTuesday 4.  Mid-December 5.  Christmas (Give Thanks) 6.  December 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st (Urgency Is Key)
  18. 18. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Should I Even Do This? Pros Cons §  Only accounted for 3% of giving in December* §  In its lowest form can be a noisy unwelcome cash grab § Online giving continues to outpace the growth of giving overall § Avg size of online gifts skew higher ($65) than direct mail gifts ($32) and telemarketing ($42)* § Kicks off end-of-year fundraising *Sources: Target Analytics donorCentrics Q4 and M&R End-of-Year Online Fundraising Round up Jan 2016)
  19. 19. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Other Things To Consider Prime Your Network BEFORE Year-End Have you reported back on your donor’s most recent gift? What do your donors want to hear from you MOST?
  21. 21. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Your #GivingTuesday – Evaluate  interests  (survey),   segment  &  build  a  story  for   each  group   – Plan  content  &  donation  amounts   – Plan  social  media  campaign   – Identify  ambassadors       – Identify  match  or  sponsor   – Pick  Platform   – Get  Mobile  Friendly   – Countdown   – Social   – Incorporate  into  your  year-­‐end  
  22. 22. 23
  24. 24. Say  thanks     WITH  PASSION!        
  25. 25. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles This is the 1st Step to the 2nd Gift
  26. 26. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Truth Bomb: This Doesn’t Count
  27. 27. My biggest pet peeve is when I don’t know how my gift will make an impact. “ The  Millenial  Impact  Report  
  28. 28. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles 5 Thank You Letter “Do’s” •  Goal: 24-48 hrs (“thank before you bank”) •  Don’t exceed 5 days (but late is better than never) •  Make it personal, i.e. stories, visuals •  Allocate MORE time and staff during the holidays •  Daily stewardship “power hour”
  29. 29. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles 7 Thank You Letter “Don’ts” •  Don’t start with a “Thank you” •  Don’t be predictable •  Don’t ask for another gift in the thank you •  Don’t continue to “sell” •  Don’t recycle the same copy indefinitely •  Don’t use pre-printed mass addresses cards •  Don’t give them homework Source:  Donor  Centered  Fundraising,  Penelope  Burke  
  30. 30. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Steal This! “You  made  your  gift  just  one  (week,  month)     ago  and  already  you’ve…  (insert     amazing  accomplishment  here)  
  31. 31. Donors don’t give because you’re excellent. They give because they are excellent and you help them realize their awesome selves.     “ Jeff  Brooks,   How  to  Turn  Your  Words  into  Money  
  32. 32. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles MAKEOVER: Before When you give to ____________ , you’re making a major difference in the lives of children in your community. Each year, nearly 25,000 patients come to us. Your gifts not only support our core medical, surgical and rehabilitative services, but also allow us to offer support to struggling families.
  33. 33. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles MAKEOVER: After “You gave a worried mom of a child with cancer a home away from home tonight.”
  34. 34. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Take Them To Action With Feeling
  35. 35. The donor is the customer. They’re buying the experience of feeling good. Make them feel that, you get rewarded.   “ Tom  Ahern    
  36. 36. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Thoughtful, inexpensive follow-ups that wow Check out
  37. 37. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Thoughtful, inexpensive follow-ups that wow
  38. 38. Free stewardship template
  39. 39. Questions?
  40. 40. #kimbiawebinars @kimbiainc@rachelmuir @tshankcycles Thank You! Get the FREE Guide: Free webinars:
  41. 41. Want to Do a #GivingTuesday Event With Kimbia? Or More Webinars? Insert next webinar date or ebook or something Register for Kimbia webinars at Join Rachel and T-Shank again on December 8th! Run a #GivingTuesday campaign. It’s not too late! Email
  42. 42. On The Way – It’s Coming To Your Inbox! All the questions you should ask before committing to a giving day partner
  43. 43. Join Rachel for a webinar series
  44. 44. $50 off for today’s webinar guests! h"ps:// ' Where your best prospects are hiding The BEST discovery questions ever asked How surveying donors boosts revenue Join  Rachel   Nov  2!   The  Ask:  Who,  When,  How  and  How  Much?