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Online Fundraising Flexibility + Strategic Email Marketing = Powerful Results


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Kimbia has teamed up with Beth Hatcher, owner of Beth Interactive, a digital marketing agency specializing in healthcare marketing and e-fundraising. Together, we’ll delve into how healthcare organizations can transform their digital fundraising and donor outreach programs in a new webinar series: Digital Fundraising in the Healthcare World.

We’ll reveal how the foundation for one of America’s top 20 hospitals, broke free from its restrictive online fundraising solution and applied best practices to grow their overall revenue through savvy marketing strategies and highly flexible fundraising software.

Webinar 1: Online Fundraising Flexibility + Strategic Email Marketing = Powerful Results

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Online Fundraising Flexibility + Strategic Email Marketing = Powerful Results

  1. 1. Online Fundraising Flexibility + Strategic Email Marketing = Powerful Results Kimbia Webinar Series Digital Fundraising in the Healthcare World June 23, 2016
  2. 2. Agenda • Introducing Kimbia and Beth Interactive • Online Fundraising Flexibility + Strategic Email Marketing = Powerful Results – The Power (and Challenges) of Email Marketing – Case Studies – Email Marketing Best Practices – Kimbia Technology • Q & A
  3. 3. Introducing Kimbia & Beth Interactive
  4. 4. Taylor Shanklin • aka “T-Shank” • Sr. Manager, Product Marketing @ • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Boss Lady • Nonprofit tech nerd & writer • Coffee, kids, wine • @tshankcycles •
  5. 5. Kimbia provides an all-in-one solution for... Online Fundraising Event Registration Peer-to-Peer, Team & DIY Fundraising Giving Days / Crowdfunding Custom Forms
  6. 6. The Kimbia Solution Embedded in an organization’s existing website • Enables branding control • Increases donor conversion by 30% on average Mobile-ready responsive • No need for web APIs to build / style Social sharing integration Works with client systems of choice: • Integration ease using data APIs • App on Salesforce AppXchange Secure, PCI Level 1 compliant forms £€ ¥ $ Multi-Currency Multi-Language 20+ Gateways
  7. 7. Beth Hatcher • Founder and Principal of Beth Interactive Inc. • Digital and healthcare marketing aficionado • Passionate about building partnerships with our clients • International travel, languages, cooking, wine (and mom to 10-month-old Iris) •
  8. 8. Beth Interactive • Online strategy and consultation • Email marketing • E-fundraising • Search engine optimization • Web analytics, design, writing and management SPECIALTIES Digital marketing agency based in Chicago with more than 11 years’ experience working with hospitals, physician practices, healthcare and fundraising organizations STRENGTHS • Focus on your brand, consumer experience and measurable results with every project • Exceptional project management • Targeted copywriting • Meticulous attention to detail • Clear communication
  9. 9. Online Fundraising Flexibility + Strategic Email Marketing = Powerful Results
  10. 10. Background • Beth Interactive is the digital marketing agency for the Foundation of one of America’s Top 15 Hospitals • Provide digital marketing strategy/execution, form creation, email marketing and website management – External donor events and appeals – Internal employee campaigns – 15 Affiliated Organizations’ events • Since 2014, Kimbia has been the fundraising platform for all donation and registration forms—plus peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns
  11. 11. The Power of Email • Design, write, code and analyze email campaigns for nearly all events for the Foundation and its 15 affiliates • Campaigns range in size, from one to five emails per event—and up to 16 for fundraising runs • Flexible, cost-effective and targeted marketing tool • Robust tracking capabilities and analytics – Open rate – Click-through rate – Most popular clicks and heat mapping – Bounces and opt-outs
  12. 12. The Power of Email • Design, write, code and analyze email campaigns for nearly all events for the Foundation and its 15 affiliates • Campaigns range in size, from one to five emails per event—and up to 16 for fundraising runs • Flexible, cost-effective and targeted marketing tool • Robust tracking capabilities and analytics – Open rate – Click-through rate – Most popular clicks and heat mapping – Bounces and opt-outs How do we track our success?
  13. 13. Email Marketing Challenges How can we keep improving subsequent emails using analytics? 3 Are our emails generating registrations and donations? 2 What happens when people click from our emails to the website or forms? 1
  14. 14. Goal of this Webinar • How to integrate email marketing and online analytics with the Kimbia platform to drive engagement, advance your online fundraising efforts and create ROI • Principles will apply to healthcare, e-fundraising and digital marketing across the board • Case Studies: 1. Track Direct Conversions Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K 2. Use Data to Streamline User Experience Workplace Giving Campaign
  15. 15. TRACK DIRECT CONVERSIONS Case Study #1: Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K
  16. 16. Case Study: Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K • 23rd annual event attended by 4,000 cancer survivors and supporters • Campaign used Kimbia for all registration and donation forms—plus peer-to-peer fundraising • Crafted 13 emails over four months • Goals included generating event registrations and raising funds for cancer research • Database included 50,000 previous registrants, cancer patients and donors • No other external marketing • Challenge: track direct conversions as a result of our emails
  17. 17. Solution Use Kimbia’s reporting tools to track direct conversions: Widget URL + Referring URL 2 Add Google Analytics code to each email 1
  18. 18. Adding Google Analytics Code • We can add a Google Analytics code to each email through our email marketing platform • Google Analytics identifies this email as a Campaign, allowing us to track what website traffic is generated as a result • Using this code, our emails have generated higher engagement than normal website traffic: – More pages per session – Longer visits – More new visitors
  19. 19. Using Kimbia’s Reporting Tools • Kimbia tracks two clicks: – Widget URL: The page on which the transaction was completed – Referring URL: The page the person visited before the transaction page – If anyone clicks on a link in our emails, the Google Analytics code gets added to that URL – We can take credit for those transactions as direct conversions
  20. 20. Widget URL Example Donation Page Widget URL
  21. 21. Widget URL + Referring URL Example Widget URLReferring URL Donation PageHomepage
  22. 22. Results: Cancer Survivors’ Walk Email #5 • Sent on April Fools’ Day to 50,630 recipients • Promoted a ticket price increase in 24 hours • Email results: – 401 people registered within 17 hours – 29.5% conversion rate – 61% mobile open rate – 28% mobile transaction rate • We used this data, combined with heat mapping, to improve subsequent emails
  23. 23. Results: Cancer Survivors’ Walk Email #7 • Sent on May 5 to 49,675 recipients • Included a list of fundraising teams and physician leaders for the first time • Results: – Registration clicks were strong – Surge of interest to fundraising pages – Donations increased 10-fold • We recommended focusing on fundraising pages in the future
  24. 24. Email Best Practice #1 Optimize for mobile 56% of all emails are opened on smartphones. Make sure your templates are responsive.
  25. 25. Email Best Practices #2 & #3 Design buttons for fingertips Buttons have the highest click-through rate. The ideal size for mobile buttons is 40px x 40px—perfect for fingertips. Testing makes perfect • Subject line split testing • A/B testing • Heat mapping • Segmentation
  26. 26. Email Best Practice #4 • Build your database – In general, you can email anyone who has interacted with your brand in the past 18 months According to our email marketing platform, this includes people who have ”asked to receive emails from you or who have had a clear relationship with your organization (as a customer, employee or volunteer, for example) in the last 18 months.” – Hospitals: According to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Omnibus ruling of January 2013, healthcare organizations may target fundraising based on a patient’s services or his or her physician’s identity—and engage physicians in making personal appeals to patients. – Review fair use of HIPAA data and CAN-SPAM act with your legal team
  27. 27. Email Best Practice #4 (continued) • Channels for gathering emails include: – Email subscription pop-up or form – All website forms: Contact Us, Jobs, Bill Pay, Appointment Requests, Class Registrations – Donor, event or transaction data from Kimbia – In-person events • Ensure online forms always capture email addresses • Quid pro quo: if you are giving something, ask for an email in return • If preferred, you can institute opt-in/opt-out questions 29,202 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000
  28. 28. USE DATA TO STREAMLINE USER EXPERIENCE Case Study #2: Workplace Giving Campaign
  29. 29. Case Study: Workplace Giving Campaign • Internal employee campaign for 20,000 employees across four hospitals and three geographic regions • Campaign used four sets of Kimbia forms for Payroll Deduction, Credit Card Donation and PTO Deduction based on separate audiences • Crafted five emails over four weeks • Goals included raising funds and growing number of online donors—plus educating employees on giving opportunities and increasing overall engagement
  30. 30. Workplace Giving Campaign Challenges • Ensure employees receive confirmation messages at correct email address • Pre-fill employee information to streamline responses • Use (but hide) each employee’s business unit to track participation and guide fund distribution by region • Track conversions by group, by gift and by email campaign
  31. 31. Solution Use Kimbia’s Automatic Data Capture and hidden field capabilities 2 Leverage our email marketing platform’s personalization tools 1
  32. 32. Personalizing Employee Data • Used dynamic fields for first name, last name, email and (hidden) business unit • Data was pulled from HR database for accuracy • Coded dynamic personalization within every link:[% member: email]&f=[% member: first_name]&l=[% member: last_name]&r=[% member: region] • Data flowed successfully from database to email to website • Next step—ensure Kimbia forms knew what to do with the data
  33. 33. Using Kimbia’s Automatic Data Capture Tools • Automatic Data Capture defines data fields and captures the data when provided • When a user clicked on our email’s personalized links, their data followed and pre-filled on the Kimbia form • While data for the business unit question also followed, we chose to hide the question on Kimbia’s front-end for strategic reasons—though the data wasn’t lost
  34. 34. Workplace Giving Campaign Data Flow Email Database Email Inbox Website
  35. 35. Workplace Giving Campaign Data Flow Email Database Email Inbox Website Kimbia
  36. 36. Improve donor and participant experience with faster registrations/transactions for returning participants • Keep it simple for your loyal, returning supporters • Pre-fill ID = Kimbia data tag containing interaction history data • Set up in just 5-10 minutes • Pre-fill form with donor or participant details such as name/email Effective Results with Smart Data & Pre-fill ID
  37. 37. Effective Results with Smart Payments Simple Pay is the Amazon One-Click of the charitable world. • Repeat donors can give again faster • Two simple steps: Name & Zip code, click to donate • Secure information always remains with your payment gateway INCREASE ENGAGEMENT & DOLLARS 30+ % Higher Conversion
  38. 38. Results: Workplace Giving Campaign • Campaign exceeded goal by 39% (and counting)! • Our emails generated 793 gifts—61% of all gifts made online • Emails generated 62% of all website traffic • Pre-filled data streamlined the user experience— no errors or complaints! • Email addresses were entered accurately and confirmation messages received • Hidden business unit question helped gift processing team immensely
  39. 39. How Analytics Affected Donation Amount • Using this data, we calculated the average online gift based on type: Payroll, Credit Card or PTO Deduction • Payroll deductions were three to six times the size of credit card and PTO gifts • Used Email #4 to focus on the “Power of Payroll” • Donations surged—surpassing the response from prior emails! • 26% of all online payroll deductions made in two days
  40. 40. Email Best Practice #5 Refresh Downstream Conversions Pull email results 48-72 hours after sending—and remember to update all conversions every time you send a new email to take credit for downstream revenue. 134 payroll deductions104 payroll deductions Two days after sending Email #1 Two weeks after sending Email #1 14 PTO deductions10 PTO deductions 39 credit card gifts28 credit card gifts
  41. 41. Email Best Practices #6 and #7 Watch your opt-out rate Are users getting too many emails? If your opt-out rate exceeds 1%, you may be emailing too often. Clean up your email data People mistype their emails. It’s a time-consuming but worthwhile practice. Domain Name earthlink.met gmail.ocm vs.
  42. 42. Check your inbox for the slides, recorded webinar and Best Practices tip sheet—and register for the second webinar in our series: 15 Nonprofits, 1 Platform, 3 People: Unique Fundraising Made Uniquely Easy Thursday, August 25, 2016 @ 1pm Beth Hatcher 773.332.4022 Thank you! Taylor Shanklin 512.222.4219 #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc
  43. 43. Q & A