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HIGHLIGHTS in Stormwater Excellence


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HIGHLIGHTS in Stormwater Excellence

  1. 1. Kim Ford, PE, CFMAddendum to Resume HIGHLIGHTS OF A CAREER IN STORMWATER EXCELLENCE Customer Service – Cost Savings – ComplianceThe work of Kim Ford is characterized by his all out effort to provide the best Customer Service –Cost Savings – Compliance possible. From years of regulatory expertise, Kim communicates withothers to identify their needs, establish time frames, and agree on expectations. In the course ofdoing business, where there’s a way, Kim will look for and recommend design alternatives to providecost savings. When you receive project approval, Kim wants you and others to know that the rulesare met and your project is in compliance.Excellence in Planning, Developing, Implementing, Designing, Computer Modeling andInspecting Hydraulic Drainage Projects while with Hillsborough County PGMDDesign ExceptionsProblem: Many stormwater and transportation system designs submitted for approval do not meet CountyStandards. Such submittals may have compelling reasons for such deviations. Design Exceptions are requiredto approve the design alternatives. The process requires the Engineer of Record to identify each exceptionand request approval. Such requests must be supported by sound engineering justification and a compellingreason. The Engineer of Record must remain responsible for the design and for addressing public safety.Action: In 2005, Kim Ford reinstituted the Design Exception Process to address alternative designs that do notmeet the County’s design standards. Kim processed more than 100 stormwater and transportation relateddesign exceptions, resolving issues such as: spread of flow, attenuation in right-of-way, reduction in roadwayditch dimensions, underdrain design, peak sensitive criteria for discharge to roadway ditches, FDOT inlets forCounty roads, curb & gutter in rural areas, on-site attenuation for off-site improvements, sidewalks in drainageeasements, pond berm width, V-swales, lane width, clear zone, end treatments, traversable inlets with slots,reduction in freeboard, crushed concrete base, use of ditch blocks in right-of-way, and large site design criteriafor small sites. Results: Project quality is improved. Improved procedures are established and rule revisionsare provided for future submittals.Ladera Subdivision, Wetlands, FloodplainVan Dyke Road Widening and Simmons Road DrainageKim Ford, PE, CFM Page 2 of
  2. 2. 4Signed & Sealed ResponsesProblem: There are multiple submittals by the consultants without the Engineer of Record providingresponses. Such responses without the Engineer of Record lack proper accountability. Proper justification forengineering design decisions must be provided by the Engineer of Record. Action: In 2005, Kim Ford requiredall response letters with reasons for engineering decisions to be prepared by the Engineer of Record, signedand sealed. Kim communicates with the Engineer of Record, coaching and negotiating changes. Results: TheEngineer of Record provides responses signed and sealed, and the number of resubmittals is reduced. Thedevelopers understand the expectation and appreciate the initiative to resolve the issues with the consultant.The responsibility for the project design remains with the Engineer of Record and reasons for the engineeringdecisions by the Engineer of Record are found in the responses kept in County files. Project quality isimproved and project approvals are provided in less time.ClarificationProblem: Many consultants and applicants are not aware of Hillsborough County’s strict and comprehensivestormwater design standards. In some cases the technical manuals have been considered as a “guide” ratherthan the “rule”. Many stormwater and transportation designs are insufficient. The insufficient designs lead tounnecessary delays. Clarification of the rules and expectations must be clearly expressed. Action: In 2005,Kim Ford pursued clarification of policies and rules. In collaboration with consultants and staff, Kim providedclarification for more than 40 stormwater and transportation related rules including: floodplain compensation,datum, treatment & attenuation for roadway improvements, pond berm construction, underdrain design,geotechnical data, pond recovery criteria, outfall analysis, 100-year storm analysis, and reducing the potentialfor adverse impacts. Results: Customer Service is improved by eliminating multiple interpretations of rules. AReviewers’ Checklist is produced for stormwater and transportation designs. The Stormwater ManagementTechnical Manual is reduced and revised. The time needed to resubmit projects is reduced. Project quality isimproved and project approvals are provided in less time.Wilsky Professional Park, Wilsky Road and Linebaugh Avenue improvementsPeak & Volume Sensitive design criteria, FEMA designated Floodplain, WetlandsRoadway Widening on Wilsky Road and Linebaugh AvenueKim Ford, PE, CFM Page 3 of4
  3. 3. ChecklistsProblem: Many consultants and applicants submit designs without adequate supporting documents. Since theburden of proof is upon the designer (Engineer of Record) to demonstrate reasonable assurance forcompliance, there is need for a list of items that must be addressed as part of the initial submittal to supportthe design. Action: In 2006, Kim Ford created Checklists for Off-site Roadway Improvements, Large SiteDevelopments, and Masterplans. These Checklists were distributed to Consultants at Pre-applicationMeetings and presented in part at the annual developers’ forum. Results: Consultants and applicantsexpressed appreciation for the consistent and reasonable expectations clearly expressed.UnderdrainProblem: Underdrain is a predominate component of local roads in subdivisions. The higher drier land hasbeen developed leaving the lower wetter areas with high seasonal high water tables. Although many localroads within subdivisions are expected to be maintained by private entities, during tough economics timesthere are inadequate resources remaining for repairs. All County local roads in subdivisions should beexpected to last 20 years or more, even where there is a high water table. Underdrain must be designedproperly. Action: In 2006, Kim Ford noticed the increased use of underdrain and researched the design issues.In collaboration with consultants and staff, concerns were identified and design methodologies wereestablished. Calculations provided by consultants confirmed the need for more robust underdrain designs.Results: Underdrain design details evolved depicting more frequent use of coarse aggregate underdraindesigns needed for moderate to high drainage. With proper design, project approvals are provided in lesstime.Application FormProblem: With increasing development of lower wetter lands, there it is greater potential for adverse impacts.It is incumbent upon all to continue to improve project quality. Due to the complex nature of stormwaterimpacts, expectations must be consistently and clearly expressed. For consultants and applicants submittingfor project approval by Hillsborough County, there is no stormwater application form for the submittals. Action:In 2008, Kim Ford identified the most common reasons for stormwater permitting delays. With improvedCustomer Service in mind, Kim took the checklists and created the Stormwater Management FacilityApplication Form. Results: The County has an application form ready to address stormwater issues. Such anapplication form serves to provide the best Customer Service – Cost Savings – Compliance possible.Strawberry Crest High School, Bailey Elementary School, Gallagher RoadPeak & Volume Sensitive design criteria, FEMA designated Floodplain, Gallagher Road ReplacementKim Ford, PE, CFM Page 4 of
  4. 4. 4Road GProblem: Road G is an unimproved segment of roadway linking a highly developed area to a County collector,Big Bend Road. Although Road G was not designed or constructed as a local road, many continue to use it inits unimproved condition. Action: In 2009, Kim Ford became aware of the need for stormwater related designexpertise and immediately volunteered to assist the County’s Design & Engineering Support Section. Workingin a team with staff, Kim investigated the project site, met with affected property owners, identified floodingconditions, researched SWFWMD records, identified the outfall design criteria, met with SWFWMD, reachedagreement, and designed the stormwater facility with interconnected ponds using ICPR. Results: The Countyhas a stormwater facility design for Road G that can be easily permitted in compliance with regulatorystandards.Road G DesignLimited Outfall, Limited Right-of-WayInterconnected Wet Pond Design, ICPR, Treatment in shallow roadway swales, Ditch BlocksDisaster PlanningProblem: Hillsborough County is vulnerable to potentially devastating impacts from Hurricanes. Such impactsare caused by increased Rainfall (up to 20 inches in only a few days) and by Storm Surge. Action: In 2009,Kim Ford heard of two planning initiatives underway by Hillsborough County’s Hazard Mitigation Section: theLocal Mitigation Strategy and the Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan. Kim joined in to represent the Vice-Chair of the Infrastructure Technical Advisory Committee for the Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan, and asthe Co-Vice Chair of the Local Mitigation Strategy. Working in teams with top managers from other countydepartments, agencies and business entities including the EPCHC, Tampa Port Authority, City of Tampa,TECO and many others, Kim provided leadership and assistance in preparing these plans and the relatedpublic meetings. Kim provided geotechnical support to other staff in evaluating repetitive loss structures. Kimprovided engineering design and project management for the Storm Surge Signs. Results: The LocalMitigation Strategy and the Post Disaster Redevelopment Plans are posted on-line and recognized statewideand nationally. The County continues to assess repetitive loss structures and gaining funds for structurereplacements. The Storm Surge Signs are completed; and with the signs installed throughout the mostvulnerable coastal areas in Hillsborough County, the project is presented on-line and noted as a highlyrecognized Public Safety and Transportation related accomplishment.