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Hamlet final

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Hamlet final

  1. 1. Name: Date: HamletEssay (Unit Test) Przybysz Overview: For this task, you will use your knowledge of Hamlet to write a response based on the task below. Task: Your task for this essay will be to explore any aspect of Hamlet that you find compelling. You will: 1. Find at least 2-3 articles on JSTOR; read the articles and complete an annotated bibliography on Noodlebib. 2. Then, choose one article to use in your essay. Read thoroughly and annotate this article. 3. Create a solid thesis, and defend your thesis using textual evidence from Hamlet and your annotated article. Below you will find some topic suggestions: - Close-reading of characters/character development o Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: there must be more to these guys; Gertrude: what do you make of her at the end of the play? Hamlet vs. Fortinbras… etc. etc. etc… - Symbols and motifs (what is mentioned a lot/repeated in the play?) o Decay/Death/Skulls… Yorick’s skull significant? Why all the disease imagery repeated throughout? o Ears—and hearing are mentioned a LOT if you look for it - Themes o Action vs. inaction throughout the play o Death o Deception/ Lies/ Betrayal - Gender roles o Lack of decent mother figures? o Misogyny (men hating women) o Patriarchy (men/fathers as head of society) o Ophelia as strong female by end? - Modern Takes… o Modern allusions to Ophelia/drowning in literature o Modern productions of Hamlet—specific study? o Hamlet as a modern day _____(fill in the blank with a person you can compare him to…)?
  2. 2. Guidelines: - Development: Make sure your argument is fully developed. - Use specific details and quotes to strengthen your argument—both from the TEXT and from your chosen annotated article. - In your conclusion, connect and discuss the examples listed in your thesis statement. - Organize your ideas in a logical, coherent manner. - Use language that communicates ideas effectively. - Follow the conventions of standard written English. - Your response must be typed in standard, MLA style (that means use in-text citations correctly. Visit our class website for links that will help). - Your response should be a minimum of 2 typed, double-spaced pages. Due dates: Wednesday, 5/28: Annotated Bibliography of 2-3 articles submitted on Noodlebib. Choose one of your articles to focus on/use in your essay by this date Thursday, 6/5:Article(s) annotated, you are prepared to write your essay (have textual evidence ready) Essay writing in-class; essay due by end of block. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brainstorming: 1. Write down at least 3 QUESTIONS you still have after finishing Hamlet: 2. Write down at least 3 IDEAS you have for your research. What are some of the topics/characters you might be interested in taking a closer look at? JSTOR NOTES: