The Best CMS For You: Tips on How To Select Your Next CMS


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Oshyn's newest white paper filled with tips and guidelines to help you find the best CMS for your organization. To download the full version, visit:

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The Best CMS For You: Tips on How To Select Your Next CMS

  1. 1. The Best CMS for You: Tips onHow to Select Your Next CMS Oshyn White Paper, Jennifer Posthumus and Christian Burne, August 3, 2011
  2. 2. Table of Contents1.0 Introduction 22.0 Understanding the WCM Landscape 33.0 Approach 54.0 Selection Process 75.0 Other Considerations 136.0 Conclusion 14About Oshyn, Inc. 14 1.0 Introduction As websites continue to grow in size, features and functionality, the visitors to these websites are also becoming more demanding and have higher expectations than ever before. Companies who committed valuable time and resources to web strategies just five years ago are finding they must re-evaluate and explore new options as their content, features and online offerings must keep pace with the constant and rapid movement in the digital marketplace. For many of these companies, there is a strong case for making an investment in a Web Content Management (WCM) solution. However, navigating through this vibrant marketplace presents unique challenges as this space is ripe with acquisitions, upgrades and new and evolving players with relative strengths. There are a number of feature-rich and powerful WCM solutions available, but there are likely very few that are a wise choic e for each individual company. Most WCM solutions have the capacity to exceed customer expectations, but those customers who are disappointed are most often those who pursued a flawed selection process. Recently, a
  3. 3. customer who fell victim to a poor selection process approached Oshyn. They had gotten to thepoint that the product selected was purchased but never implemented, and sat on their shelf fornearly a decade, thus posing a huge financial loss to the company both in the actual product costas well as subsequent costs of doing business for a decade without a solution. The customer hadcreated an exhaustive laundry list of requirements, permitting almost everyone at the company toadd to the list. However, they were then convinced by some of their staff to select a productbecause it was in the same family of products as their Document Management System (DMS). Inessence, they permitted irrelevant external influences to control the selection process which theythen abandoned. This is an example of why a commitment to selecting the right WCM solution isimperative for executing successful web strategies, creating process efficiencies, and increasingtransactions. Furthermore, with any WCM product, you should expect to have it for at least 48-60months before re-evaluating the software you have purchased or seriously considering areplacement. As such, the process by which a company embarks upon this selection effort is anessential part of a decision as important as this. 2.0 Understanding the WCM LandscapeThe Evolution of UsersTodays users are more demanding than ever before. With user adoption being critical forsuccess, it is imperative that web initiatives create relevant and engaging user experiences.As user expectations have changed, so have the tools and techniques that address thoseexperiences. There are a multitude of mechanisms available to empower marketers and ITprofessionals with the ability to better understand users, their needs, and their intentions. Inaddition, the marketplace is paying more attention to context-aware computing to understandhow users are interfacing with information in an attempt to perfect user interactions. WCMsolutions acknowledge this market driver and are addressing the complexities aroundcontent targeting and context aware computing to enable smart web initiatives.Everywhere, All the TimeUsers are also mobile creatures and more than ever are expecting online initiatives toengage them regardless of their device of choice at any given moment. Whether it is the
  4. 4. kiosk at the airport, an iPad, or a smartphone, users have a myriad of devices at their fingertips that permeate most areas of their lives. The rise in the importance of location- based services such as Foursquare, Google Latitude, and Facebook Places, compounds the emphasis of mobile in the marketplace. WCM solutions are following suit with a focus on the dissemination of content across channels and recognition of their role in supporting location- based services. While mobility may not be a stated high priority for some companies now, it is a high priority in finding the right WCM solution. A recent Forrester survey identifies delivery to mobile devices as the top initiative for WCM decision makers this year to enhance customer experience. 1 And with the expectation that a WCM purchase will last four to five years, mobile must be a critical part of any WCM purchasing decision. WCM Decision-Makers Plan Customer Experience Initiatives (Source: “The Forrester Wave: Web Content Management For Online Customer Experience, Q3 2011”, by Stephen Powers, July 13, 2011)1