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Comfort Woman: Slave of destiny


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Comfort Woman: Slave of destiny

  1. 1. -Maria Rosa HensonSlave of Destiny
  2. 2. - was born on 1927.-She died on August 18, 1997 at the age of 69because of heart attack-At an early age, she suffered by being a child out ofwedlock especially while studying in a Catholicschool in Pasay.-The war was declared on December 5, 1941 whenRosa was 14 years old. Her family fled to Bulacan toescape the Japanese troops landing in Manila.About the Author(Maria Rosa Henson)
  3. 3. About the Author-Illegitimate daughter of a landowner and memberof HUKBALAHAP ( Hukbo ng Bayan Laban saHapon)-One of the women who were victims of sexslavery-The first one to reveal her story (September 18,1992)(Maria Rosa Henson)
  4. 4. -Maria Rosa HensonSlave of Destiny
  5. 5. “Comfort Women”-euphemism for women in the Japanesecolony of Korea and enemy territories of thePhilippines, Taiwan and Indonesia who wereabducted from their homes , herded to comfortsaturations and repeatedly raped by the soldiersof the Japanese Imperial Army.About the Story
  6. 6. About the Story- It happened between 1942 and 1945, more than60 years after the Pacific War, when the violenceand slavery continue to hound Filipinos and failto silence against the military of the Japanese- ‘Sex Slavery ‘ was the point of crime whichMaria Rosa Henson was a victim and the other100,000-200,000 Asians (80% were from Northand South Korea)(Short Background About theEvent)
  7. 7. • Maria Rosa Henson• Other comfort women• Japanese soldiers• Captain Tanaka• Colonel• Members of HUKBALAHAP• Rosa’s mother• Anna – Rosa’s mother’s cousinAbout the Story Characters
  8. 8. • During the Japanese invasion• In PampangaAbout the Story Settings
  9. 9. -Maria Rosa HensonSlave of DestinyEntering the Story
  10. 10. In April 1943, Rosa was arrested by theJapanese soldiers at a check point in thenearby town of Magalang and was taken to thegarrison. There, she was forced to be a comfortwoman. She spent the next nine months of herlife in this way.One day, she heard the Colonel andTanaka talking about their plan. They wereplanning to burn her town in Pampanga, as wellas the killing of the HUKBALAHAP members.Summary
  11. 11. When she saw an old man passing bythe street, she told him the Japaneseplans. The Japanese failed inaccomplishing their plans. The Colonelsuspected the strange actions of Rosa soshe was dragged to the garrison andmercilessly beaten. In January 1944, theguerrillas attacked the garrison and theyfreed her and the other imprisoned HUKs.The Huk dropped her in shallow ditchwhen he could not carry her any further.Summary
  12. 12. Fortunately, her mother’s cousin sawher on the roadside. Then, her mother wasinformed about her condition and got her.Summary
  13. 13. -Maria Rosa HensonSlave of DestinyEnd of the Story