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  1. 1. 1 Jimmi’s Bar & Grill- Pre Campaign Strategy Client Overview Client Profile: Jimmi’s Bar & Grill, located in Fullerton, California, is a family-owned bar serving the community of Fullerton, which mainly include blue collar workers and older gentlemen. Owner, Mr. Jimmie Bak, has been running this business since 1999. The overall yearly sales of Jimmi’s Bar & Grill are around $150,000. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages for their patrons, ranging in different types of beer, wine and liquor products. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill currently has five part time employees who bartend Monday through Sunday from the hours of 11:30am to 2am. Jimmie Bak and his family run all the day-to-day operations of the company. The manager of the company, Mr. Bak’s wife, Elsa, is the key online marketing personnel. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill was originally established as B & B Tavern in 1981 but it was renamed to its current name in 1997, allowing Jimmi’s Bar & Grill to be in the alcoholic beverage industry for over 30 years. Their website [] was created two months ago and it is currently managed by The website is updated weekly by Elsa Bak. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill does not offer online sales on a daily basis, but when popular musicians perform and they offer pre-sale tickets for admission. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill is open 360 days a year and only closed for major holidays. Market Analysis: Jimmi’s Bar & Grill, located at 500 S. Raymond Ave, is a neighborhood cheers type bar with many regular customers who come in after a long day at work. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s biggest competitor, Banana’s Sports Bar, is located right across the street. A group of local investors recently purchased this tavern and Mr. Bak is hoping that their current customers will consume alcohol at his business. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill also has significant competition from Downtown Fullerton, which is located just a few streets away. Downtown Fullerton has a high market for college students attending the local colleges nearby. Mr. Bak would like to market to college students since Jimmi’s Bar & Grill is less than two miles from the Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton Community College campuses. The alcoholic beverage industry has been around for many years after the prohibition. It is a popular industry and there is a big target toward people over the age of 21. The alcoholic beverage industry can be very prosperous as it can target many different segments. The 21 and over age group is a great segment as they like to have fun and a good time. There is also a segment for the working and non-family individuals. It can be prosperous as everyone has birthdays, holidays, events and celebrations. These are key aspects in the alcoholic industry. There are many different brands and beverages to target individuals. The industry continues to grow and should be prosperous for years to come. According to several websites, the alcoholic beverage industry seems to be resilient to recession and economic problems. The industry consists of beer, liquor and wine. Many of the big alcoholic companies have merged together during the recession and appear to be staying strong. In 2010, Anheuser Busch, Miller, and Heineken were the top 3 beer brands. Together
  2. 2. 2 they hold 40% of the beer market. These top brands each feature over 200 products and show dominance in the beer industry. Alcoholic beverage items are sold in bars, restaurants and stores. Unique selling points Jimmi’s Bar & Grill can offer, is drawing attention to booking parties to bring in large crowds. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill also has low prices which can be emphasized with different specials of alcoholic beverages. Highlighting different sports, entertainment or musical events at the location would also be a benefit. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill does not currently offer seasonal products but offering special beers during the summer would be an advantage for increased sales revenue. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s market position is towards the blue collar worker. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill mostly targets to people in the Fullerton area. Current marketing: Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s website is primarily used to promote the bar when searched online and give customers information on upcoming events as well as alcoholic beverages offered. The website is also used for musicians and bartenders looking for employment. The strengths of the website are the ease of navigation through the pages, appealing visual graphics and being able to see their menu with prices attached. A weakness of Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s website is it could be more appealing with different types of graphics of customers at the business as well as pictures of the building where the business is located. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s website has a low visibility on Google. When searching through, we could not find their website on the top 10 page rank. We believe it’s because the website is new. However, when you enter “Jimmi’s Bar & Grill” all results on the first page are all credible advertising websites for this business. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill does not currently use Google Analytics but Mr. Bak is open to testing out this marketing tool. A large amount of Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s marketing is on social media. Jimmi’s Bar and Grill uses Facebook as their main social media platform. Elsa Bak updates the Facebook account daily with information about daily specials and the current bartender working. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill also uses a combination of Twitter, Google+ and Instagram for their social media. They have over 700 friends on Facebook and 900 followers on Twitter. The Instagram and Google+ accounts are only a few week ago, but are rising in followers as well. Mr. Bak feels social media is a very effective tool. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill also uses flyers, posters, and a marquee sign on the property as part of their marketing strategy. The flyers/posters are posted inside the bar to inform customers of events, specials, and schedules. The marquee sign is in front of the complex, which is visible to passing vehicles and vehicles stopped for period at a train passing. Mr. Bak has the ability to change the marquee sign to say different advertising specials. Conclusion: In order to meet Jimmi’s Bar and Grill’s objectives 1) Getting college students to the establishment 2) Helping increase alcoholic beverage sales to over $180,000 3) Increasing brand identity, an Adwords strategy will be developed to increase traffic flow and internet visibility to the website. This will allow for a higher recognition and increased exposure level to Jimmi’s Bar and Grill to ultimately increase their sales and obtain the college student demographic.
  3. 3. 3 Proposed AdWords Strategy The projected Google AdWords strategy is comprised of Jimmi’s Bar and Grill’s desire to increase alcoholic beverage sales to over $150,000, improve branding recognition of the business and target a younger demographic audience. As Table 1 illustrates, the AdWords strategy will contain 3 campaigns: Entertainment, Brand, and Promotions. The goal of the Entertainment campaign is to attract a younger demographic to attend Jimmi’s Bar and Grill. The goal of the Brand campaign is to improve brand identity and brand recognition. Additionally, the Promotions campaign is designed to increase sales with planning events, drink specials and happy hour prices. Table 1: Three Campaigns, 9 Ad Groups, and Example Keyword Phrases Brand Campaign Entertainment Campaign Promotions Campaign About the Ad Group Entertainment Ad Group Happy Hour [Fullerton Bars] "Fullerton entertainment" ”Happy Hour drink specials” Fullerton Dive bars [Fullerton nightlife] ”Special drink prices” "Happy Hour" Dive bars "Entertainment in Fullerton" ”Drink Specials” "NASCAR bars" "Beer, Win, Shots” Downtown Fullerton Music Entertainment "Fullerton Music" Party planning/hosting Brand Ad Group "Bands in Fullerton" ”Free hosting events” Jimmi's Bar and Grill "Jukebox entertainment" ”Planning parties” Jimmi's Bar "Rock Cover bands" ”Hosting events” Jimmi's ”Bar events” Sports Entertainment Drink Specials "Sports entertainment" ”Domestic beer” "Live sporting events" ”Variety of beer” ”Variety of wine” Pool Entertainment ”Variety of shots” "Bar pool tables" ”Washington Apple shots” "Pool table games" ”Jager Bombs” The AdWords key terms will consist of broad, “phrase”, and [exact] words. According to the Google Keyword Tool, the cost-per-click (CPC) for the above keywords is approximately $ . The keywords are manually used based on successful keywords and downward fluctuation of bid for given keywords with the lower click-through-rate (CTR). Target location will be used on the Brand, Promotions and Entertainment campaigns in order to reach Orange County and the neighboring areas. This will allow for a wider range of people, organizations, and companies. The account will be monitored on the Google Search Network. We will not use the Display Network because this would raise costs and lower the CTR. The objective of the ads will be to maximize clicks, increase CTR, and obtain Jimmi’s Bar and Grill’s goals. Table 2 provides example ads on the Search Network.
  4. 4. 4 Table 2: Example of Google AdWords Ads Entertainment Campaign, Music entertainment Ad group. Search query: Rock cover bands, Jukebox. Promotions Campaign, Happy Hour Ad group. Search query: Happy Hour, Fullerton, Drink. Jimmi's Bar and Grill Entertainment in Fullerton. Rock cover Bands and jukebox tunes! Jimmi's Bar and Grill Happy Hour at Jimmi's! Located in Fullerton! Drink with us! The majority of the campaign will be allocated towards brand campaign as we want to achieve the goal of attracting customers and increasing sales. In addition, 30% of the campaign will go towards the Promotions Campaign in order to meet the objective of increasing sales to $150,000 a year. The Entertainment campaign is comprised of 20% of the campaign to target a younger demographic. Music, sporting events, and pool tables attract a younger demographic as well as maintaining their existing customers. Our budget plan is designed to start steady and gradually increase spending money. This will allow us to better understand the aspects of the campaign and to improve our knowledge to achieve the objective for Jimmi’s Bar and Grill. Table 3 shows the proposed weekly and daily budget for the campaign. Table 3: Proposed Weekly Budget Campaign Brand Campaign Entertainment Campaign Promotions Campaign Total Per Week 50% 20% 30% 100% Week 1 $25.00 $10 $15 $50 20% ($3.57 /per day) ($1.43 /per day) ($2.14 /per day) ($7.13/per day) Week 2 $40 $16 $24 $80 32% ($5.71/per day) ($2.29 /per day) ($3.42/per day) ($11.41/per day) Week 3 $60 $24 $36 $120 48% ($8.57/per day) ($3.43/per day) ($5.14/per day) ($17.14/per day) Total Per Campaign $125 $50 $75 $250 ($17.86 /per day) ($7.14 /per day) ($10.70 /per day) The ultimate goals of this campaign are to accomplish a CTR of 1.2% and to have an average CPC of $1.00, which would lead to approximately 250 clicks of 20,833 impressions. An additional goal is to maintain an average position of 1.3, which is feasible due to a low competition for the above keywords. Google AdWords will enable Jimmi’s Bar and Grill to expand their brand name through online advertising, utilizing key success metrics to achieve their goal reaching $150,000 in sales and reaching a younger demographic.