Jimmi's bar


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Jimmi's bar

  1. 1. Campaign by: Kristi Arii, Kimberly Bak, Kristen Bak, and Phil Mayer
  2. 2. • Jimmi's Bar and Grill is a neighborhood, dive bar located in Fullerton, Ca. • James Bak is the owner of the company and he acquired the bar in 1999. • Jimmi's Bar and Grill sells a variety of alcoholic beverages which include beer, wine, shots, and mixed drinks. • Jimmi's hours of operation are 11:30am to 2am and is opened year round, excluding major holidays. About the company
  3. 3. • The building is a part of Fullerton history as it was used by Leo Fender in the 1940's when he was building the telecaster. It served as a service center. • Beth Hart, a recording artist, performs regularly at the venue. She is very big in Europe. • Rusty Anderson, lead guitarist for Paul McCartney, has also performed at the bar. Interesting Facts
  4. 4. • Jimmi's Bar and Grill's biggest competitor is Banana's Sports Bar, which is across the street. It has recently changed ownership. • Downtown Fullerton offers a wide array of bars and venues • Research shows us the alcoholic beverage industry is continuing to prosper despite the economy fluctuations. Market Analysis
  5. 5. Jimmi's Bar and Grill current marketing efforts are: • Flyers/posters • Marquee sign in front of business • Website • Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+) Current Marketing
  6. 6. • Party reservations • Low alcohol prices • Many TVs for sporting events • Music and Entertainment Events Unique Selling Propositions
  7. 7. • Increase the brand identity and brand recognition for Jimmi's Bar and Grill • Obtain younger demographic of consumers • Increase alcoholic beverage sales to over $150,000 Goals for Jimmi's Bar and Grill
  8. 8. • Our campaign strategy consists of 3 campaigns with a total of 9 ad groups. 1. Brand a. About b. Brand 2. Entertainment a. Entertainment b. Music c. Sports d. Pool 3. Promotions a. Happy Hour b. Party Planning c. Drink Specials Campaign Strategy
  9. 9. The Brand campaign consists of 50% of our campaign money. The name Jimmi's Bar and Grill is not well-known. We feel branding is important especially with the competition of other bars located near downtown Fullerton. Brand Campaign
  10. 10. Our entertainment campaign will consist 20% of our budget. The Ad subgroups are music entertainment, sports entertainment, and pool table games. Entertainment Campaign
  11. 11. The promotions campaign will consist of 30% of our campaign budget. The promotions campaign spread exposure towards drink specials, happy hour and event planning. We feel these ideas will help to increase sales and target a younger demographic. Promotions Campaign
  12. 12. • Manual AdWords terms consist of broad, "phrase," and [exact] words • Geo-targeting used on all campaigns • Account monitored on Google Search Network • Won't use Google Display Network Advertisement Strategy
  13. 13. Advertisement Strategy with Keywords
  14. 14. Sample Advertisements Brand Jimmi's Bar and Grill jimmisbarandgrill.com Neighborhood bar located in the heart of Fullerton. Entertainment Jimmi's Bar and Grill jimmisbarandgrill.com Entertainment in Fullerton. Rock cover Bands and jukebox tunes! Promotions Jimmi's Bar and Grill jimmisbarandgrill.com Happy Hour! $3 Beers, $5 Wine Come get your drink on!
  15. 15. Our proposed budget plan is to start small in the first week and progressively raise our weekly budget. -Week 1: $50 (20% of the campaign) -Week 2: $80 (32% of the campaign) -Week 3: $120 (48% of the campaign) Proposed Budget Plan
  16. 16. Campaign Budget
  17. 17. Any Questions?