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city presentation

  1. 1. City Wok Amplified Affiliates: Kimberly Bak Kristen Bak Juan Juy Alex Ross
  2. 2. Background About Amplified Affiliates • We are an internet based marketing agency located in Santa Ana, California. • Our mission statement is to create content that inspires and educates the world. • Our 5 year vision statement includes having annual revenues of $5 million consistently by providing excellent customer service and reasonably priced internet marketing services.
  3. 3. Current Marketing Strategy
  4. 4. City Wok • Company Overview: o Mission statement: None o Vision statement: None o Objectives: o Critique current online marketing strategy o Develop a new online marketing strategy o Ultimately, increase catering and online ordering sales for City Wok Restaurants
  5. 5. Homepage Asian dining delivery chinese restaurant order chinese online On the Menu Chinese food Beef chinese shrimp dinner city wok menu Online Order Online order Chinese food Palm desert chinese Catering Chinese catering City wok catering food catering Locations & Company None Employment City wok employment jobs city wok restaurant jobs News None Contact Us None Current Keyword Strategy
  6. 6. Current Keyword Strategy
  7. 7. Current SEO Keyword Rankings
  8. 8. Current SEO Keyword Rankings
  9. 9. Current SEO Keyword Rankings
  10. 10. Overview of Website SEO Negatives: • Press releases and news content section not regularly updated • A few of website pages lack keywords • Inconsistent content: o Descriptions of menu items are not detailed o Not naming pictures with SEO descriptions o Not utilizing a blog • Employment page should match URL, currently its under the “Join-the-Team” URL Positives: • All pages have a description meta tag • All pages have a title tag • Currently utilizing using Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter tags on the website • Currently utilizing Google Analytics on each page of website
  11. 11. What Are Competitors Doing? • Panda Express is doing similar website SEO as City Wok • Panda Express is not utilizing a blog • Panda Express is also not utilizing a current news or daily update section • Heavy focus on connecting with customers via social media platforms
  12. 12. Website Layout & Lead Generation • Landing Pages: • No current landing pages found • All pages lead directly to website pages • Unable to track sales results and determine converisions • How do you know what’s working? • Utilizing “Left to Right” template: o People read left to right o Low recall and readership o Ideal for lead generation • Utilizing Red and Yellow buttons which is great for lead generation
  13. 13. Catering • Catering is the greatest objective for maximizing sales online • Catering sales = Higher ROI • No menu page is given • No application/form to fill out • Number is highlighted in red/yellow to stand out for lead generation purposes • Page objective: Email or Call Stuart Davis • Right to left template but nothing to click on the left (Catering button leads back to same page)
  14. 14. What Are Competitors Doing? • Catering Page: • Download a catering menu • Calling number • Number and Menu in red colors • Pick Up Stix is using “Right to Left” website template: o Not focusing on lead generation o Focus for visitors to read the website thoroughly
  15. 15. Email Marketing • Inconsistency of emails (only 1 email sent in 2 weeks) • Email coupons cannot be used for online ordering • Emails consist of E-Club members and promotions • Joining E-Club: o Offering free entree worth $8.00 for signing up o Only able to choose from Palm Desert and Studio City as favorite locations for coupons
  16. 16. What Are Competitors Doing? • Panda Express utilizes Email marketing • No free entrees for signing up • “Forward to a Friend” emailing • Links to “Food” & “Locations” sections in emails • Emails consist of special offers, news, and product announcements • Example: April Fish Day
  17. 17. Emailing Coupons • Coupon is in honor of 24th anniversary • Only two locations to choose from (No airport locations) • Must print coupon in order to use coupon • High concern of repeat coupon users
  18. 18. What Are Competitors Doing? • Panda Express and Pick Up Stix use coupons • Ability to print or show on mobile device • Not using mobile scanning coupons which could improve tracking and repeatable coupon customers
  19. 19. Mobile Marketing • Current location-based marketing applications: Yelp,Yellow Pages, Tripadvisor, GrubHub, MenuPages, Foursquare, Healthy Dining Finder, UrbanSpoon, ChineseMenu • Pay-per-click ads such as mobile display ads are not being utilized • Not able to use coupons from mobile devices (Must print from a nearby computer)
  20. 20. Pay-Per-Click • Not utilizing Pay-Per-Click advertising • Focusing on organic search traffic • = 590 organic clicks per month • = 60,000 organic clicks per month • Panda Express have never used Google AdWords
  21. 21. Current Social Network Strategy Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google Note: YouTube Channel Nonexistent
  22. 22. City Wok’s Facebook Page ● 1087 likes ● Using the hashtags #CityWok and #ChineseFood ● Posting daily ● 0.1% of fans “liking” posts (not connecting and engaging) ● Lacking quick communication to customers
  23. 23. What are City Wok’s Competitors Doing?
  24. 24. City Wok’s Twitter Page ● 231 followers ● Using hashtags #CityWok and #ChineseFood ● 3 different locations in SoCal listed but there are only 2 locations. ● Inconsistent posting (Between 5 and 6 days between Twitter posts) ● Linking Facebook postings to Twitter account ● No interactions/ retweets
  25. 25. How City Wok’s Competitors use Twitter ● Panda Express has yet to “tweet” on Twitter ● Panda Express About me section states: “Wish we could tweet but we’re busy wokking up Panda favorites. Orange Chicken, anyone? Connect with us on Facebook.” ● Pick Up Stix is linking Instagram posts to Twitter ● City Wok needs to stop tweeting, but keep the account active
  26. 26. City Wok’s Google+ Pages ● Studio City: Not claimed, no updates, profile picture from customer, city name is San Fernando Valley (no mention of Studio City) ● Palm Desert: Not claimed, no updates ● Virginia Airport: Not claimed, no updates ● Denver Airport: No Google Plus account
  27. 27. City Wok Google Maps Pages • Pages have not been claimed • Only utilizing one category • No owner description comment • Studio City showing San Fernando Valley
  28. 28. How City Wok’s Competitors Use YouTube ● Panda Express, Pick Up Stix, and P.F. Chang’s have YouTube accounts ● Producing video content of new products, promotions/video contests, and brand awareness ● Panda Express averages 4,000-5,000 views per video ● Pick Up Stix averages 1,000 to 2,000 views per video
  29. 29. How City Wok’s Competitor Uses Instagram ● Pick Up Stix “regrams” customers photos of them eating company products at their locations ● Pick Up Stix posts advertisements to introduce new products and let customers know of current promotions
  30. 30. Current Local Strategy Directories: Yelp, Yellow Pages & FourSquare
  31. 31. Current Local Search • Ranked #1 chinese food in Palm Desert • Ranked #3 chinese food in Studio City
  32. 32. City Wok’s Yelp Pages Facts: ● Studio City: 173 reviews, 3.5 stars ● Palm Desert: 85 reviews, 2.5 stars ● Denver Airport: 17 reviews, 2.5 stars ● Virginia Airport: 15 reviews, 3.5 stars Things to note: ● Low reviews from Palm Desert and Denver Airport locations ● No company feedback on negative or positive comments ● Reviewers “like” negative comments
  33. 33. Competitor’s Have Similar Issues • Several Panda Express locations are are not claimed on local directories • Example: Yelp
  34. 34. City Wok’s Yellow Pages Facts: ● Studio City: 4.5 stars, 6 reviews (Positive reviews) ● Palm Desert: 2.5 stars, 3 reviews (Mixed reviews) ● Denver Airport: Not listed ● Virginia Airport: Not listed Things to note: ● Information is current ● Both airport locations are lacking Yellow Pages ● Negative review & lack of company response ● Utilizing 3 categories (can expand)
  35. 35. City Wok’s FourSquare Page Facts: ● Studio City: 1,082 visitors, 2,520 check-ins, 7.1 rating, 45 tips (Mostly positive reviews) ● Palm Desert: 269 visitors, 407 check-ins, 9 tips (Positive reviews) ● Virginia Airport: 241 visitors, 306 check-ins, 10 tips (Positive reviews) ● Denver Airport: 303 visitors, 349 check-ins, 5.9 rating, 17 tips (Mixed reviews) Things to note: ● Over 3500 check-in’s combined ● Over 1800 visitors combined ● Over 60 customer reviews ● The mayor has checked in 6 times in the last 60 days (Once every 10 days!) ● Unclaimed pages and uncurrent information
  36. 36. New Marketing Strategy
  37. 37. New Strategy Overview • Develop mission & vision statements • Focus on: o Keyword Strategy, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Directories, Website, Search Engine Marketing and Social Network implementations
  38. 38. Mission Statement ● Create a mission statement ○ A mission statement provides a clear vision of purpose and where the business is going. ○ The mission statement answers, “Why do we exist?” ● Competitor’s mission statement ○ Panda Express: “Deliver exceptional Asian dining experiences by building an organization where people are inspired to better their lives.” ○ Pick Up Stix: No mission statement found
  39. 39. Vision Statement • Create a vision statement o Vision statement identifies and describes the future success of the business o A vision statement answers, “Where do we want to go?” • Competitor’s vision statement o Panda Express ‘Year 2020’ vision: “To be a world leader in people development to become loved by our guests.” o Panda Express “1973 Panda Inn” original vision: “Make Life Delicious” o Pick Up Stix: No vision statement found
  40. 40. New Keyword Strategy Homepage asian cuisine chinese food authentic chinese food authentic chinese food Los angeles chinese food Studio City On the Menu chinese shrimp city wok menu chinese chicken chinese beef beef chinese Online Order online order order online studio city delivery chinese order online order chinese online Catering chinese catering gourmet catering catering chinese food chinese delivery studio city chinese food delivery studio city Locations chinese restaurant Los angeles chinese restaurant Palm Desert chinese restaurant Studio City restaurants in palm desert palm desert restaurants Company chinese restaurant restaurant in palm desert restaurant in studio city chinese takeout menu chinese hollywood Employment restaurants that are hiring restaurant jobs Los angeles News Best chinese food in Los angeles best restaurant in palm desert best restaurant in studio city restaurant in studio city restaurant in palm desert Contact Us city wok Studio City chinese food Los angeles chinese food Palm Desert great chinese great restaurants
  41. 41. Why Keyword Strategy Will Work? • A detailed keyword strategy lays the foundation for an effective online marketing strategy • Use of Low, Medium, and light High competition keywords • Mixing of Short-tail and Long-tail • Utilizing a mixture of General and Local keywords • Every page will have keywords that relate back to page
  42. 42. SEO Website Implementations • Create a City Wok Blog o Example for the blog: Customer experiences/testimonials, new food choices, specials, contests, etc. o Possibly create a monthly CEO blog/newsletter section to enhance credibility • Employment page should match URL, currently its under the “Join-the-Team” URL • Further analyze Google Analytics’ metrics to better understand customers • Update content and press releases in news section • Use SEO descriptions to describe pictures • Update keywords for all the pages • Create more content on menu page o Prices and ingredients/food descriptions
  43. 43. Email/Mobile Marketing Implementations • Increase emails to customers • E-Club sign up changes: o Coupons must include a review on an online directory • Must show the review on a mobile device • Ability to use the coupons at two airport locations to appeal to business customers • Produce and develop mobile friendly scanning coupons o Environmentally friendly o Track repeat customers • Allow coupons for online ordering at the two Southern California locations
  44. 44. Off Page SEO Implementations • Wikipedia: o Create a City Wok Wikipedia page o Highlight the four different locations • Utilize Pay-Per-Click o Display Ads on mobile devices  Retargeting o Google AdWords Campaign  Increase exposure and increase website traffic  Emphasize location and demographic targeting • Increase backlinks from the website o City Wok has 451 backlinks o Panda Express has 64,299 and Pick Up Stix has 1,969 backlinks o Currently, substantially below competitors
  45. 45. Directory Implementations • Yellow Pages : o Claim all City Wok locations o Create a City Wok Virginia Airport Yellow Page location • Yelp: o Claim Denver Airport location o Increase the ratings on Yelp since most are mixed  Example: A possible giveaway for a review • Foursquare: o Claim all City Wok locations o Update missing information on each location for accuracy o Recognize and reward highly repeating customers
  46. 46. New Social Network Strategy
  47. 47. Facebook Improvements • Respond to customer comments and questions in a timely manner • Create contests (like Panda Express) to incite customer interaction, give away gift cards as prizes • Add more Facebook exclusive coupons to generate more likes • Run a promoted/sponsored campaign to increase exposure
  48. 48. Creation of City Wok on Youtube • Create a YouTube account • Benefits: o 2nd largest search engine (25% of all Google searches) o Comments can help with SEO o Post fan videos of consumers eating company product (create humorous videos for all to enjoy) o Create exposure with numerous views of these videos o Video content consists of new promotions, contests and brand awareness
  49. 49. Creation of Instagram Account • Create a City Wok Instagram account • Benefits: o Utilize keyword strategy hashtags o Interact with customers o “Regram” customers eating products o Create exposure and brand awareness o Increase appeal to younger demographic o Ability to inform about new locations, promotions and contests
  50. 50. What We’re Going To Do For You • Develop an effective keyword strategy and increase backlinks to boost your online presence • Increase your ROI with increased traffic which will ultimately assist with maximizing sales • Optimize your social media platforms to engage with customers o Respond to customers in a timely manner • Update and claim online directories with accurate/current information • Establish and update an Instagram, Youtube, Wikipedia page, and a blog on a daily basis • Revamp E-club with mobile friendly coupons/codes
  51. 51. Why Should You Hire Amplified Affiliates?
  52. 52. Why Work With Us? • We are a very reputable and established company • We offer several exclusive benefits for our clients including a dedicated Account Manager • We understand small and large business marketing objectives and capabilities • We are also extremely knowledgeable and successful in online marketing • Finally, we will do great things for your company
  53. 53. Thank you! Any questions?