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Evaluation: Technology used & learned

  1. 1. Throughout my production process I had to use many different technologies to create them effectively.The first that I will talk about will be the programmes that I used: Photoshop & In design Blogger Prezzie Slideshare and scrib’d (to share presentations) Jing Internet explorerI will also say a bit about the technology that I used, which were: Digital SLR cameraLighting and photographic scenery equipmentLastly, I will talk about that ways that I showed information on my blogger: hyperlinksTabulating graphs Embedding videosUploading images
  2. 2. Firstly, I auto adjusted and then changed the brightness of the images. Thishelped the image to stand out more against the cover. I also auto adjusted theimage so that the light balance would be correct - this also helped the image to be clearer. I also done the magic wand editing (look at the left wand image). This was so that the image would stand out from the background and look professional.When creating a backing box for my images. I used the layer style section to add a gradient that matched my background and looked good behind the image. Ialso added a stroke - this was too add a outside line to the box to make it stand out against the background.
  3. 3. When creating a backing box for my images. I used the layer style section to add a gradient that matched my background and looked good behind the image. I also added a stroke - this was too add a outside line to the box to make it stand out against theI used the same layer style options to background.help create the wording for my splash(right). I used a drop shadow for thewriting, this was to help it stand outfrom the background and to make thewriting less bland. I also beveled andembossed the writing, this was for thesame purpose - it was to enable it tostand out from the rest of the magazineas it is a key selling convention.
  4. 4. I used layers throughout my whole PowerPoint production. These were important because they enabled me to edit different parts of the magazine without effecting any other conventions orcomponents that were on the front page. I used the little eye next to the layers so that I could look at and edit different parts of the magazine whilst not getting confused with the others and changing them. I used the lasso tool to cut out my artist. This was again so that it could stand out from the background and looked professional without the background. On the right is the original image that hasnt been edited at all. I edited it so it was more successful on the magazine and therefore looks better which results in more people buying it.
  5. 5. I used blogger throughout the whole portfolio to show my work. I learned how to use it and how to make blog posts more effective. I kept my blog to a blue colour scheme as this was the theme throughout my music magazine and reflected my music genre. I also had a playlist on my blogger which had typical music from my magazines genre.
  6. 6. I used prezi when answering the question on audience. This was useful as it made the display of my production useful and more interesting. It also created pathways that meant my information could be shared quick and easily.I used these two websites so that I could share the presentations that I have done. I thenused an embed code to post them onto my blog. This was quick and easy and meant that I could create efficient power points and still have them on my blog.
  7. 7. I used jing to enable me to walkthrough a presentation and evaluation of my work. It was good as it meant I could show the reader exactly what I was talking about through the microphone and they could visually see and hear about my magazine. It was more interesting for the reader rather than reading all the information in anessay like form. I then uploaded it via screencast and an embed code onto my blog. I used internet explorer extremely frequently throughout my product. It used it to access my blogger, to search up information and to do my important research resulting in me knowing what was important within a music magazine.
  8. 8. I used a proper digital slr camera. It took a range of higher quality photos and its larger memory capacity enabled me to keep them all until I could choose what one I wanted to use. This meant that I could take a large range and then choose the most efficient when wanting to use one. We used proper lighting when taking our photos and a large white background. Thismeant that the photos would have efficient mobile lighting that we could choose to useas we wanted. This meant we could create all kinds of effects with it that would enable the audience to see a different mood through the range of different photos.
  9. 9. To show information on my blog I used hyperlinks. These were especially useful when wanting to show the reader or defer them back to a past blog post further explaining what I am talking about. I used them commonly throughout my blog to enable the audience to retrieve as much information as possible. I also used Microsoft excel to tabulate graphs for my information. These were more useful to me as they showed clear comparisons.I embedded videos within my blog that I filmed with a video camera. This was useful as it added variety to my blog posts therefore making them a lot more interesting to read. Finally, I uploaded images also to my blog which meant I could show jpeg work and also express visually what I am trying to say within my writing.Through INDEPENDENT LEARNING, I used tutorials especially for Photoshop to enable me to make my magazine look as effective as possible. I learned information through thetutorials which meant that I gathered skills and tricks that would make my magazine look a lot more eye catching, therefore making the audience more likely to want to buy it.