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Film Posters


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Film Posters

  1. 1. The film poster for The Eye seemingly opts forsimplistic ‘shock factor’ images, as opposed torelying on a great deal of graphology like manyothers. The brown shadow cast around the eye couldarguably be a suggestion of illness or death, asgenerally dark eyes are associated with corpses. Thispossibility is confirmed further by the white whichsurrounds it, because a pale face proposes more ofthe same. It could also be a nod to the afterlife, asnear death experiences and rising into heaven isfrequently described as ‘walking into the light’.From this, and from the panicked look of the eye, itis implied that she is the innocent victim in the film. Other spiritual connotations arederived from the meaning of an eye in itself. Theyare often referred to as ‘the windows of the soul’,and here a hand is seen to be coming out from it,thus creating an enigma for the audience, in thehope of enticing them to watch. Jessica Alba isshown above the title of the film, which reflects herimportance and is a unique selling point for the film,to existing fans. Appropriate credentials are alsolisted at the bottom of the page, which is afundamental convention of film posters.
  2. 2. The poster for ‘Humboldt County’ is suggested tobe a comedy as far as I am concerned, due to thenature of the graphics utilised. There is no seriouselement, as the character one would assume it isbased around is standing on what is likely to be acannabis roll-up. The smoke fading in with theclouds is a joke in itself, as the use of cannabis isreferred to as ‘getting high’.Another joke, ‘It was a little further out than hethought’ is printed as the skyline, quite literally.‘Far out’ was a term used mainly by hippies in thepeace movement during the ‘60s, so this isreferenced to make a link between these people,well known for cannabis use, and the scene behindof woodland and see, implying Humboldt Countyis far out in another sense.The colours used are all light and cheerful, bluesand greens having calming connotations, whichcould be another suggestion toward the use ofcannabis, as this is a common effect of the drug.
  3. 3. Red Sonja is a heroine from the works of Marvel.The deep red of her hair and lips connote bloodand anger, the wild wisps spiking around her tomake suggest that she is dangerous. The sky isgrey behind her, and the red rose petals appear tobe surrounding her, as if to show that she is thesource of the carnage beneath her feet, anoncoming storm ready to slay victims in her path.The composed expression on her face develops anair of mystery about her, as she is in a strangeenvironment and seems to find it normal. Thoughshe looks elegant and small, the chainmail attireand blood-stained sword develop a femme-fataleimage and it can be seen that she is dangerous.As she is on top of the skulls, it implies she is adominant character, taking presidency over thedead.This poster was released in 2008 as a teaser,alongside another of the main character lickingblood from a knife. Due to this, it does not requirethe amount of information as was featured in theprevious two. It is now expected to be released in2013.