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  1. 1. Introduction and Aims:• To consider statistical data and research into the use of digital and social media• To review and discuss the implications social and digital media can have on job hunting.• To suggest ways in which students and graduates can tap into these resources to gain further insight into companies and interact with employers early on• To suggest techniques and ways of maximising social and digital media as a resource in the search for a job
  2. 2. "24% of graduate recruiters tweetpersonally" (Social Media Audit, July2010)"Only email and search engines areused more frequently than socialnetworking [sites]"-Mary Madden & Kathryn Zickuhr,Pew Research Center 2011
  3. 3. Check out how this person got a job using Google ads
  4. 4. There are many creativeways to market yourselfonline, whether its throughthe use of Infographic CVs,Videos and Vlogs, Blogs orpodcasts. Digital and socialmedia can enable you tothink outside the box andperhaps cast a newperspective on makingemployers aware of whoyou are! ......however you also need tobe aware of adverse effectsof your Social Mediaprofiles, pictures and poststhat could attract unwantedattention!
  5. 5. "Photos and videos seem to get most people in trouble" (New York Times, July 2011) How can you tap into Social and Digital Media as a source for research and interaction with employers?Link: Erin’s Video “Hire Me”
  6. 6. Infographicsare anothergreat way ofshowing offyour abilities ina creative way
  7. 7. There are 500 million users on Facebook. Thats 1 in 13 people Fun-Facts on earth! The 18-24 demographic was the fastest growing lastOver 700 Billion year by 74%.minutes are spent Additionally 48% of "Facebook was the moston Facebook young people get the searched term in 2010.every month! news via Facebook. Facebook Login and were the second and fifth most popular U.S. search terms in 2010 "In just 20 minutes on Facebook respectively" over 1 million links are shared, 2 million friend requests are accepted and almost 3 million messages sent. Source: Digital Buzz Blog 2011
  8. 8. "More than half (53%) In contrast the Social Media Auditof employers research found that "graduate recruiters arepotential job candidates reluctant to research candidateson social networks. [...] Social Media profiles: 75% are12% of those 53% concerned such information couldadmitted to using get in the way of a fair recruitmentFacebook to do that" process. Yet despite this just 5% of(Survey by employers have a clear policy forCareerBuilder, 2010 line managers on this topic" (July 2010) So how can you use Facebook to interact with employers or get your desired job?
  9. 9. NetworkingUsing websitessuch asSimplyHired.comthat enable you tosee which of yourfriends haveconnections atrelevantorganisationsAnothergreat wayto networkis by usingLinkedIndirectly!
  10. 10. • A survey by SHL reveals that only 5% of graduates use LinkedIn to apply forjobs whereas 34% of graduate recruiters use the site to "screen candidates"•This could potentially be a missed opportunity for candidates to marketthemselves positively on the website1,000 graduates and 350 recruiters took part in the survey•"Graduates may be aware of the need to stop their internet footprint [from]working against them, but it seems they are not making the most of theopportunity to present themselves in a positive light [...]"-TargetJobs 2011
  11. 11. Many graduates (approx 4 in 10) were preparedto go greater lengths to improve their jobprospects, such as working 3 months unpaid.All graduates were prepared to do some unpaidwork experience.Just 39% of graduates stated they may usesocial media to promote themselves positively.Information interviews are anAmerican technique to researchemployers and build connections.Think about whether this is theappropriate medium before Asking for introductions orrequesting an information interview. information interviews:Some queries can be addressed via e- or telephone. Also think about linkedin-inmail-templateswhat is right for you, bearing in mindthe industry you are looking to workin!While social media can be an effective way to research employers and access potential vacancies, bear thefollowing in mind when making a decision whether to use these methods
  12. 12. The Twitter Job Hustle Experiment
  13. 13. Additional social/digitalmedia you could considerusing for the graduatejobsearch:TumblrWordPressGoogle+BeKnown
  14. 14. Questions?