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Fierce panda

  1. 1. fierce panda Independent Label Study
  2. 2. Formed in 1993 in London. fierce panda happened accidentally. Music journalists John Harris, Paul Moody and Simon Williams were together over a pint and simply thought why not start a record label?
  3. 3. 1994 fierce panda release “Shagging in the Streets” EP. It is a compilation album that features six 'happening' combos from this new scene dubbed “The New Wave Of New Wave.” It was extremely niche and sold out within a day. fierce panda only intended to release this one album, to see if they could do it really, but more interest and records followed.
  4. 4. 1994 This was a massive year for fierce panda. Despite the label stating they would only ever release singles rather than albums, they still attracted lots of interest. The Bluetones, Ash and Supergrass all released material through fierce panda. Acts were attracted to fierce panda. They were unlike other labels: free from the traditional constraints of the music business ie: contracts, five album deals and big marketing spends. Later this year, Placebo, Idlewild and Embrace also released music through fierce panda. The Bluetones Embrace
  5. 5. THE 1990s Fierce panda were beginning to gain a reputation for signing artists from the indie/Britpop genre. Oasis and Coldplay released material with fierce panda Their tracks, through little if no radio play gained positions in the chart at 75 and 99. After such success, fierce panda began venturing out, setting up Rabid Badger Recordings and Livid Meerkat label. These labels had some success but catered only for niche artists and audiences. However, these sub-labels were so niche, their existence was short.
  6. 6. 2000s 2001: fierce panda have a brief deal with Island Records. It lasted just over two years and sounds like it came to a bitter end. In particularly because at the end of the deal, Island signed Keane from fierce panda 2004 onwards: fierce panda stopped being a label that only produced 7” singles for bands and began producing albums. A number of successes with both British and U.S bands including The Walkmen, The Ravonettes and The Maccabees
  7. 7. FIERCE PANDA NOW fierce panda’s motto is simply: “we’re not here for muchos acclaimos, we’re here for the music and the beer.” Fierce panda have never been interested in its acts becoming mainstream or tying acts in to lucrative deals. On their label website, fans can watch fierce panda acts’ music videos on the homepage. Their shop sells merchandise, CD albums and singles and vinyls. However, gig tickets are not sold here. Videos are available on youtube but the label does not have its own channel.