A comparative analysis of businesses


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A comparative analysis of businesses

  1. 1. A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF BUSINESSES Group Members: Kimberley Ee Sze Ann, Chia Sue Yi, Cheong Siew Ying, Yap Kar Juen, Cheah Teck Wei Research topic: Traditional Penang Biscuits Module: English 2 (ENGL0205) Session: September 2013
  3. 3. SOON SENG Location: Lebuh Kimberley, Georgetown, Penang  Business type: Small stall 
  4. 4. TONG HOE SENG Location: Lebuh Kimberley, Georgetown, Penang  Business type: Small stall 
  5. 5. WAH THAI Location: Jalan Gottlieb, Georgetown, Penang  Business type: Large shop 
  7. 7. SOON SENG o 30 year old business o Mr Soon : the founder of the shop o receives help from family members
  8. 8. TONG HOE SENG o o o o 60 year old business Started in 1954 Has existed since before World War 2. Family-owned, passed down from father to daughter o Current owner has run the business for 30 years
  9. 9. WAH THAI o 40 year old business o Started in 1977. o 32 years of established experience and reputation o Employs dozens of workers
  11. 11. SOON SENG Tambun Biscuits Medicated Oils Pickled Fruits
  12. 12. TONG HOE SENG Tambun Biscuits Snacks Medicated Oils
  13. 13. WAH THAI Tambun Biscuits Coconut Biscuits Herbal Soup Snacks
  15. 15. SOON SENG AND TONG HOE SENG o Other stalls selling similar products. o Many of such stalls exist. o These similar stalls are all located very close together. Lebuh Kimberley Pin Kuan Enterprise Soon Seng Tong Hoe Seng
  16. 16. WAH THAI o Other stalls selling similar products. o Small stalls e.g. Tong Hoe Seng and Soon Seng which may sell for cheaper prices and are more easily accessible (located at tourist areas). o Other large companies selling similar products in Georgetown. Him Heang Ghee Hiang Wah Thai
  19. 19. SOON SENG AND TONG HOE SENG  Many competitors exist in the form of stalls selling similar products.  Different stalls may be able to offer cheaper prices.  Different stalls sell larger ranges of products and therefore can attract more customers.
  20. 20. WAH THAI o Many competitors exist in the form of other stalls selling similar products. o Smaller stalls offer cheaper prices due to cheaper packaging. o Smaller stalls know their customers on a personal level therefore having the advantage of customer loyalty.
  22. 22. SOON SENG AND TONG HOE SENG o Small local business. o Main customers are locals and tourists. o Sells tambun biscuits. o Exist in a purely competitive market.
  23. 23. WAH THAI o Large business. o Main products are tambun biscuits but also offers a large range of other local food products. o Exist in a purely competitive market.
  25. 25. SOON SENG AND TONG HOE SENG o Produce original homemade traditional biscuits. o Maintain customer loyalty. o Sell near tourist areas. o Cheaper price Popular food street located close to many hotels
  26. 26. WAH THAI • Large business. • Main products are traditional biscuits but also offers a large range of other local food products. • Maintain status and quality Packeted Bah Kut Teh is another popular Wah Thai product
  27. 27. Tong Hoe Seng & Soon Seng Wah Thai - 2 flavours only -many different flavours allow customers to try their products
  28. 28. FUTURE PLANS
  29. 29. SOON SENG AND TONG HOE SENG o Continue to provide friendly service to customers. o Maintain quality of products o Maintain customer loyalty by being courteous and providing high quality goods. o No plans for expansion.
  30. 30. WAH THAI o Maintain high status. o Maintain brand name quality. o Introduce a wider range of local food products e.g. packeted Bah Kut Teh. o No plans for expansion.
  31. 31. POPULARITY
  32. 32. SOON SENG AND TONG HOE SENG    Attracts local customers as well as tourist. Regular customers keep returning as they are familiar with the stall owners. Many years of reputable service (high quality goods and good attitude).
  33. 33. WAH THAI o High popularity o Advertising through newspaper and magazine o Winner of FOODSION's Magazine Award o Famous Tourist Place
  35. 35. SOON SENG AND TONG HOE SENG  - - - Advertise These businesses rely on their long standing reputation and do not feel the need to advertise. However, they do not realise that the modern generation may not be aware of their stalls and will visit the larger businesses that advertise aggressively. Advertise through: Facebook pages, blogs, newspaper articles, magazines.
  36. 36. WAH THAI  - - - - Consider expanding the business Currently Wah Thai’s main goal is to preserve ONLY the quality of their products and they see this as their main priority. This may serve as a weakness as they are unable to see the bigger picture. Wah Thai is slowly becoming more and more successful, in time the business will come to a standstill. Wah Thai should aim big as they have the potential to achieve great success.
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