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The flipped native american studies classroom pp ed 4764


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Online presentation for ed 4764

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The flipped native american studies classroom pp ed 4764

  1. 1. Image Credit:
  2. 2.  This website highlights the points of the flipped classroom classroom.html This website highlights the positives and negatives of the flipped classroom m/2011/06/13/the-flipped-classroom-model-a- full-picture/ This website highlights the advantages of the flipped classroom for both teachers and students
  3. 3.  Students work at their own pace Students achievement allows for further growth Student interest is expended through discovery Students are given the opportunity to work from home, which can help ease issues of absenteeism
  4. 4. •Generosity•Belonging•Mastery•Independence Image Credit:
  5. 5. •Additional Information on theCircle of Courage can be foundat
  6. 6.  Mastery: students are encouraged to meet the mastery standard by having to master the content before being allowed to move on to the next area of study Image Credit:
  7. 7.  Independence: students independence is encouraged through working on their own to meet course goals and requirements Image credit:
  8. 8.  Is the the combination of teacher instruction and online instruction Image Credit:
  9. 9.  Is the the combination of teacher instruction and online instruction The combination of these allows for students to have both the support and the relationship of the teacher as well as the independence of working at their own pace online Teaches students both the social skills gained in a classroom setting as well as the drive to accomplish their own work
  10. 10.  the-teacher-in-blended-learning.php This website displays the role of the teacher in a blended classroom http://chip- learning-combining-online-technology- with-classroom-instruction-1-of-3/ This website shows the advantages of blending instruction
  11. 11.  For more information on ways to use the internet in an FNMI classroom, visit my website at: hingfnmicontent
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