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Google Plus – Getting Started Checklist    Google Profile            Who am I?            What do I do?            Who...
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Google plus-getting-started-checklist


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Great checklist to assist you in getting started with your social media on Google Plus. Download this checklist and make sure as you complete and item to check it off.

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Google plus-getting-started-checklist

  1. 1. Google Plus – Getting Started Checklist  Google Profile  Who am I?  What do I do?  Who is my target audience?  Who do I want to joint venture with?  Share website & social media profile links.  Include keywords in description.  Business Pages  What do I do?  Share website link.  Include keywords in description.  Circles  Connect with industry leaders.  Create circles for your team, inner circle, those you love to hangout with, and even your hobbies such as artist, musicians, or cooking.  Make sure to create a circle for those you consider your target customer.  Search  What’s Hot.  Sparks.  People & Business Pages.  Keyword.  Hangouts  Connect, Communicate, And Collaborate.  Public sharing  Make your personal profile public to be found.  Share your post publically.  +1 button  Show that you like a post or a picture by +1ing it.  Comments  Connect with other by posting comments on post in your streamCreated by Kim Beasley ©Copyrighted 2011