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Opening access


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Opening access

  1. 1. Opening the Shell to Find Some Pearls Policies in Materials Access -K.Arcand
  2. 2. Restricted Use• Monetizing resources - practicality (labor and resource intensive); low-margin (small $, small audience)••
  3. 3. Open Metadata• Europeana, Cooper Hewitt: "CC-0" (raw data is free to use, re-use, and build upon for any purpose whatsoever, without restrictions or fees; not all images though)••
  4. 4. Public Domain• NASA images are public domain (once “released” either by 1year rule or by pub affairs); Flickr Commons showcases public domain efforts of SI, Library of Congress and many other institutions. See also, Wikimedia commons.••
  5. 5. • Can open access help content "flow through the Internet, where it can be used and re-used on the sites that people visit every day."• Questions: – “Democratization” (too tidy of a term perhaps….) – Questions of Authenticity and Authority – Leadership ("Importance of public institutions in stimulating innovation and knowledge creation") – Increased opportunities for learning & research