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  1. 1. Management is a science and art, why so named because thetwo are inseparable. Management as a science, because it hasbeen studied for a long time, and has been organized into atheory. This is because in it describes the management ofsymptoms, these symptoms are then examined using thescientific method is formulated in the form of principlesembodies in the form of a theory.Moderate management as an art, here the view that in the worknecessary to achieve a goal together with others, well, how toinstruct the others to cooperate. By the very nature of humanactivity in general is managing (set) to set up an art neededhere, how others need to work towards a common goal.
  2. 2. Are there any qualities that you thinkshould be added to this list? Corrective to achieve goals
  3. 3. Which of these qualities can be acquired?Which must you be born with?I think A,B,and C is the mustA. Being descisive: able to make quick decicionB. Being efficient: doing things quickly, not leaving task unfinished,having a tidy desk,and so onC. Being friendly and sociable
  4. 4. 1b Reading This text summarizes some of Peter Drucker’s view on management. As you read about his description of the work of a manager, decide whether the five different functions he mentions require the four qualities you selected in your discussion, or others you did not choose. Drucker’s first point (setting objectives and developing strategies) prasumably requires qualities: having good ideas, being competent, being logical, rational, analytical, and being decisive The second point (organizing) presumably also requires : being competent, being logical, rational, analytical and being persuasive.
  5. 5. The third point (motivation andcommunication) embraces: beingable to motivate and inspire andlead people, being able tocommunicate with people and beingpersuasive and probably beingfriendly and sociable.And the fourth point (measuringperformance) probably requires :being competent, and being logical,rational, and analytical.The fifth point (developing people)might requires: being competent,being able to motivate, and inspireand lead people, being able tocommunicate with people and beingpersuasive.
  6. 6. 1c Vocabulary
  7. 7. 1d VocabularyAllocate resources/peopleCommunicate information/decisionsDevelop strategies/people/subordinatesMake decisionsMeasure performanceMotivate peoplePerform jobsSet objectivesSupervise subordinates
  8. 8. 2 Meetings
  9. 9. 2a ReadingRead the computer journalist Robert X. Cringely’sdescription of the management style at IBM. Ishe positive or negative about IBM’s workingculture?Robert Cringely’s history of the personal computerindustry is very informative, in places very critical,and also very funny. In this extract, he is extremelynegative about IBM,saying that they put much toomuch effort into management and worrying about thepossibility of making bad decisions, and not enoughinto producing good, competitively-priced product.
  10. 10. 1. Every IBM employee’s ambition is apparently to become a manager It seems as if the people who work for IBM are more interested in being regarded as a manager than as a computer designer or technician.2. IBM makes management the company’s single biggest business IBM’s corporate culture seems to place more emphasis on management than on developing and selling the company’s products.3. IBM executives manage the design and writing of software IBM’s managers don’t actually do the work of designing and writing software themselves, but organize and supervise the people who do it.
  11. 11. 4. IBM products aren’t often very competitive IBM products are rarely as good or as cheap as similar products made by their competitor.5. The safety net at IBM is so big it is hard to make a bad decision There is an extensive hierarchy and a system of checks and controls which ensures that bad decisions are generally avoided (but good decisions also take a very long time to make).6. This will be the source of the company’s ultimate downfall The slowness of IBM’s decisions-making process (and the consequent lack of competitiveness of their products) will eventually destroy the company
  12. 12. 2c VocabularyFind words in the text that mean the same as the words or expression below1. Seemingly = apparently2. Computer programs = software3. Work,time and energy = effort4. Computers (and other machines) = hardware5. Young workers still learning their jobs = trainees6. Knowledge and skill = expertise7. Level or strata = layers8. To make certain that something is true = verify9. Corrected or slightly changed = amended10. Collapse or failure = down fall
  13. 13. 3d DiscussionAfter reading and hearing about management, do youthink you have the right skills to be a manager? Wouldyou be able, for example, to set objectives, motivate andcoordinate the staff, and manage a department store, ora computer manufacture?Basiclly every individual has the potential to becomemanagers. However, to become a good manager whocan motivate staff, control and influence others thereare several criteria a good manager are has the soulleader.And profit-oriented comperateobjective, innovative, objective, splurge on thecompany, capable of working climate conductive etc.