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Copy Contract for 5-Hour Energy


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Spec Copy Contract for 5-Hour Energy. 2-person group project focused on improving the overall copy of current 5-Hour energy ad campaign.

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Copy Contract for 5-Hour Energy

  1. 1. 5-hour ENERGY® Copy Contract for 5-hour ENERGY® shots March 23, 2011 KEY FACT When people need energy, they want it immediately and without the side-effect commonly referred to as a “crash”. ADVERTISING CHALLENGE To expand the current targeted audience of 5-hour ENERGY shots in a market where other prominent alternatives, such as competing energy drinks and coffee, have a strong presence. ADVERTISING OBJECTIVE To persuade consumers that 5-hour ENERGY is their best choice for quick, crash-free energy based on its immediate effectiveness, concentration of natural chemicals, lack of sugar, and low calorie content. CREATIVE STRATEGYProspect Definition and ProfileBusy Americans determined to stay on-the-go who don’t have the time to drink an entire energybeverage but need immediate and lasting effective energy without negative consequences. Demographics (Based on industry research**) • Working adults (Male & Female) • 20-45 median age range • College-educated • Health & Nutrition consciousPrincipal Competition • Red Bull • Monster • Coffee • Caffeinated Sodas (Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew)Promise5-hour ENERGY delivers crash-free energy.Support*5-hour ENERGY has no sugar, the biggest factor in the “crash” after consuming an energy beverage.5-hour ENERGY’s unique blend of vitamins, folic acid, and amino acids mimic natural body-producingchemicals, which also contribute to its crash-free nature.5-hour ENERGY has the same amount of caffeine as one small cup of premium coffee.5-hour ENERGY’s tiny bottle makes it portable and accessible at all times.5-hour ENERGY contains only 4 calories.5-hour ENERGY contains your daily-recommended dose of Vitamin B. MANDATORIES AND POLICY LIMITATIONS Advertising materials must avoid mentioning that 5-hour ENERGY is not FDA approved.COMPANY BRAND CREATIVE DIRECTORCLIENT MARKETING MANAGER DATE 5-HOUR ENERGY ACCT EXEC(*, **) See attached: Additional Information
  2. 2. Additional Information*Ingredients in 5-hour ENERGY: B • Vitamin B6: contains protein amino acids  protein building blocks, DNA creation and repair, cell creation • Vitamin B12: processes carbohydrates into usable energy • Vitamin B13 (Niacin): converts fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and starches into usable energy • Folic Acid: found in Vitamin B. essential to producing and maintaining cell healthChemicals • Citicoline: improves memory and focus • Tyrosine: amino acid found in high protein food products. Increases nerve impulses to brain, elevates mood, improves memory and alertness • Phenylalanine: essential amino acid that enhances alertness • Taurine: organic acid that acts as an antioxidant. Naturally occurs in meat, fish, and dairy products. Aids movement of potassium, sodium and calcium in the cell, which has the effects of a diuretic. Aids digestion, possible anti-anxiety effects. Maintains cell membranes • Malic Acid: Organic compound found in fruit. Converts carbs into energy. • Glucuronolactone: Natural metabolite produced by the metabolization of glucose in the liver. Shown to reduce sleepiness. Important structural component of all connective tissues.**Relevant Case StudiesSilverstein, B. “5-Hour Energy: Powered Up”. 2010, Jan. 13. Brand Channel., N. “5 Hour Energy: an Americas Hottest Brand Case Study”. 2009, Nov. 16. AdAge. case-study/140458/.
  3. 3. 2. Current campaign for 5-hour ENERGY: Finding the energy for work and family responsibilities is hard enough. Throw in a second job, go back to school, or simply have a sleepless night, and you’re bound to hit the wall. So what do you do? Run for the coffee? Grab a soda? But how long does that last before you need more? Try this instead – take one 5-hour ENERGY® shot. It’s quick, simple, and made to help hard working people. ( ) Current advertising is limited to TV spots of low production value. Using the antiquatedcustomer testimonial, by what looks to be untrained professionals, is not terribly exciting. “Do you knowwhat 2:30 in the afternoon feels like?” is the current campaigns tag which works, but lacks the punch itneeds to convince us to try the product. Simply put, the current campaign is boring. There is nochallenge being presented to consumers. Instead, were looking to move the campaign into far moreaggressive territory. In fact, it could probably use a dose of its own product. We aim to put some vitalityand aggression into this campaign: after all, we are selling energy!Current advertising examples: - Informational handout - Commercial screenshot - Wholesaler promotional ad - Commercial screenshot Currently, 5-hour ENERGY targets the anonymous cubicle-worker, the tired soccer mom, andthe accountant who hates his job. Nobody wants to think of himself as the average overworkedAmerican Joe-Schmo and by doing so, 5-hour ENERGY is missing out on the market segment thatcompetitors like Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and Monster already target. It doesn’t matter if you are aNASCAR racer or insurance salesman, we want to expand 5-hour ENERGY’s audience to include allpeople on-the-go. In other words, we want energy seekers who lead an active lifestyle. Our customer is asmart, driven, working American who knows what he/she wants: energy now, energy that lasts, andenergy that is crash-free.
  4. 4. Instead of focusing on the hassle-free aspect of the product as the current campaign does, whatwe found to be the crux of the product’s appeal is the backbone of our promise statement: 5-hour ENERGY delivers crash-free energy. Using this tightly worded promise statement, we shift the consumers focus to a desired result.One that few competitors dare to approach. The immediate connotation of “crash-free” is sugar-free. Ourpromise, therefore, allows us to expand on that idea while highlighting our products benefits: 1. Sugar-free means lower calories → Our product contains only 4 calories 2. Natural chemicals and vitamins contribute to the steady stream of energy → Natural energy for the nutrition conscious consumer 3. “Crash” is oftentimes associated with energy dissipating and leaving a harmful side-effect → Our product’s organic amino acids, cell-preservers, and DNA repairing qualities position our product as a safe and healthy choice By using this promise statement, we hope to highlight a broader scope of our products assets inour campaign. Focusing on 5-hour ENERGYs crash-free promise, we drive home our consumersdesires for a boost of energy without having to suffer through the harmful side-effects of a sugar-inducedcrash.
  5. 5. 4. Our campaign: Our campaign is focused on 5-hour ENERGYs most distinguishing product asset – its ability todeliver energy without the unwanted side-effect of a “crash” typical of most caffeinated alternatives. Asdiscussed in our critique of the current campaign, we feel that with this new approach 5-hour ENERGYnow has a clearer focus and a promise to deliver its consumers. We are upping the ante by asking newconsumers to try us out because we are so confident in our products ability to deliver. Our ads are meantto be aggressive, smart, and challenge the consumer to give us a shot. All three ads are selling consumers on 5-hour ENERGYs crash-free benefit, either by explicitlystating it in the headline or by constructing a visual story that plays off of common connotations andprejudices found in the consumer. Each ads body copy further elaborates on the products benefits forthe discerning consumer. Our tag completes the idea of challenging consumers to take a chance and buyour product, while at the same time playing off its literal size. Here are our ads:Ad #1 illustrates how 5-hour ENERGY has been so good, it has literally put crash dummies out of work.Theme: Freedom from the crash.A crash dummys job is to crash, but with no “crash” testing expected, theyve got to look elsewhere forwork. Crashing into the literal and proverbial wall is not likely to happen so our dummy is ready tomove on to the next phase in his life. Our headline “Leave crashing to the dummies” drives that pointhome. It speaks to our products effectiveness in deliver energy without the crash and with the visual, wechallenge and applaud the consumer who chooses 5-hour ENERGY over the alternatives. Our body copyis even better, tying it all together. Crash-test dummies were born to crash, so what happens whentheyve got nothing to test?Ad #2 illustrates how 5-hour ENERGY works and how you can count on it to keep you prepared.Theme: Driven and determined, no room for failure.By having a businesswoman, working adults being our largest demographic, parachuting into her boardmeeting looking confident plays up the idea that crashing is the last thing on her mind. Our headline alsoplays off the idea of the spectacular “crash and burn” idiom – a very real fear for many presenters, butby promising them theres no crash theyll land safely and hit the ground at full-speed, ready to tacklethat presentation. Momentum is on her side and without having to fear a spectacular crash, shell be ableto jump right in.Ad #3 illustrates how 5-hour ENERGY is literally crash-free.Theme: Everything you need but the crash.A word bubble made up of the products ingredients are funneled into the iconic bottle. With heavilyhealth-conscious wording like “amino acids”, “vitamin”, “protein”, “organic”, our ad conveys how 5-hour ENERGY is made with only healthy, natural ingredients. Our headline then brings up the fact thatthere is no crash to be found. Go ahead and check, you wont find it in 5-hour ENERGY.