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Youth Philanthropy Initiative at Discovery Montessori School


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In 2010, The Discovering Philanthropy program was launched at Discovery Montessori School (DMS) to provide a wonderful enrichment to our children’s authentic Montessori experience, one that would awaken the power we all have to make a difference in the world. Last year the students of DMS, through the Discovering Philanthropy program, gifted $1300.00 to the Adopt-A-Rainforest program and dedicated it to the Maya Biosphere project in Guatemala.

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Youth Philanthropy Initiative at Discovery Montessori School

  1. 1. Discovery Montessori SchoolOur Mission is to inspire our children to become passionate lifelong learners and responsible world citizens, in a challenging and nurturing academic environment firmly rooted in Montessori principles.
  2. 2. Youth Philanthropy Initiative 2011-2012 Conservation & the Environment
  3. 3. Youth PhilanthropyWhat is it?Youth Philanthropy is the donation of time, energyor resources, including money, by children andyouth towards philanthropic causes. Youthphilanthropy educates young people about socialchange in order to identify community problemsand design the most appropriate solutions.
  4. 4. Youth PhilanthropyWhat else is it?Youth Philanthropy can also be defined as anythingyoung people do to make the world around them abetter place. Youth Philanthropy is, at the broadestlevel, youth giving of their time, talents and treasure.In doing so, students learn the answer to deeperquestions, such as, “What do I care about and Why?”
  5. 5. Youth PhilanthropyWhat is the difference between Charity andPhilanthropy?Charity refers to the relief of suffering whilePhilanthropy is the seeking out of the root causes ofsocial problems and solving them. Charity is for today;philanthropy is forever.
  6. 6. Youth PhilanthropyWhy at Discovery?We hope that through both local community and globalcommunity service, Discovery students will learn tobecome Leaders and Agents of Change in their localand global communities.
  7. 7. Discovering PhilanthropyIn 2010, The Discovering Philanthropy program was launched atDMS to provide a wonderful enrichment to our children’sauthentic Montessori experience, one that would awaken thepower we all have to make a difference in the world.Last year the students of DMS, through the DiscoveringPhilanthropy program, gifted $1300.00 to the Adopt-A-Rainforestprogram and dedicated it to the Maya Biosphere project inGuatemala.
  8. 8. DMS Elementary students participating in an Art Exchange and Videoconference with elementary students living in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala. 
  9. 9. Partnerships 2011-2012 The Rainforest Alliance White Oak Conservation Center
  10. 10. The Rainforest Alliance PartnershipSchool-wide Rainforest Alliance CurriculumScience Unit which will culminate at the MayDay Festival.Elementary students will produce artwork toexchange with students living in the rainforest ofthe Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala.Videoconference with the students in Guatemala.
  11. 11. White Oak Conservation Center The White Oak Conservation Center conserves and sustains some of the earth’s rarest wild animals through innovative training, research, education, breeding and field programs that contribute to the survival of wildlife in nature. a globally integrated conservation initiative....
  12. 12. The White Oak PartnershipOrganic Endangered Species Chocolate Bars certified by the RainforestAlliance will be sold all year long in the DMS office to raise capital for theYouth Philanthropy Initiative. Money collected will be donated by Discoveryto fund the White Oak Okapi Conservation Project and the continued support ofthe Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala through the Rainforest Alliance,Adopt-A-Rainforest Program.Tuesday, November 1st: Elementary Field Study. Elementary students andfaculty will enjoy a day of study in the field with scientists and researchers at theprestigious White Oak Conservation Center. As part of this day of study, studentswill have an up close encounter with the Okapi - an endangered species ofrainforest giraffe, and the focus of our philanthropic work this year.
  13. 13. Okapi Conservation Project Okapi Conservation Project is located within the Ituri Forest, in theDemocratic Republic of Congo, the most biologically diverse country inAfrica.  The Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) was initiated by WhiteOak in 1987 to conserve the okapi in the wild while preserving thebiological and cultural dynamics of the Ituri Forest. A flagship species, theokapi serves as an ambassador representing the incredible diversity ofspecies found in the region.
  14. 14. The White Oak PartnershipNovember: Skype with The Congo! Students will Skype with lead researchersand scientists working in the field on the Okapi Conservation Project in Africa.November 16th: Family Endangered Species Chocolate Campaign. DMSfamilies will have the opportunity to purchases boxes of ES chocolates to sell tofriends, family, and coworkers just in time for the holiday season!!! All proceedswill further benefit our Youth Philanthropy Initiative.Golden Bead Society members will have a unique opportunity to visit the ultra-exclusive White Oak Conservation Center for a private event and priority access.Annual Fund details will be coming home this week.Visit our Facebook page to see our Faculty during their Summer Retreat inpreparation for a year of Accreditations!
  15. 15. Discovery Montessori School The Rainforest AllianceWhite Oak Conservation Center An elite environmental education experience.