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Media powerpoint


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Media powerpoint

  1. 1. Opening Sequence Date: 14/02/14 By Michael Jones, Salih Karaoglan & Sean Sturrock
  2. 2. Suggested title names The Prestige The Chase Inspection The Order How To Deal The Delivery Intent Misery On The Bounty Instant Impact Double Bound Hidden The Breach These are the following title names we have chosen that could potentially be our title for the opening sequence. We feel that the title names we have chosen suggest the genre of the opening sequence, this being: Action. This is important as the audience has to understand what the film is about by the title.
  3. 3. Summary/Plot Our opening sequence is going to include three characters at different scenes. The summary so far is going to be a story that follows a man’s life, who is hired by a wealthy man seeking revenge for the death of a family member. The third character is portrayed as the killer, however; it’s a misunderstanding and he was in fact not to blame.
  4. 4. Character Profile 1 – The first character is the wealthy man taking revenge on the loss of his family member. Name: Carlos Montague II Age: 26 Height: 1.81m Character Profiles Character Profile 2 – Character number two will be the hired killer by the wealthy man, he is aggressive and highly trained. He has not missed his target once and he will not give in, this highly trained killer will be the boss of the job. Inherited his money from father, which is a property developer that has passed away a few years ago due to Name: Vladimir Kashrus heart problems. This makes this character very vulnerable to his family so he Age: 23 will be aggressive towards any hurt against family Height: 1.83m members. Character Profile 3 – Character number three is the target, he will be assassinated by the highly trained killer. He will not be expecting it but he has the slightest idea that the Carlos will take revenge so he has his guards up and he will be waiting. Name: Jonathon Hue Age: 21 Height: 1.84m
  5. 5. The costumes for the three characters will vary upon their specific role, the costume has to fit the characters actions, an example being; the wealthy man will not be dressed as an ordinary guy of the street. He will in fact be dressed smart and classy. The specific type of costume will represent the character so they are an individual, the costume will explain the role of the character almost, for the audience to keep track and have a well understanding. My third example is the target, as he has no idea of the plot, he will be dressed as a casual guy. Costumes The examples being that the three characters have each specific roles so they will all have to dress in a unique style to individually stand out and represent themselves. The first example is the wealthy man, which will have to dress smart and classy to stand out to his role. The second example is the hired killer, this will be the casual guy which has to blend in to the public so his costume will be a day to day outfit maybe with a few accessories to help disguise
  6. 6. Props The props used for this opening scene will be: car keys, weapons, phones and the attire of characters.
  7. 7. Location They’re will be various locations throughout the opening scene, the locations will relate to the action genre and what goes on at the time. If the time comes for the hired killer to take out the target then the location will have to be an alley or a quite location, at night. The locations of the opening scene will be picked carefully as they will have to relate to what’s going on at the time, they have to be very specific other then the side of the road. This will create tension and entertainment for viewers.
  8. 8. Music Choices The music choices for our opening scene is going to be an exciting, loud choice of music as it has to be linked to the genre, this being: Action. We will also use ominous music to build tension during the chase scenes, which will be conveyed to the audience. An example for the introduction being Music