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Pass4sure PSP - Physical Security Professional, 100% Money back Guarantee


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Pass4sure PSP - Physical Security Professional, 100% Money back Guarantee

  1. 1. PSP ASIS Physical Security Professional (PSP)
  2. 2. DEMOFind some pages taken from full version Following pages are for demo purpose only. Demo pages are randomly taken from full version. Full version can be different from the demo version. You can request the updated Demo by contacting For Details about Full version Click
  3. 3. B. Risk transfer C. Collateral D. Self-assurance Answer: B QUESTION: 162 _______________ of risk involves planning for an eventual loss without benefit of insurance. A. Planning B. Transfer C. locking D. Self-assumption Answer: D QUESTION: 163 Insurance can be a substitute for a security program. A. True B. False Answer: B QUESTION: 164 Insurance carriers provide coverage on the basis that the estimated value of loss is always greater than the total of the premiums paid. A. True B. False Answer: B QUESTION: 165 What must be thought of as supportive of security operations rather than as the principal defense? 48
  4. 4. A. Insurance B. Loss-prevention C. Premiums D. Bonds Answer: A QUESTION: 166 Which of eth following is NOT the type of insurance? A. Fidelity Bonds B. Surety Bonds C. 3-D policies D. Privacy Invasion Answer: D QUESTION: 167 Coverage of what provides remuneration for losses due to employee dishonesty? A. Fidelity Bonds B. Surety Bonds C. 3-D policies D. Insurance against loss of use Answer: A QUESTION: 168 Concerns itself with those means by which a given facility protects itself against theft and any natural disasters is called: A. refuge B. Physical security C. safety measures D. precautions Answer: B QUESTION: 169 49
  5. 5. __________ is a plant, building, office, institution, or any commercial or industrial structure or complex with all the attendant structures and functions that are part of an integrated operation. A. Facility B. Contents C. Interior D. Padlocks Answer: A QUESTION: 170 When yard space and warehousing is required even in urban areas, __________ is the boundary of the property owned by the company. A. Fence B. Wall C. Perimeter D. Chain link Answer: C QUESTION: 171 What are wide-beam units, primarily used to extend the illumination in long, horizontal strips to protect the approaches to the perimeter barrier? A. Floodlights B. Search lights C. Perimeter lighting D. Fresnel Lenses Answer: D QUESTION: 172 ___________ is a controllable variable and how much control is necessary depends on the degree of honesty of each individual. A. Potential B. Capability C. Honesty 50
  6. 6. D. Aptitude Answer: C QUESTION: 173 What is a feeling of responsibility and respect that develops during an individual’s formative years and is subconscious? A. Moral honesty B. Trustworthiness C. Integrity D. Candor Answer: A QUESTION: 174 What results from fearing the consequences of being caught; and is a product of reasoning? A. Speech honesty B. Conditional honesty C. Integrity D. Conduct Answer: B QUESTION: 175 Theft triangle consists of: A. dander, desire, opportunity B. motive, condition, opportunity C. motive, desire, opportunity D. dishonesty, financial problem, prospect Answer: C QUESTION: 176 What might be the resentment of an employee who feels the vengefulness of an employee who has been passed over for promotion? 51
  7. 7. A. desire B. motive C. opportunity D. all of the above Answer: B QUESTION: 177 The process of finding the person best qualified for the job in terms of both skills and personal integrity is known as: A. Inspection B. Recruitment C. Vetting D. Screening Answer: D QUESTION: 178 What involves a discreet investigation into the past and present activities of the applicant? A. Back-grounding B. Reporting C. Supervisory D. Recording Answer: A QUESTION: 179 Which of the following is the category of integrity and lie detection tests? A. Polygraph B. Psychological Stress Evaluator C. Personal Security Inventory D. All of the above Answer: D 52
  8. 8. QUESTION: 180 What not only reflect an applicant’s financial situation and stability, they also provide other useful solution such as past addresses and previous employers? A. Legal reports B. Credit reports C. Status reports D. Miscellaneous reports Answer: B QUESTION: 181 Which records provide detailed, documented records of an applicant’s personal history, background, and financial relationships? A. Legal action B. Civil lawsuit C. Civil litigation D. All of the above Answer: C 53
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