Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For Entrepreneurs


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Basic information and advice to short cut the learning curve when getting started with online Video Marketing.
Tips and hints to find the necessary software and equipment for the entrepreneurs who want to begin createing video for their business

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Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Confidential "Beginners Guide" Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For Entrepeneurs by Chris Archer
  2. 2. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For EntrepreneursDisclaimers / Legal InformationAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrievalsystem or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior writtenpermission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations for thepurpose of writing critical articles or reviews.Notice of LiabilityThe author and publisher have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of theinformation herein. However, the information contained in this book is presentedwithout warranty, either express or implied.Trademark NoticeRather than indicating every occurrence of a trademarked name as such, thisbook uses the names only in an editorial fashion and to the benefit of thetrademark owner with no intention of infringement of the trademark.Copyright Information©2011 Chris Archerhttp://videomarketingtips.net2 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  3. 3. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For EntrepreneursTable of ContentsIntroduction........................................................................ Page 3Why Video Marketing? ……..…………………….………………………. Page 4Dont Have A Website? Do You Need One?…………….…….. Page 5What Type of Video?........................ ………………………….. Page 6What Equipment Do I Need?……………..………….………………….. Page 7Making Screencasts………………………..……………………………… Page 9Hosting your Videos …………………….…………….………… Page 10Where Do We Go From Here?…………………………………………… Page 113 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  4. 4. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For EntrepreneursIntroductionAs a fellow entrepreneur, I can empathize with your ambition to learn about andstart a project using video marketing as a core strategy in your business. Weeach have a different project in mind and will be using video to achieve differentends. So I will keep to the broadest and most basic aspects of video marketing inthis report.More and more people see video as the future of marketing as the popularity ofvideo sharing sites like Youtube increases. Many business websites now greettheir prospective customers with a video introduction on their landing page.Others have sales pages that consist of just a video and a payment button. Video is now used for several aspects of business. It can do the selling but it canalso be the product or can be used to train staff etc. Whatever reason you havedecided you need to be able to do this stuff will only be one of the ways you endup using it that’s for sure. Google decided video was the future as long ago as2006 when they bought Youtube for $1.65 billion. Youtube now plays more that2 billion videos per day and still increasing. Is it time for you to get in there too?The popularity of web-enabled phones (like the iPhone) will only add to thesenumbers as more and more people access the internet via their phones.Something to bear in mind when making your videos is to make sure the file is ina format that will play on peoples handsets.Its for this reason that I wrote "Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For BuddingEntrepreneurs." To give you a clear understanding of what "Video Marketing" isand why its something you should get involved in.To your success,Chris Archer4 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  5. 5. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For EntrepreneursWhy Video Marketing Anyway?"Video Marketing" is a rapidly growing aspect to business. Human naturedictates that most people will watch a video when they won’t read a book.People are for the most part lazy so because watching involves less effort thanreading they are more likely to take on board information from a video than theyare from a report or an ebook. Of course some people prefer to read so if youcan it is always a good idea to offer both.Internet Marketing Experts have realized over the last two years that they getbetter results by using video on their sales pages than they do by using the longand hype filled sales letters.Firstly, because it takes less effort on the part of the customer and secondly,because it gives the seller a chance to form a relationship with the buyer. If youcan insert your personally into the video so that the customer feels he knows,likes and trusts you so much the better. It is a common practice now to run aseries of videos run over a week or so launch a product or sell an item. It givesthe seller time to get a few jokes in and generally get the buyer to like himbefore whacking him over the head with the hard sell at the end.To cut a long story short, people are using video to sell anything and everythingand some even starting their own channels to do it. It is popular now and willonly increase. If you catch up now you will have an advantage over yourcompetition that can give you a head start in most lines of business. There areliterally hundreds of different ways that a business might benefit from anincrease in internet exposure that using video brings to the table.5 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  6. 6. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For EntrepreneursDont Have A Website? Do You Need One?Please excuse me if I am talking to you as though you don’t know anything andyou are passed this stage but I am going to assume you have nothing for thepurposes of this exercise.You may not need a website if your plan is to market somebody elses product asan affiliate and work on commission but if you plan to sell your own product thechances are you will need a website.If you don’t have a website and need one then you are going to need a domainname for your website and hosting. A common place to buy domains is ‘GoDaddy’ and they are very good. I prefer Namecheap personally because you getslightly more for your money and less email driving you mad to buy somethingelse. As far as Hosting is concerned there is lots of choice but I recommendHostgator because they are very affordable and have a 24/7 helpline that hasbeen excellent whenever I have had a mental block. I have several websiteshosted on Hostgator and can’t fault them at all.Of course, you could always test out your video making on a free site first. It isonly delaying the inevitable if you are serious but if you are short on confidenceyou can use a free website such as Blogspot or Weebly as a testing ground. Ofeven a Facebook “Fanpage" could be used to display your work.If you already have a fanpage for your business, youll need to be able to adaptthe default layout to suit your needs. That is easier than it looks. Facebookallows businesses to customize their fanpages in a number of ways and doing sois a great idea!You can add custom graphics to build your brand, videos that excite your visitorsand deliver your message in a fresh, new way or even add the ability to captureemail leads direct from your fanpage!6 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  7. 7. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For EntrepreneursWhat Type of Video?Now it is time to get yourself a plan of action. The best results will come if you knowwhat you want to end up with before you start. Many people will just start because theyhave half a plan, then lose their way and give up. If you can map out what you aretrying to achieve before you start your chances of success will greatly increase.Do you want to film yourself selling the product or would you rather do a screencast?Many people don’t want to be in front of the camera so perhaps make a screencastoften by using a Powerpoint presentation. All this stuff depends on how you feel andwhat you are trying to achieve.For video in its simplest to prepare form you should try out Animoto . This is a freeservice that allows you mix still picture images and text images together to form a videoset to music. The software mixes it all up for you and puts it together to make fab littlevideos in only a few minutes. Videos up to 30 seconds long are free. For longer videosthere is a low cost annual membership. It is a great place to start and it costs nothingto give it a try. Don’t forget to title the video with whatever your keyword is formaximum effect.If you have Microsoft Office 2010 you can make a Powerpoint presentation in thatapplication and there is a facility to record your slides as a video and even narrate. Ilike to put the audio on after in Camtasia but you don’t need to.Screencasts are a now widely used in marketing both on sales pages to explain theproposition and also as the product itself particularly if the product is some sort oftraining that can be explained with a video.Or if you are very brave you can put yourself in front of the camera and engage thecustomer in your project. This can be the most effective of all if you get yourpersonality to come through and get the viewer to know, like and trust you. Empathy isalways important when selling anything with video. A common way to achieve this is torun a short series of videos spaced over a few days that gets your customer used toyou and trusting you to deliver when you whack him with the hard sell at the end.7 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  8. 8. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For EntrepreneursWhat Equipment Do I Need?If you think you might like to start making videos for business or for fun and youdont want to splash out on expensive equipment here are a few pointers. Youcan make decent videos with reasonably priced equipment.Rather than confuse things I am just going to give you one example of whatcould get you up and running without breaking the bank.There are 3 main considerations that need covering. Those being • the video camera itself • audio • lightingVideo CameraKodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera - BlackThis is a fabulous camera for the price of somewhere around $150 dependingwhen you are reading this . It is HD and has some digital stabilization capabilitythat helps out if you get the shakes while filming. More important still is that ithas a mic input.Kingston SDHC 16GB Class 4 Flash Memory CardYou are going to need an SD card too and this one is not too expensive either.Joby Gorillapod Magnetic. Flexible Tripod for Compact Cameras With MagneticFeet GPM-01An inexpensive tripod that again will help you with steadying your video andavoiding unnecessary shakiness. The film will look more professional and yourviewers wont feel seasick!Tiffen Davis and Sanford Vista EXPLORERV 60-Inch TripodAnother great option on a tripod that is about $508 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  9. 9. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For EntrepreneursAudioSony ECM-DS70P Microphone - Stereo Plugin Power - KeyIf your sound isnt crisp on your video it will detract from even the best camerawork. The built in mic is ok but if you want to make sure you have a good sounduse a separate one with a cable. This is a good one but you can buy goodalternatives cheaper if you look around.Audio Technica Microphone atr -3350This hide away microphone can tuck behind your lapel and record great qualityaudio for your videos. Best of all it is less than $50 if youare quick.LightingThe lighting is a integral part of taking good video. Professional lighting isexpensive so I would recommend to get started to go a DIY store like B&Q in theUK or Home Depot if you are in the US and buy workers lighting which you candirect from free standing . If you dont get enough light on your pictures you areheading for a poor result.I hope this information helps you get started9 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  10. 10. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For Entrepreneurs Making Screencasts There are several software programmes used to make screencasts and the most widely used ones are made by a company called Techsmith. If you are feeling your way and budget conscious then there are two pieces of software that you can use free. Firstly Jing allows you capture your computer in either still image or video form up to a maximum of 5 minutes. Keeping videos short is no bad thing because it helps with keeping people engaged. Also people are more likely to watch if they can see it is only a few minutes. The other two programmes are Camstudio and Camtasia. Camstudio is the little free brother of Camtasia that is a great free resource that enables you to get your screencasts online add soundtracks etc. Camtasia is the all singing and dancing version which costs around $300 but is used by most people that decide they are serious about making screencasts. There is a 30 trial with free access to give you the opportunity to evaluate the product. If you are serious about using Camtasia probably the best money you will ever spend is on the Learn Camtasia Course that takes all the challenges out of learning this stuff. Lon Naylor is the ‘go to’ expert in this field and he has a superb course that makes things a whole lot simpler.10 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  11. 11. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For Entrepreneurs Hosting Your Videos Now that the videos are in the can you have to decide how you are going to get them out on the internet. If you have website of your own you will want to put them on there. You have a few options in achieving this. You can upload the video to your own site, you can upload the video to a video sharing site like YouTube or you can use specialist video hosting. Ideally, get it on to several Video Sharing sites. I would recommend putting it on YouTube and using their embed code to put it on your site as the simplest starting option. Once you have your offer up and running you can always review your options. If you have a series of videos make sure you have found a way of sequencing them for your customers. Remember planning is key.11 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –
  12. 12. Video Marketing Fast Start Guide For Entrepreneurs Where Do We Go From Here? Hopefully, you have a greater understanding of what you can do and what you want to do after reading this report. There are always challenges when work is involved but you can be sure that there is nothing in this report that you can’t do. If you have a mental block about anything I would suggest get up and walk away for a few minutes and then come back for another look. All of this stuff is not much more than pointing and clicking and I know you can do that. It is common to assume that things are more complicated than they actually are so don’t be put off if you hit a wall for a few minutes. If you can master this you will open your mind up to all sorts of possibilities and work can be fun instead of work if you are very lucky. Get Started ! If you have any challenges feel free to contact me and I will try to point you in the right direction. Email me mailto:chris@videomarketingtips.net12 This report brought to you by: Chris Archer –