Reviving India Post:search for a second wind


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This presentation represents a case study that deals with the challenge to revive India Post the 2nd biggest public sector enterprise after railways. It outlines various solutions and options in front of India Post to revive itself and accommodate itself with changing times and changing India.

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Reviving India Post:search for a second wind

  1. 1. Indian Postal Services<br />“Searching the second wind.”<br />
  2. 2. India posses the largest postal network in the world with 155,000 offices of which 89% are in rural sector.<br />
  3. 3. At a time when economic activity in the country is rising, the scale of operations of the government-controlled postal services is actually shrinking.<br /><ul><li>Today, India Post, with a work-force of about 5,20,000 employees, is reeling under a huge budgetary deficit of Rs 1,209.9 crore.
  4. 4. The Country's postal department handled about 14,203 million articles of mail in 2000-01. But that is a good 10 per cent less than the volume of traffic it handled the previous year.</li></li></ul><li>Unlike the contraction witnessed by nationalized postal service, the private courier service players are reported to have collectively grown 15-20 per cent. unlike the contraction.<br />Quite clearly, the country&apos;s postal system has been hit by the growing clout of the courier service industry, both in the organized and informal sector.<br />
  5. 5. The private courier services giving the department of postal services a run for their money.<br />
  6. 6. The growth of courier companies in the recent past only justifies that there exist huge potential for such service. <br />The department needs to pull-up its socks .<br />
  7. 7. How<br />should the Department of Posts respond to this challenge<br />???<br />
  8. 8. Major improvisations that could work wonders<br /><ul><li>Highly professional and futuristic approach by the department of postal services.
  9. 9. Modifying the age old-work culture and logistics.
  10. 10. Training the work force for the new challenges coming the postal services' way.
  11. 11. Improving the role of technology in driving the future growth.</li></ul> <br />
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  24. 24. banking Services<br />
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  29. 29. Internet Services <br />in <br />Rural Areas<br />
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  31. 31. Commercial Website<br />In the changing scenario a commercial website providing online postal services could turnout be a major role player in brand building of the company.<br />The website will provide : <br /><ul><li> money transfer,
  32. 32. bill deposit,
  33. 33. e-stamps,
  34. 34. online booking for the cards and bulk mails,
  35. 35. online gifts delivery booking through the postal merchandise online shops.</li></li></ul><li>Post offices can offer intelligence about customer behavior by leveraging its existing service of delivering mail. Thus, a customer who receives a copy of a company annual report or a life insurance premium by mail is also a potential target for a mailer campaign by a mutual fund. <br /> Viewed thus, it is a market research and logistics company rolled into one. <br /> In other words, it is no longer in the business of delivering mail but in the business of customer access.<br />Market research and logistics services<br />
  36. 36. Business Post<br />
  37. 37. Ad-space<br />For an indebt organization like postal services the ad-space revenues could turn out to be money spinners, as they can generate large amount of revenues with minimal investment. The ad-space can be leased both at the post-offices and on the products and services provided.<br />Envelopes, parcels, employee uniform, vehicles and offices space could be used for printing ads.<br />
  38. 38. Cards delivery services<br />For special occasions, the postal services cud provide the bulk cards delivery services, adding to a privilege to the customers the cards could be customized by the customers through the website and the orders cud also be placed online.<br /> So now if u want a customized card to be sent to your dear ones with the accessions as desired by you sitting at your desk u just need to logon to the Indiapost website.<br />
  39. 39. Merchandise Stores<br />These merchandise stores will be opened in the post-offices where one can find a wide range of products on the theme of Indian Postal services which carry a long legacy behind them.<br /> These products could range from stationary items, pieces for collection such as show pieces, philatelic stamps, calendars, books and games, cds and dvds, accessories, bags etc. .<br />These stores can be good revenue earners as well as a brand building initiative which could be useful for the postal services in long run.<br />
  40. 40. Major hurdles for the postal department<br />