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1 we love english

we love english

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1 we love english

  1. 1. Литературно-музыкальное представление «We love English» Ведущий 1Good morning, dear friends! Ведущий2 : Hello everybody! We are glad to see you! 1. Glad to see you at our English concert! Todaywe have a very interesting show. We shall recite poems, sing the songs, act the plays and remember everything we have learnt. 2. I think you have already understood that the reason of our meeting is a week of the English language. At first I want to say some words about English. English is one of the most important languages of the world. 1. Yes, other languages are important too. English is native language for 500 hundred million people in 12 countries. More than one milliard people speak English in the world. 2. English is important because it is, maybe, the only language that truly links the whole world together. 1. Besides, when a persontravels to another part of the world either for the sake of business or even as a tourist, the languages may differ. In this conditions, English is the language that helps people to deal with the situation. 2. It is like a universal language. We live in the modern world so we have to know English. It is especially important nowadays. Some people learn languages because they need them in their work, others travel abroad. 1.OK. Now I think you agree with us about performance of the English language and we can start our concert. From my point of view you are very talented children. And you can prove it. Well, we begin. Let’s go! 1. As for me, I adore English, I am ready to speak, read, watch, listen and even to sing in English. 2. To sing? Really? Do you want to say that you can sing? 1.Of course, I can. If you want I can sing for you. 2. Are you joking? Everybody wants to listen to you. 1. OK A song “” 2.Exellent! Unfortunately I can’t sing but I can read English books in original. There are lots of English authors like Shakespeare, Byron, Chaucer, Swift. But my
  2. 2. favourite one is OscarWilde, and his tale “The Nightingale and The Rose” is my favorite one. It is a sad love story. And now you have an opportunity to it yourself. The classes 7A and 7B perform “The Nightingale and The Rose”. 2. It was great. I couldn’t help taking part in this play and and it is an honor for me to be a part of this concert. 1. There are lots of funny English verses for kids as well. When I was a child I liked not only to sing but also to recite verses. And now you welcome Lera Denisenko from 2 class, verse “My Dog” 2. Thank you very much. You are a very beautiful and talented little girl. 1.Well, children, let’s look at our screen try to translate English proverbs - There is no place like home. - Make hail while the sun shines. - East or West, home is best. -Dog doesn’teat dog. -An apple a day keeps doctor away. 2. We are at the height of our show and now let me introduce you class 6B and their performance “The WoodenHouse” (6B performs “The WoodenHouse”) 1. It’s great/ In my opinion Enflish is the best language to make a declaration of love. And now Grigory Yakovlev from 5A will recite the verse about love. 2. It was a pleasure. I wish every man could make a declaration of love. 1. Especially the way like this . Love is wonder. We would love to show you a performance about love. The scene from the play “Life is not a bed of roses” performed by Liza Chernova and Oleg Kiselyov from the class 10B. 2. Very talented children! But our concert is over. It’s time to say good-bye. In conclusion I would like to say that English is a widely spoken language all over the world. You don’tneed to know Japanese when you go to Japan,or French when you visit Paris. English will help you to understand each other. 1. Besides, the knowledge of English helps to know more about countries, read many books in the original and to make new friends. That’s why
  3. 3. pupils should master their English to become good specialist in any branch. 2. Thank you very much. We’ll meet next year. See you!