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Автор: Гайдамака Галина Петрівна. м.Марганець. Конкурс До Дня Європейських Мов 2011

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Підготували вчитель англійської мови ЗОШ № 10 м.Марганця Гайдамака Г.П.
  2. 2. The first newspapers in Ukrainian were Lviv Courier Kharkiv Weekly It started in It started in 1749 1817Автор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  3. 3. Holos Ukraine Silski Visti Fakty Dzerkalo Pravda Ukraine TyzhnyaАвтор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  4. 4. Visnyk Correspondent Lyudyna i SvitАвтор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  5. 5. The army Officials Private individuals PoliticsАвтор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  6. 6. Dailies and dailies weeklies size contentsАвтор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  7. 7. Face different Provide control of problems most aspects in the life of the societyАвтор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  8. 8. 1. Ukrainian Truth 1. Сільські Вісті 2. Rural News 2. Факти 3. The Weekly Mirror 3. Правда України 4. The Voice of Ukraine 4. Кореспондент 5. The Facts 5. Людина і світ 6. The Business Reporter 6. Дзеркало життя 7. The Correspondent 7. Діловий вісник 8.The Man and the World 8.Голос УкраїниАвтор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  9. 9. 1. Lviv Courier, Kharkiv Weekly and Kharkiv News… 4. Ukraine newspapers are…a) are very popular newspapers nowadays; a) monthlies; b) dailies;b) were among the first in Ukraine in 18- c) dailies and weeklies. 19th centuries; 5. Magazines andc) are well-known newspapers of newspapers differ… independent Ukraine. a) In size and contents2. National newspapers report… b) In their interestsa) National news c) In shops where they areb) On private individuals sold.b) National and international news. 6. In any democratic3. The main national newspapers are: society newspapers and magazines…a) Dzerkalo Tyznya, The Independent, Facts, a) Face different problemsb) Holos Ukraine, Financial Times, The b) are in control of life of Times, the societyc) Silsky visti, Holos Ukraine, Dzerkalo c) are local. Tyznya. Автор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  10. 10. What daily and weekly newspapers do you know?Which of then do you/your parents read regularly?What periodicals does your family subscribe to?Which periodicals are you planning to subscribe to the next year?Why do some people buy single issues?Автор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  11. 11. Read the advertisement:A) If you like fashion, pop music and TV stars, this magazine is for you. You also get horoscopes, love stories, cartoons. You can even cut out the photos to put on your bedroom walls.B) Work in groups. Give your own idea of the contents for a school magazine which may be interesting for pupils of your age. Make an advertisement of it like in the example above. Автор: Гайдамака Г.П.
  12. 12. Write a short e-mail presentation of any magazine or paper you like.Автор: Гайдамака Г.П.