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відкритий урок презентація EdCampUkraine

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  1. 1. Food Marharyta Kaliuzhna NVC Kirovohradskiy Collegium
  2. 2. Goal I am learning how to create the solution to a global problem.
  3. 3. What is a Theme Hack? Hack (noun): A clever solution to an everyday problem Urban Dictionary
  4. 4. What is a Theme Hack? Theme Hack: An innovative, possible solution to a global problem that can be universally implemented Becky & Kim
  5. 5. Steps to Success •Build the team •Identify a global problem •Propose an innovative solution •Create a presentation/video/collage/podcast that describes your Hack •Share your work with the world
  6. 6. Identify Identify a global problem that is shared by all members of your team. Use the brainstorming scaffold to help your team get started.
  7. 7. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Goal 2: Zero hunger
  8. 8. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture Unfortunately, extreme hunger and malnutrition remain a huge barrier to development in many countries. 795 million people are estimated to be chronically undernourished as of 2014, often as a direct consequence of environmental degradation, drought and loss of biodiversity. Over 90 million children under the age of five are dangerously underweight. And one person in every four still goes hungry in Africa. Resource
  9. 9. Propose Propose an innovative solution that is reasonable to implement, given the technical access available in each team member’s situations.
  10. 10. Create Create a presentation/video/collage/podcast to describe your problem and how it impacts on local community, your solution, and how your Hack could be implemented.
  11. 11. Challenge Brainstorming Scaffold Theme/TopicSolution proposal Implementing the hack Impact on local community Global Problem
  12. 12. Learning Reflections Why is my learning different than last time? When I did this before… The last time I tried this… I used struggle with… Where am I now with my learning? Today I have learned… This picture shows that… What are the next steps in my learning? Next time I will… For my next I will try to…