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rowing app for iPhone / iPad


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Published in: Design, Technology, Sports
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rowing app for iPhone / iPad

  1. data
  2. body boat data
  3. body boat dataathlete coach
  4. heartrate speed breathrate applied forces lactate distance blood sugar strokerate body boat data athlete coachpersonal performance team performance own progress individual performance training supervision put together crews
  5. athlete coach
  6. athlete coach
  7. login
  8. trainingprevious training sessions
  9. connect to boatboats nearby
  10. rowing monitor
  11. position in boatnameheartrateaverage strokes per minutestrokes per minutecurrent speedaverage distance per strokedistance travelled with the last strokeasynchrony warningforce on scull (left / right)average force on scullstime
  12. login
  13. athleteindexrower profilesperformance
  14. athletedetailprogressachievements
  15. racereviewpositiontime
  16. racedetailall collecteddata aboutone race