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Apple Inc. Digital Marketing Strategy

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Apple Inc. Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Apple Inc. Digital Marketing Strategy Kiley Turner
  2. 2. Apple Incorporated wants to find a new way to digitally market their MacBook's to a new target market. The Starting Point
  3. 3.  New college students and young professionals  Age range: 17-25 We want to target those who are looking for a reliable laptop that will last al four years of college and beyond Target Audience
  4. 4.  We will judge our performance mostly on:  Percentage of sales increases  Increase in Twitter followers  Increase in Facebook “likes” KPI-Key Performance Indicators
  5. 5.  We want to show consumers Apple Inc. is personable and interacts with consumers. To do this, campus representatives will go around college campuses sharing their products and letting students test them out.  We will utilize social media:  Twitter  Facebook  Vine The BIG Idea
  6. 6.  Google Adwords/SEO  Social Media Outlets  Twitter  Facebook  Vine  Twitter advertisements/analytics Tools and Tactics
  7. 7.  We will not only improve our own account by interacting more with our followers, we will also purchase promoted advertisements as well  We want to become a more personable brand, and to do this online, we need to respond and interact with our followers  Contests and giveaways will also be done to get the word out Twitter
  8. 8.  The recently popular app, Vine, will be used to create unique, comical advertisements that will target our market  “Famous Viners” will promote Apple’s MacBook in a creative, fun way Vine
  9. 9.  The campaign will last 6 months and will cost around $50,000 per month, resulting in a grand total of $300,000  %60 PPC  10% SEO  15% Social Media  5% Mobile Budget
  10. 10.  In conclusion, we want to create a strong online presence for Apple Incorporated. (Our target market, college students, are always online.)  We want to show the world that Apple Inc. will continue to be the best when it comes to laptops.

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