drug and alcohol abuse


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drug and alcohol abuse

  2. 2. Drugs and Alcohol abuse
  3. 3. Drugs and Alcohol abuse Drug and alcohol abuse, is a patterned use of asubstance and drug in which the user consumes thesubstance in heavy amounts or with methods neitherapproved not supervised by medical professionals. Drug and alcohol abuse is not limited to mood-altering or psycho-active drugs. If an activity isperformed using the objects against the rules andpolicies of the matter, it is also called substance abuse.
  4. 4. Drugs and Alcohol abuse
  5. 5. Drugs and Alcohol abuseWhy do teenager do drugs and alcohol?Many teenager feel that it is necessary to drink or experimentwith drugs when at parties and social gatherings.Some teenager drink or abuse drugs as a way to cope with thedaily stress and tension from school or work, or to cope withother problems such as even physical illness.Alcohol and drugs may become a substitute for satisfyingpersonal relationships, challenging work or self-fulfilment.Some may use alcohol and drugs as a way to compensate forfeelings of guilt, shyness or low self-esteem.
  6. 6. Drugs and Alcohol abuseActivity 1Fill your table with as many types of drugs and alcohol asyou can think of.number Type of Drugs Type of Alcohole.g. 1. cocaine Jack Daniel2.3.
  7. 7. Drugs and Alcohol abuse Activity 2 Conduct a research on booklets available to find out aboutthe different ways drugs and alcohol affects the mind andbody.
  8. 8. Drugs and Alcohol abuseActivity 3 In a group of four design a two picture posters ofdifferent types of drugs and alcohol. In the post of different type of alcohol, you should alsoput pictures of non-alcohol drinks Non-alcohol drink Alcohol drink
  9. 9. Drugs and Alcohol abuse DANGER OF ALCOHOL
  10. 10. Drugs and Alcohol abuseActivity 4 We all coming from different background andbeliefs, some believe that smoking is part of theirtradition. In pair of two, you should go and look for someonewho was addicted to drugs and alcohol or who is stillabusing drugs and alcohol that you know, ask themthe following questions:
  11. 11. Drugs and Alcohol abuse1. When did you start to abuse drugs and alcohol?2. Why are you abusing drugs and alcohol?3. How do you feel if you have not yet taken any drugsor alcohol?4. Do you know that drugs and alcohol can affect youbody in different ways?5. What motivated you to stop taking drugs andalcohol?6. What can you say to motivate those who are stillabusing drugs and alcohol?
  12. 12. Characteristics of Authentic LearningActivitiesActivity 1 In activity one I have used the characteristic of Real-world relevance, Complex, sustained tasks, andcollaborative. I have used this characteristics in a waythat learners should complete the activity in days andit is relevant to what happening around them and it’s atask that should be completed, its not challenging.Activity 2 In activity two I have used the characteristics ofcomplex, sustained tasks, multiple perspectives
  13. 13. and ill-defined, I used this characteristic in a way thatallow student to complete the activity in week, and itsalso provides the opportunity for students to examinethe this activity from different perspectives using avariety of resources.Activity 3In activity three, I have used the characteristics ofinterdisciplinary and multiple possible outcomes, I haveused this characteristic in a way that enable learners toplay diverse roles and build expertise that is applicablebeyond a single well-defined field or domain.
  14. 14. Activity 4 In activity three, I have used the characteristics ofvalue laden I have used this characteristic to providethe opportunity for learner to reflect and involve theirbeliefs and values.