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  1. 1. HyperSnap-DX ver. 4.52.01HyperSnap-DX 4 is a screen capture tool for Windows.Captures screens from standard desktop programs andhard-to-grab DirectX/Direct3D, 3Dfx Voodoo and Glidemode games. The program can auto-scroll andconcurrently capture long web pages and otherdocuments, enabling it to grab more than is visible onthe screen. The program integrates with the Windowsclipboard, and has new painting and editing features,too. Version 4.x contains many new or improvedfeatures requested by our users. These includeimproved handling of 3dfx 32 bit color mode screens, acompletely new set of color and image manipulationtools, improved printing, tight integration with theWindows system tray, new painting tools added to thebutton palette, the ability to set the Windowswallpaper, "send by e-mail" feature within the programthat lets you send captures across the Internet, and acomprehensive help system that providescontext-sensitive "pop-up" help for virtually everyaspect of the program.HyperSnap-DX ver. 4 is distributed on "try before youbuy" principle. If used without a license, it will addHyperionics stamp to images that you capture or editwith it. To purchase a license, visit our web site athttp://www.hyperionics.comChanges Log:============2002.08.20 - ver. 4.52.01- Text tool box has an extra color button, to selectfont colors that are not present in the standardWindows font dialog.- "Capture Settings/Copy & Print" has another optionto make HyperSnap prompt for printer when automaticallyprinting each capture, instead of using always thedefault printer .2002.06.20 - ver. 4.51.01- When a smaller area of the bitmap is now selected, aseparate transparency color can be set for it. This makeseasier moving irregular fragments of the image bymaking the background color behind them transparent.- Transparency information is now preserved when copyingand pasting images between HyperSnap-DX windows, orusing drag and drop to move fragments of images betweenthem- Some PNG files would not read correctly, fixed.- Automatic print of images, if set, will be now alsoexecuted on timed auto-captures.- Fixed a problem with auto-numbering files with "QuickSave" enabled and prompting for the file name. Cancellingsuch prompted save would decrease the auto-number counter,and with the next save a file already existing couldbe overwritten.2002.06.03 - ver. 4.50.03Minor bug fixed in Image/Crop function - pressing F1key would not show correctly the zoom area for precisecropping.2002.05.13 - ver. 4.50.02
  2. 2. Bug fix: on some multi-monitor setups the "regioncapture" help and zoom area would not displaycorrectly, e.g. zoom area would be hidden below thelower edge of a secondary monitor2002.05.01 - ver. 4.50.01New features:- New function Color/Substitute Colors, allows you todefine custom color lists to be replaced on an image,like "replace all green pixels with red" etc.- New option for specifying where and how to add thenumber file names for automatic saving (Quick Save) withincrementing file name. You may now insert a C languagelike formatting field into the file name, e.g. %d, %o, %x,%X, %05d etc. to precisely tell where the number shouldgo, if it should be decimal, octal or hexadecimal, howwide the number field should be and so on. Of course,the old instructions for inserting this number stillwork, this is for advanced users only.- New command line option: -invertbw inverts black andwhite colors on the initial image in HyperSnap-DXwindow, no matter if its opened from a file specifiedon a command line, or snapped with -snap option.Fixes:- Fixed a bug that caused slight shifting of the printedimage near the bottom of the print-out.2002.04.05 - ver. 4.40.01New features:- Non-rectangular window capture (e.g. rounded cornersof WinXP windows, or arbitrary shape windows, likeMedia Player in "skin mode").- PNG files now support transparency and interlaceattribute.- Saving ICO files now correctly sets transparencymask according to transparency color selected.- Color reduction from true colors to palette, nowprovides less "reddish" colors.- GIF files can now be saved in any of 1, 2, 3, ... 8bits per pixel, resulting often in smaller file sizes.2002.03.04 - ver. 4.31.01-------------------------Changes on "Capture" tab of "Capture Settings":- New option "Do automatic paste, print or save ONLY ifa new capture is different from the previous one". Thisallows you e.g. to set a frequent timed auto-capture ofa screen that changes rarely. HyperSnap-DX will onlysave the captures if it detects a difference.- New option "Hide HyperSnap-DX window before capture",by default turned on. Turn it off if you want to captureHyperSnap-DX window itself.- The "background color" button removed, as it was aduplicate of the same button on the drawing toolbar.Fixes include:- Fixed a long outstanding bug with undo/redo operationsafter trying to enter entering empty text.2002.02.13 - ver. 4.30.01-------------------------New features:- Button capture function under "Capture" menu. Usefulparticularly for professional technical writers who
  3. 3. need to snap and document dozens of buttons in softwaredocumentation process.- More options on "View & Edit" tab of "Capture Settings",to let you automatically paste new captured images oncurrent image, while preserving relative capture positionon the screen, or automatic tiling of images.- New File/Acquire Multiple Images function added toget multiple images in one session from a scanner,digital camera or other TWAIN device- File/Acquire and Acquire Multiple Images now processesimages in the same way as screen capture, allowing you toautomatically save, print, copy and paste (with optionaltiling) etc. of scanned images.- New function under "Options" menu - "Image Position andBackground" - you may now select the color and optionalhatch of HyperSnap-DX window background, and choose ifthe image should be positioned in top left corner (as inolder versions) or centered within the window.- New "Office XP" style toggle option added to "Options"menu. Allows you to switch between Office XP like styleof menus and toolbars, and the older classic style, toyour liking.- Zoom box in the toolbar has now more % choices.Fixes:- Fixed a problem on multiple monitor setups, where sometool popup windows (e.g. color palette) would come up onprimary monitor, even if HS-DX window was on anothermonitor.- Fixed a problem on Windows XP, where HS-DX windowwould sometimes not come up to front after a capture -or if it came to front, other windows were locked andwould not come to front until you clicked e.g. Startmenu.- Fix for "Quick Save" problem - in previous versions, if"quick save" saved your image, then you edited that imageand tried to use regular save, it might propose anotherdirectory, and possibly another file format.2001.12.18 - ver. 4.22.01-------------------------Small correction in DVD/video overlay capture code,may affect only very few users.2001.12.14 - ver. 4.22.00-------------------------HyperSnap-DX has now OfficeXP style menus, whiteinstead of gray, and showing initially only the mostimportant or recently used menu items, expanding upona click on a double v mark at the bottom. This may beturned off under "View/Customize" menu on "Options"tab.Improved DVD/video overlay capture, now supports alsoNV12, NV21 (Nvidia cards) and IMC1-4 (Intel) pixelformats.Fix for game capture - previously would sometimessnap double pictures from some games, when "specialcapture" hot key was pressed.Fixed Edit/Cut function not working in ver. 4.21, andthe + key not toggling cursor visibility in Crop orRegion Capture functions.
  4. 4. 2001.12.02 - ver. 4.21.00-------------------------Drawing, area selection and cropping operations willnow scroll the image, if its too big to fit intoHS-DX window, and you go out with the mouse cursorwith mouse button pressed.2001.10.16 - ver. 4.20.00-------------------------HyperSnap-DX 4 is now certified for Microsoft"Designed for Windows" logo!NEW features in this release include:- "Extended Active Window" new capture technology,to resize windows much bigger than the screen andcapture them that way (works only on Windows XP).- "Sharpen or Soften..." function added to Imagemenu.- "Capture Settings" - "Crop & Scale" tab - addeda button to "Set to current selection rectangle"also to the "Scale Image" part.- Added "Set to current selection rectangle"button also to "Image/Scale" function.- New Rotate 90 degree (left and right) buttonsadded- New ability to turn on and off the imagesdisplayed next to each menu item. We receivedcomplaints from some of our users who felt thatthe menus were cluttered. Now, by default, weenable only a few of the images. To turn them onand off individually, select "View/Customize",then open any menu (its now in special"customize" mode), right click on a menu item andselect either "Text" or "Image and Text" accordingto your liking. The settings will be rememberedwhen you exit and start again the program.NEW fixes in this release include:- Fixed - HyperSnap-DX v4 sometimes would notremember toolbar positions correctly, if you movedthe drawing toolbar to be on top, instead of itsdefault location at the left margin.- Fixed - Image/Crop function would leave avertical line over the drawing, if selected fromthe menu (not keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R). Thatline would disappear after finishing the crop, butcould be disturbing during the operation.- Fixed - Image/Crop function should disable menusand all toolbars when executed, and only re-enablethem when crop was finished or cancelled. In ver.4.11 and 4.12 it did not disable menus or extratoolbars created by tearing off menus.2001.10.01 - ver. 4.12.01-------------------------Updated to auto-scroll Netscape 6 windows.Fixed: arrow and other keys would not work incapture modes to select region etc., if HS-DX 4window was minimized before starting the capture.Fixed: voice commands could not be toggled on ifrunning under Win9x/ME.
  5. 5. 2001.08.30 - ver. 4.11.02-------------------------Minor changes only: added "authenticode" certificateto our setup file, slightly modified to betterhandle future upgrades and not loose all menucustomizations, small fix for switching languageversions without manually resetting the menu,saving toolbar visibility and docking state evenif Windows is shut-down without exiting HS-DX.2001.08.23 - ver. 4.11.01-------------------------Added keyboard and menu customization to View/Customize. Any menu command may now be assignedany keyboard shortcut, menus can be re-arranged,hidden, text on them changed. You can also tearoff any menu by grabbing a grey bar on top of itand moving your mouse away - this will create aninstant toolbar from that menu.2001.08.04 - ver. 4.10.02-------------------------A few small bugs fixed:- would not start minimized, if both "startminimized" and "tray icon" were selected under"OptionsStartup" menu.- after Rotate and Shear operations, sometimes thescroll bars would not be correct, unless windowresized.- Quick Copy operation would not respect "Edit/Copy Format" settings.- Some small corrections to the help files.2001.07.31 - ver. 4.10.01-------------------------Many new features implemented!New Options/Register File Types function on themenu - to register or unregister HS-DX as adefault viewer for different graphics files.The "top" toolbar in HS-DX can now be customized,any function from the menu can be placed orremoved there, use View/Customize menu to do this.Some of the menu items dont have button images,but they can still be placed on the toolbar as"text" buttons. We will add more images withtime.The "top" toolbar can now be un-docked and draggedanywhere, or docked to any side of HS-DX window.New keyboard interface to control mouse movementwith 1 pixel precision in any drawing, selectionor pasting mode. Use arrow keys to move mousecursor by 1 pixel, press Enter key to simulateleft mouse button down (for holding in drawing,dragging operations), press Enter again for "mousebutton up" (finish drawing or dragging). Thisfeature can be enabled or disabled under "Options"
  6. 6. menu.After selecting a fragment of an image andstarting dragging it, HyperSnap-DX uses now an OLEdrag and drop feature of Windows. This means thatyou can move and drop the selected fragment of theimage into another HyperSnap-DX window, or onother windows that accept OLE bitmap data, forexample on MS Word documents. When the wholeimage is selected, drag and drop may be started bypressing Shift key plus left mouse button (for"move" operation) or Ctrl key plus left mousebutton (for "copy" operation).In "Region Capture" mode (first stage, when thevery first corner is selected), HS-DX now alsodisplays the RGB color code of the pixel selectedby mouse cursor. This can be toggled betweendecimal and hex display, or no display at all, bypressing the C key on the keyboard.Use mouse wheel for vertical scrolling of an imagein HS-DX window, or hold Ctrl key on the keyboard,plus use mouse wheel for zoom in/out.Voice command interface (VCI) for the mostcommonly accessed capture functions. Please readmore about the components needed for VCI here.Fixed Region, Multi-Region, Window capture - willnow also capture semi-transparent or irregularshape windows, like "Office Assistant" in MSOffice. Previously you could only capture themwith full screen capture method, and then crop.The Setup program now offers a choice on the firstscreen to install either for the current useronly, or for All Users (under NT, Win2000 orWinXP).2001.06.22 - ver. 4.03.01-------------------------Fixed "Capture Settings/View & Edit" - "Paste eachnew capture onto the current image" function wouldcrash if used.2001.06.19 - ver. 4.03.00-------------------------Implemented a "Copy Format" function under Editmenu, to select the format of the bitmap thatshould be placed in Windows clipboard upon "Copy"operation, and optionally minimize HS-DX windowupon copy.Improved "Capture Cursor" option - now if captureis started with a hot key, the cursor image is"burned" into the desktop and captured in onestep, instead of using 2 step process (involving"repeat last capture" hot key) as before.Fixed auto-scroll to work with certain MS Accessforms.
  7. 7. 2001.05.23 - ver. 4.02.02-------------------------Another memory leak fixed, this time in "specialcapture" code (capture games, video).Fixed HS-DX 4 taking a lot of processor time andheating the CPU in "region" and "window" selectionfor capture.2001.05.16 - ver. 4.02.01-------------------------Fixed a memory leak in image saving code.License keys have now more flexible format, allowingfor white space in the middle when entering them.2001.04.17 - ver. 4.02.00-------------------------New game capture code to snap games that useDirectInput technology in "exclusive mode" - thesegames could not be captured previously.Modify the capture code to always capture 24 bitsper pixel bitmap, if the screen was in 16 bpp"high color" mode. Due to some limitations inWindows bitmap format, this provides both bettercolor fidelity, and better compatibility with olderprograms that import graphics.Fixed - HS-DX 4 would sometimes appear to hangif you were trying to capture a window withauto-scroll, and auto-scrolling of this windowwas not possible.Fixed - "invert black and white" for 256 colorbitmaps did not work correctly, for example -copy and paste it to MS-Word, the image was stillwithout the inversion.Plugged a small GDI resource leak in Region andMulti-Region captures modes.2001.03.15 - ver. 4.01.11-------------------------Two bugs found and fixed:- Copy to clipboard, if the image was usingpalettes, would result in incorrect color whenpasted to other applications, that prefer topaste DIB format.- Saving to TIFF files with PACKBIT compressionwould result in incorrect files.2001.03.08 - ver. 4.01.10-------------------------Fixed - "best fit" option for printing would notwork, if printing without opening Page Setup.Fixed - image resolution value would be ignoredin copy operations.Fixed - automatic paste to MS Word 2000 would notwork, at least under Windows 2000.Modified the way file names are incremented (numbersadded to them) in Quick Save. Previously the firstgroup of digits in the file name would beincremented, so you would get names like 01-01,02-01, 03-01 etc. Now the names will be 01-01,01-02, 01-03 etc. There will be no change if onlyone group of digits is in the file name, or nodigits at all.Fixed the issue of HyperSnap-DX taking away windowfocus when started hidden or with -snap command
  8. 8. line option (previously -snap:awin would not workcorrectly).Added -exit command to make HyperSnap exit aftersome operations requested from the command line.Fixed "Quick Save" operation to also work for-snap command line options, including file nameincrements.2001.01.16 - ver. 4.01.09-------------------------Fixes to timed capture, not to display errors when"continue on error" option is selected.Fixed not to display unnecessary "could notregister hot keys" message upon startup in somecircumstances.Fixed -dumpopts command line option, previouslywould not save Page Setup and printer options.2001.01.05 - ver. 4.01.08-------------------------Some more small fixes to timed "quick save" whenused with "special capture" function (games andDVD) - previously it would behave strange in thisscenario, trying to snap both the game/DVD image,and Windows desktop at the same time. Fixed.2001.01.04 - ver. 4.01.07-------------------------Fixed timed auto-capture - previously would notexecute "Quick Crop and Scale" operations exceptfor the very first capture.2000.12.21 - ver. 4.01.06-------------------------Corrected bug in licensing code, introduced in v.4.01.05 - would crash HyperSnap-DX program whentrying to enter a new license. Im very sorryabout it! - Greg2000.12.20 - ver. 4.01.05-------------------------HyperSnap-DX will now remember the size of a "new"image, which you set with "Resize" button on thedrawing toolbar.Added saving and restoring of pen width and color,and eraser width upon exit/restart of the program.Added -ra command line parameter, to restore"advanced" options when the program is restarted.These "advanced" options currently include "CaptureSettings" - "Crop & Scale" enable mode, and "View& Edit" selection. Normally restoring these optionsin other than their default state could confusebeginner users of HyperSnap-DX, so we use thiscommand line argument to prevent this confusion.2000.12.11 - ver. 4.01.04-------------------------Fixed - saving 8 bpp images (e.g. GIF) would againgive blue tint to grey color.Fixed - right mouse click during capture would notwork on Windows NT 4.Fixed - the delay time for capture was not savedwhen HS-DX 4 was exited and restarted.
  9. 9. 2000.12.04 - ver. 4.01.03-------------------------Fixed - "Pan Last Region" would increase the sizeby one pixel each time it was invoked.Fixed - scale image, then edit/copy - uses incorrectselection rectangle (should copy entire image, copiedthe size of previous selection).Fixed auto-scroll in 32 bit color mode, which wouldnot work on some machines.Fixed - now will not restore HS-DX window after acancelled capture.Fixed a crash on some old ATI graphics card inRegion capture or Crop, when zoom area was displayed.Fixed - if using quick save with quick print, andprinting the file name with %file% or %path% macro,the previous file name would be printed.Fixed wrong text (FileBX license) on the "License"dialog box.2000.11.21 - ver. 4.01.02-------------------------More small corrections:The "Change" button under "Quick Save" tabof "Capture Settings" would sometimes becomedisabledCommand lines parameter correction: -save:gif snap.bmpwould save a GIF file named "snap.bmp", now itwill correctly change extension to make"snap.gif"The -open:filename command line parameter may benow also spelled: -open filenamewhich seems to be more logical.2000.11.18 - ver. 4.01.01-------------------------Several small corrections - fixed a difficultyin license entry (and an occasional crash there).Fixed a crash when trying to change "stop timedcapture" hot key.Fixed Multi-Region capture, would not aligncorrectly the regions, if one of them extendedbeyond the desktop.2000.11.15 - ver. 4.01.00-------------------------The first full release of ver. 4, after a longperiod of thorough beta tests.1997.04.16 - ver. 3.00 released-------------------------------The first of ver. 3.xx release went out thatday. A long list of changes in subsequentversions 3.xx deleted from here.1995.04.13 - ver. 2.20 released-------------------------------SnapShot/32 ver. 2, later renamed to HyperSnap,released that day. A long list of changes insubsequent versions 2.xx deleted from here.