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Digital selling, social selling: how to?

  1. Kiko Corsentino SOCIAL SELLING social selling doesn’t stop after the sale!
  2. 2 Kiko Corsentino digital entrepreneur / project manager / IT consultant kiko.corsentino kikocorsentino kikocorsentino FrancescoKikoCorsentino kikocorsentino 320.68.89.703
  3. 3 Social Media Marketing general rules Op#mize Your Bio Listen Before Write Organize Your Master Strategy Make Editorial Calendar
  4. 4 Social Media Marketing Objectives why social media presence? Goals Build Brand Awareness Engage Customers Increase Community Drive Traffic to Website Sell Products/Services Customer Care Gain Feedback & Intelligence Generate Leads/Database
  5. 5 Social Selling the way for selling Customer Opportunity Lead Stranger Customer Delight with contents & augment customer loyalty Opportunity Use social media to close sales Lead Turn them in opportuni#es Stranger ANract right people
  6. 6 Mastering Social Selling social is always ON and always NOW establish professional online presence build strong strategy for content marke#ng find right people to turn in customer and develop strong rela#onship analy#cs: measure, measure, measure! integrate (with other tools)
  7. 7 Social Media Stats numbers facts
  8. 8 VIP content marke?ng customer care updates storytelling tell me about yourself skip 1000-words updates show me your chops help me, solve my problem (social customer care) “I love being a VIP” (take relationship to the next level) road test
  9. 9 explore meme hashtags links rela?onship provide value to cultivate relationship insert links about news (and use shortlinks) embrace the hashtags start a meme explore twittersphere (hashtag, influencer, topics) road test
  10. 10 reward engage context quality boards organize your pins in thematic boards use high quality images add context with content (pin description) engage with other pinners reward! road test
  11. 11 crea?vity interact hashtags commemorate share share relevant images #dont #go #hashtag #crazy commemorate events and moments interact with fans free your creativity road test
  12. 12 hashtag Hangout SERP circles it’S Google use it because it’s Google’s asset! organize your circles/community share compelling content to get discovered in SERP broadcast events using Hangout embrace hashtags road test
  13. 13 reputa?on messages newsfeed first impression offerings make the right first impression showcase your offerings capture attention in the newsfeed send the right message & interact in the right groups pay attention for reputation road test
  14. 14 Other Social Networks & Friends all is different
  15. 15 Social Media Tools that will save you (not only) time FanPageKarma Klout UnFollowers Hootsuite Buffer
  16. 16 Social Media Marketing Roadmap well-structured and planned social media marketing campaign TOOLS PLAN BUDGET TIME HAVE FUN! MEASURE 01 02 03 04 05 06
  17. 17 Search Engine Marketing Roadmap well-structured and planned social media marketing campaign Landing Page Call to Ac?on Content Op?miza?on Keywords Campaign Social Media Ac?vi?es Measuring Repor?ng
  18. 18 Case: Isola d’Elba SUCCESS viral buzzing media contents press
  19. 19 Case: visitMaldive SUCCESS AdWords landing page KPI
  20. 20 Case: VISITO Tuscany SUCCESS mobile app geolocation augmented reality
  21. 21 Any Question ??? WHAT WHY WHERE WHEN WHO HOW