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DelCor Blog Post Q1 2011

  1. 1. Association Bloggers Share Their Favorite Posts of 2010, Part 3<br />In this, the third and final installation of the “Association Bloggers Share Their Favorite Posts of 2010” series, well-known association bloggers share their personal transformations, passions, and problems they overcame in the workplace . <br />This series has been a joy to work on primarily because I read everything these bloggers write and to discover the posts that meant the most to them has given me (and you, dear reader) the opportunity to take a glimpse into the story behind the posts – the thoughts, fears, and hopes that still linger as the days go by and the trackbacks grow fewer.<br />You may find it surprising, as I do, that any of these bloggers would consider closing their blog and not writing any more. Comments are usually the only kind of feedback bloggers receive and there are far more lurkers than engaged commenters on a blog. If any payment be made to these wonderful bloggers as a result of this series, please let it be made in comments on their blogs. <br />Now, for the last installation of association bloggers sharing their favorite posts of 2010…<br />Truths About Volunteering <br />Mariner Management Idea Blog<br />Author: Peggy Hoffman<br />URL:<br />In many ways, I think “Capital Bike Share – a case study for associations” was the most fun because I love to cycle and see their idea as so replicable for associations (and anyone!).  I think that what they are doing is such a great example of meeting people where they are and in the same breath creating a community.<br />But, I am having a load of fun with my series “Truths about volunteering” You know that I am the “queen” of creating the new volunteer model. In fact it’s now my 2011 resolution! So the truth series really energizes me. In fact I feel one coming on!<br />My Father Gave Me A Name - Then Walked Away - Gen X and Associations <br />Association Subculture Blog<br />Author: Shelly Alcorn<br />URL: <br />I think "favorite" isn't exactly the best term for this post.  However, it resonated deeply with my audience and that's why I selected it.  It was difficult to write in the aftermath of loss.  I have not forgotten the readers who emailed me privately and shared their own, similar stories.  <br />When I started writing it, I wasn't actually sure where it was going to go but I believe we have to use our real life experience to be able to ask the hardest questions about what we do individually and collectively on this planet.  <br />Speaking from a deeply Generation X point of view, the call to action was stark.  However, it remains a truly authentic expression of how I really feel about what we do as association professionals.  This post was about turning negative events into positive outcomes.  It makes the case that not only do some of us believe we must drastically shift our thinking in order to move our associations forward into a new era, we also have the experience that proves we can.<br />An Association Takes on a Web Redesign: The Big Finale @unhatched’s posterous <br />Author: Joe FlowersURL:<br />I think it's going to be a surprise for a lot of people, but my favorite post of 2010 wasn't about not renewing with ASAE. <br />The posting of this blog was a significant milestone in my career as an association professional. For nearly three years I've negotiated with our Board of Directors, Volunteer Leaders, members and fellow employees to get a new website budget approved. I sent out the first round of RFPs (which I learned was a bad idea later on) weeks after starting my job here. I went from a tiny budget to no budget to a large budget to no budget over and over and over again.<br /> For me this post represents more than a few ideas or a catalyst to an amazing conversation. It represents literally hundreds upon hundreds of hours of stress, misery, frustration, revelation and complete, soul-embracing happiness. To be able to have control of a project so massive and important from start to finish that turned out the best possible way is a feeling I still can't appropriately put into words. That post is about as close as I'll get. <br />What were your favorite posts? Would you like to know more about the bloggers? Would you like to hear from any other association bloggers? Just want to share your thoughts on the posts? Please share with us in the comments below!<br />