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Customer Service in the Facebook Age


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Customer Service in the Facebook Age

  1. 1. CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE FACEBOOK AGE KiKi L’Italien, President, Amplified Growth
  2. 2. #cesse12 @kikilitalien
  3. 3. The customer service team isthe first line of attack anddefense when it comes tocustomer communication. #cesse12 @kikilitalien*Customer Service: New Rules for A Social Media World. Peter
  4. 4. Meet Your Audience: • One-Time Complainer • Constant Complainer • Axe-to-Grind • Happy Customer • Prima Donna#cesse12 @kikilitalien
  5. 5. Rules of the Customer ServiceRoad #cesse12 @kikilitalien
  6. 6. You Said It… In Your Day-To- Day…ROAR R _______________ O_______________ A _______________ R _______________#cesse12 @kikilitalien
  7. 7. You WhenIt… Said Crisis Strikes…LUPR L _______________ U_______________ P _______________ R _______________#cesse12 @kikilitalien
  8. 8. You Said It… From Members to Evangelists…WARS W _______________ A ________________ R ________________ S ________________#cesse12 @kikilitalien
  9. 9. “There’s Nothing Cheap AboutLoyalty”#cesse12 @kikilitalien
  10. 10. Listen and Respond#cesse12 @kikilitalien
  11. 11. #cesse12 @kikilitalien
  12. 12. #cesse12 @kikilitalien
  13. 13. Action Items – WIFM or WIIFM1. The People2. Rules for the Customer Service Road3. Rise Above and Beyond The Customer Service Triage
  14. 14. For More Information @kikilitalien http://www.amplifiedgrowth.NET Sign up for the newsletter!#cesse12 @kikilitalien
  15. 15. ResourcesImages from shutterstock (yes, I actually pay forimages)Customer Service: New Rules for a Social MediaWorld, Peter ShankmanExceptional Service, Exceptional Profit, LeonardoInghilleri and Micah SolomonThe Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide, MarshaCollier #cesse12 @kikilitalien