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  1. 1. Página 1 de 1 - - eBusiness Law Report This printed article may not be photocopied and is for the exclusive use of Ms Erica Aoki. For a multi-user licence please contact Alan Mowat on +44 20 7234 0606. April 24 2003 - Brazil Aoki e Farias Advogados Associados Screen Version New bill would keep close tabs on internet users The House of Representatives is considering a bill (5403/01) that would require web hosts and Internet service providers (ISPs) to keep records on websites registered in Brazil. The legislation is designed to ensure that the operators and users of websites that are used for criminal activities can be identified and punished. The bill is the result of several similar bills being condensed into one proposal. It is intended to complement Bill 84/99, which was proposed by the second vice-president of the House of Representatives, Luiz Piauhylino (see Much-needed cybercrime bill dose to approval). The new bill would oblige web hosts and ISPs to: • retain records of times, dates and other user access information for at least one year; • record the identities of users; and • store information securely, sharing it only with those third parties that have been granted a judicial order. Erica Aoki, Aoki e Farias Advogados Associados (in association with Advocacia Piauhylino Monteiro), Sao Paulo"- © Copyright Globe Business Publishing 2003 Terms & Conditions ~ 1,8&action=dsp _item&... 24/4/2003